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Here we are with the second story of the Teens Next Door Series! Just in case some of you forgot my TND, here's a quick replay:

Number 1: A.k.a. Megan, the leader of the team. She used to be a really mean and really nasty person, but the KND taught her a lesson. Now, she's good. She's stubborn, strong-willed, and naturally bossy. Her signature colors are red and black.

Number 2: A.k.a. Jen, the flirt of the group. She's a happy and sweet teen that stands up for what she believes in. She's carefree, nice, and bubbly. Her signature colors are light blue and purple.

Number 3: A.k.a. Dan, the tough guy of the team. He's stubborn like his leader, and goes into things head first. The only thing he's scared of is his leader's temper. He's aggressive, powerful, and short-tempered. His signature colors are green and silver, like his hoop earring in his left ear.

Number 4: A.k.a. Tracy, or the chiller of the team. She's a rocker that has her belly button and ears pierced. She hopes to get a tattoo one day. She's calm, collected, and logical. Her signature colors are orange and brown.

Number 5: A.k.a. Mike, or the crazy kid of the group. He likes designing air models and planes for the TND use. He's hyper, assertive, and has a thirst for the unknown. His signature colors are dark blue and white.

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Shy Hoagie Asks Really Eerily

~*Chapter 1*~

It was a dark, cloudy day in December as the Teens Next Door and the Kids Next Door walked down the sidewalk to Main Street of their town. Numbah 1, the fearless leader of the KND, led the way followed by his counterpart, Number 1 of the TND, followed by their teams together. Number 2 held an umbrella in her hands and was constantly looking up at the sky and checking her watch. The rest of the teams watched her with confused looks on their faces.

"Remind me again why you brought an umbrella with you." Number 1 ordered.

"Just look at that sky!" Number 2 exclaimed. "It looks like it could start raining at any given moment!"

"You worry too much." Numbah 5 said from the back of the group. "Just chill. The weather man said today was going to be cloudy, not raining."

"I didn't want to take any chances." Number 2 said simply. "That's all."

Eventually, the team came upon Main Street where they entered the Candy Store on the corner. They all began running around grabbing all the candy they liked. Number 1 and Numbah 1 were taking some gummy worms out of a jar in the corner. The English boy looked up at his friend.

"Are you sure you don't mind paying for all of this?" he asked. "It's an awful lot." Number 1 smiled down at him.

"We had a deal, remember?" she asked him back. "Whichever team lost their minds when we baby-sat you guys two weeks ago would have to buy a week's worth of candy with their money."

"But you didn't lose your mind." Numbah 1 pointed out. "You kept it."

"Maybe," Number 1 began. "But I feel guilty for putting you guys through so much, and that $250 bucks we made from that job can totally cover it."

"Good point." Number 1 agreed, grabbing another handful of gummy worms.

"You're mom's a sap," Number 1 said matter-of-factly. "You do know that, right?"

"Yeah." Numbah 1 confirmed. The two burst out laughing and headed for a jar of sour balls.

Numbah 2 and Number 2 were grabbing chocolate-covered raisins from a basket together. Numbah 2 looked out the window to see something splat on it.

"It's starting to rain." He announced. Everyone looked at him and his counterpart with surprised stares. Number 2 began laughing.

"And look who brought an umbrella!" she announced, holding her purple one up. The rest of the team growled as Number 2 continued laughing and taking raisins from the basket. Numbah 2 looked up at her and slowed down on taking the raisins. He liked Number 2 a lot. He liked her long, dark brown hair, fair skin, and slim figure. He had developed a little crush on her ever since she stood up for him when her leader was threatening to kill him two weeks ago, back when her leader was mean. He smiled up at her and continued taking the raisins.

About fifteen minutes later, the TND and KND finished picking out their candy. Number 1 paid the man and followed the rest of her team outside and into the rain. Number 2 put her umbrella up and began walking down the street. She turned back to her team and smiled.

"Aren't you guys coming?" she asked.

"Why would we?" Numbah 4 asked back. "It's raining and we didn't bring umbrellas!"

"Too bad!" Number 2 cheered and began happily walking down the street. The rest of the team ran back inside the Candy Shop.

"Sir?" Number 1 asked. "Could we borrow your phone for a minute?"

"It's out of service." The man said back. "Sorry." The team grumbled. "Well," the candy man continued. "You guys are welcome to stay in here until the rain passes."

"Thank you," Number 1 began. "But I think we can walk."

At that moment, lightning began to strike and everyone heard thunder.

"You were saying?" the candy man continued. Number 1 growled.

"Thanks again," She said. "But, honestly, we can walk home."

"Number 1!" Number 5 complained. "Did you see that lightning out there?"

"Don't get me started!" Number 1 hollered. Number 3 pushed everyone in the team back.

"Really, guys, don't get her started." He warned. "She may be better, but she's still the Number 1 I know with the really bad temper!"

"You better believe it!" Number 1 snapped, and she looked out the window to see Number 2 walking into the Candy Shop with something in her hands.

"What do you have there?" Numbah 1 asked.

"I brought you guys your umbrellas!" Number 2 squeaked. "You guys didn't REALLY think I'd leave you guys in the rain, did you?"

Number 1 shuffled her feet as a blush of embarrassment rose onto her face. Her face turned stubborn as she grabbed her red umbrella from her team member.

"Let's go." She ordered. The rest of the TND took their umbrellas from Number 2 and walked out into the rain with their counterparts next to them under the protection of the umbrellas.

During the walk home, Numbah 2 grabbed some of his chocolate-covered raisins from his bag and tossed them in his mouth. He chewed them for awhile, but spit them out and slightly gagged.

"What is it?" Number 2 asked her counterpart.

"It's disgusting!" Numbah 2 complained. The rest of the team looked nervous. Number 1 took one of the sour balls she got and popped it in her mouth. Number 3 started sucking on one of his chocolate kisses. Number 4 took a lick of one of her lollipops. Number 5 bit into his candy bar. For a moment, the world was silent, but then, everyone spit out their candy.

"Numbah 2's right!" Number 3 shouted. "It IS disgusting!"

"It tastes like toothpaste!" Number 4 announced. "I hate mint flavor!"

Everybody walked over to the nearby garbage can and threw out their candy.

"Maybe you should try to get a refund!" Numbah 3 suggested. Number 1 looked back at the store to see the closed sign up.

"Number 1," Numbah 1 began. "I am so sorry. That was a good twenty bucks wasted! The team and I will pay you back, we promise."

"Thanks." Number 1 said, getting her umbrella back up. It was just in time, too, because she felt something hit the top of it.

"Gross!" Numbah 5 exclaimed. "Look at that!"

Number 1 brought down her umbrella to see what had landed there. A pile of green slime sat on the side of it.

"I know this from somewhere." She whispered. She closed her eyes for a moment, listening closely to the world. Suddenly, her eyes sprang open and she jolted her head up towards the sky to see another pile of the green slime coming down.

"LOOK OUT!!!" she screamed, and she dove to the side. The rest of the team did the same, but Numbah 2 tripped right where the slime was about to land. Number 2 got up and pushed him out of the way just in the nick of time. She looked up to the sky and narrowed her brown eyes.

"Darn it!" something shouted from up there. "I was sure that would hit him!"

"Now way," Number 2 began. "It's the Common Cold!"

The TND dove for their umbrellas and brought them up to protect themselves from the slimy blasts. Their kid counterparts ran underneath in hopes of protecting themselves.

"We have to attack!" Numbah 4 announced.

"We don't have any weapons with us!" Numbah 1 reminded him. He held onto Number 1 not daring to let go. Just when the Common Cold was close enough to get a hit on them, the TND and KND heard him scream and run away. Number 1 brought her umbrella up to see soup splattered all over the sidewalk and a girl in the road in a throwing position.

"Number 9!" she called. Number 9 of the TND was an extremely tall girl, a little bit taller than Number 1. She had dark, black-brown hair that reached to her waist back in a ponytail. She wore a gold tee-shirt with khaki cargo shorts and running sneakers. She was known as Collette to adults. She was a sports fan, especially motocross. Her room at the TND base in the next town was covered with posters of the sport she had torn out of magazines. She also gave great advice and was very bright.

Number 9 got out of her throwing pose and walked over to her leader.

"Hey, Number 1." She said. "Fellow Teens Next Door, Kids Next Door. What's going on?"

"Did you just save us from the Common Cold?" Numbah 2 asked.

"Yeah." Number 9 confirmed. "I threw my bowl of chicken noodle soup at him."

"What were you carrying a bowl of chicken noodle soup around for?" Number 1 asked, getting freaked by how the day was going.

"I just came from the Deli over in this town." Number 9 replied. "I saw you guys battling the Common Cold, and I decided to help."

"Thanks." Number 1 rewarded. "You want to come back to our base for awhile?"

"No thanks." Number 9 rejected her offer. "The rest of my team expects me back soon, and I've got an umbrella. Don't worry about me. I'll see you later, okay?"

"Okay." Number 1 confirmed. "See you later then. Bye."

Number 9 walked back over to the other side of the street and began walking back to her town. The TND fixed their umbrellas, took their counterparts at their sides, and began walking back to their base. In front of them, tiny snowflakes began falling.

~*End of Chapter One*~