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After landing the chopper behind the S.T.A.R.S. building, we decide to go in and pay everyone a visit before heading home, since I have to return the chopper keys anyway. I switch my eyes to normal-mode and everything blurs up real fast. I'm really starting to miss my shades. I'm so used to seeing things in much sharper detail that now even better than twenty-twenty eyesight feels like I'm running around half blind.

We are met at the front desk by a red-headed female other than Stacy. Her name-tag reads 'Katrina.'

" Oh hi Alexis! " She greets with a smile, " I see you've brought along some friends. And who might they be? " She eyes me up and down like a piece of candy.

Good lord, the woman must be fifty years old! I attract all types and ages obviously. It's not the first time I've had an older woman give me the look. The first time it happened I was only twenty-one and Dad laughed. That is, he laughed up until the grandma happened to catch sight of him. Now that was funny!

" Alan and Natasha." Alexis introduces, " Alan and Natasha, this is Katrina, one of the other secretaries."

" Hi." I wave a few fingers in her direction.

" Alan just joined the S.T.A.R.S. team." Alexis supplies proudly, " He's just coming to return the keys to a helicopter."

Katrina cocks an interested eyebrow. " Really? S.T.A.R.S., wow. You must have some skill. You know what team you're going to be on yet? "

" I'm…not sure." I admit awkwardly. Though I easily have the skill to be an Alpha, I wouldn't be surprised if Chris starts me out on Bravo.

" Heh, well I hate to tell you this, Alan, but the S.T.A.R.S. aren't in right now. Something came up and they had to leave."

That sends a nice chill up my spine. " Leave? Where to? " S.T.A.R.S. office hours aren't over yet, and Chris told me he'd be here to take the keys when I came back. It seems very odd that everyone would just up and leave.

Katrina is thoughtful. " I don't know Sweetcakes, but it did seem awfully important. They all left without telling anyone. Must've been an emergency. I have their house number if you'd like to…."

" No, that's alright. I think we can find them." Alexis grabs my arm and starts pulling me towards the door, her expression very worried.

" See you later! " I call, trying my best to pretend that I didn't hear the word 'Sweetcakes' used in referring to me.

" Something's seriously wrong here." Alexis continues once we are outside and heading to her Jag, " Chris always stays past six on workdays unless it's something really bad."

" I'll take your word for it." Natasha remarks, the faintest start of concern registering on her face.

This feels wrong. I hope everyone is okay.

We pile in the jag without another word and Alexis floors it, breaking the speed limit by a good 15 mph on our way home. The second we pull into her driveway Sherry bursts out from the Redfield residence, Seth and Crystal hot on her heels.

Her frantic worried look confirms my worst fears.

" It's Rebecca!" She says, her words excited and rushed, " They had to rush her to the hospital, she's not doing well! "

" Ohmigod, what's wrong? " Natasha asks before I get the chance to.

Sherry shakes her head, obviously distressed. " I don't know, one minute she was feeling fine-chipper even, the next she just passed out on the floor. We don't know what's wrong with her…the others all rushed her to the emergency room. They told me to tell you when you got back."

My virus. I think bitterly, Just as I feared. There's no doubt in my mind that that's what happened to poor Becca. " When did this happen? "

" Just over an hour ago. They left me with the kids…haven't heard back from them since."

I turn to Alexis. " Alexis. Hospital."

She nods, " Let's go."

I sit up front in the passenger's seat and Natasha spills back into the back.

Normally I like to drive, but I don't know my way around Bayview for beans.

We take off, and I can only pray we're not too late.


We reach the emergency section of the Bayview hospital in record time and quickly find the room where Chris and the others await news in a grim waiting room with a single television set featuring a baseball game nobody is watching.

I take the last available seat next to Chris and Jill, forcing Alexis and Natasha to a separate string of seats where Carlos, Steve, and Claire await.

" What happened? " I ask, even though I already know.

" She was fine one minute, the next she was gasping for breath and burning up with a fever." Chris explains, looking on the verge of tears.

" The doctors say they found a foreign virus in her system unlike any they'd ever encountered before." Jill continues somberly. Slowly, she turns her head to me. " Alan? What do you know about the T-2? "

" Not a helluva a lot." I admit, angry and scared and sad all at once, " Dad wanted to keep me in the dark as much as possible about it. All I know for a fact is that Birkin made it and I haven't suffered any ill effects from it."

" Well why would it hurt her and not you? " Chris growls, getting a little snippety with me.

" Look, I don't know, okay? I'm not that one who created it! "

This rouses some odd stares from an elderly couple sitting a ways off, the only other people present in the room.

Oops. Guess I spoke a little too loudly

We quiet down and the next few minutes pass by in silence.

I knew there was a risk giving her my virus, I just knew it. Though I'm not sure why the T-2 would hurt her after seemingly helping her. It makes no sense.

It also doesn't make sense that the virus would benefit Dad and I for all these years with no side effects if it's doing this to poor Rebecca.

Of course, this again begs the question of what I actually know about the nature of this virus, which is practically squat. I know that it gives me all these superhuman abilities and that's it.

I don't know why it would attack Rebecca.

My mind flashes back to Africa, back to the little conversation in the lab-room between Chris, Dad, and I:

" So, how's Rebecca doing? " Dad had asked being his usual jerk self.

" She'll live." Chris threw defiantly.

" Really? I didn't expect such a positive prognosis with a lacerated liver."

" I healed it." I stated.

" Is that so? I'll bet you think you're a true friend…..you must've given her your blood. That should be interesting!"

" What? Is something going to happen to her? "

" Hmm…maybe."

He knew. He knew all along. Dad's been keeping secrets from me, he intentionally doesn't want me to know too much about our virus!

But why?

In Rebecca's case, I think the answer is painfully obvious.

T-2 virus isn't for everyone.

But I gave it to her only because she would've died without it, I was trying to save her!

My thoughts of my father are not pleasant just now.

A minute later, the doctor walks in, and his grave expression gives it all away. " We're sorry….we did all we could, but her temperature surpassed 108 degrees… she's gone."

Damn. I bow my head, saddened. Even though I didn't know Rebecca that well, she was a good person. Another good person that my father murdered. She would've died sooner without my help, but either way she was destined to die.

There was nothing I could've done.


" Can we…can we see her? " Claire stammers, in a state of shock.

The doctor nods. " They're unhooking her from the life-support right now. Should be a few minutes."

He walks back through the door.

By some eerie freak of coincidence, my cell phone rings.


I reach and my pocket and pull the device out, only to note that the sound is not coming from my cell phone.

Chris pulls his from his pocket. " Sherry? I…"

" How's Rebecca doing? " A mocking voice that is definitely not Sherry's purrs from the other end, " Let me guess, dead? Muwahahahahahahahahahahah! "

Chris totally loses it. " Wesker! How the hell did he got my cell number! " He throws the cell phone against the opposite wall where it explodes upon impact.

He stands at once, beside himself with rage.

" You! " He turns to me, eyes burning with hatred, " Did you give him my number! "

" Of course I didn't! Why would I do something stupid like that? "

Chris charges me, so mad he can't see straight.

Taking advantage of my surprise he knocks me off the chair pins me to the floor.

" Chris! Alan didn't…." Claire starts, talking at the same time as Jill and coming to pull him off, not that I need help.

Chris's position over me doesn't last more than a second.

I shove out with both hands and send him flying backwards.

A bunch of hospital personnel arrive just as I am getting up. The head doctor looks from me to Chris, then back again.

" You two guys had better leave." He says coldly.

" Sure. Fine." I start out the door, giving Chris the evil eye. Thanks to his anger problem we won't be able to see Rebecca for awhile.

Chris doesn't move.

" Well, come on, you too." The chief doctor points at Chris, " This is a hospital, not out back of a bar."

With a glower that could freeze Hell Chris complies, following me to the exit.

" And for Heaven's sake try to be civil to each other, or else we'll end up treating you too."

Another bad time to be a Wesker. I think I will pay him a call later on tonight and give him a piece of my mind. That was totally uncalled for. Making fun of people's death….and half of my biology comes from this cretin? It's like being related to Hitler.

I can't believe he'd be so cruel!

Ok, actually I can. After all, this is the same guy who tried to kill little kids. He never liked Rebecca, either.

Once we are outside, Chris addresses me. " Sorry about what happened in there….that wasn't the smartest move on my part."

" Darn right it wasn't." I grump, " Thanks to you we both got kicked out."

" Also wasn't smart trying to take on someone with the T-2 virus." He sounds embarrassed.

I raise an eyebrow, meeting his gaze. " Yeah well…you were angry. That's understandable. I really have no idea how my father managed to get your number. Really. He's the one to blame here, I was only trying to save Rebecca. Without my blood, she would've died sooner. At least this way we got to enjoy her a little longer."

Chris sighs, defeated. " You're right….it's just…how come your blood made her feel better and then kill her? Yet you and your bastard father have had it for years and all it ever did was make you damn near invincible. It doesn't make any sense."

" No it doesn't." I agree, " Something's up. My father has been deliberately hiding the truth from me. He knew this would happen to Rebecca. That means he knows a great deal more than he's been telling me."

He settles down on a wooden bench in the front lawn, and I follow suite.

He buries his face in his hands, shaking his head. " Why her? Why now? Hasn't he destroyed our lives enough already? That dirty sonuva…." He stops, raising his head from his hands to look at me. " Sorry."

" Hey, I understand completely. My father's one cold-hearted, evil person. He wants to kill you all. But he's in Europe right now…."

" How do you know? "

I sigh. " He called me too." I grab my cell phone and hold it up for him to see.

He shakes his head. " Seems like he's always a step ahead of us! "

" Not always," I admit, " Why, he didn't even know where you were for over four years after the HCF incident."

" Thanks for the big comfort. Look, sorry again about the hospital, it's just you look so much like Wesker that I…." He trails off, embarrassed by his behavior. He made himself look like an ass in front of all his friends. That's enough to shame anybody, especially somebody who's supposed to be the cool and collected leader of a unit.

I nod, knowing what he is trying to say. " I know." I mutter darkly, " No need to feel bad…I sure was pissed when those assholes killed my mother. At least you didn't kill anyone."

Chris's eyes widen, and he looks to me in a new light. " You…the people who killed your mother, you didn't…kill them…did you? "

I'm not sure exactly how I look right now, but it's probably pretty dangerous and threatening.

" What do you think? " I ask gravely, my voice dead-serious and barely above a whisper.

Chris doesn't press. He gets the idea. " Oh, I've been meaning to tell you…you made the team."

" I did? " My attempt at sounding surprised.

Chris nods. " Yeah. You've proven more than once that we can count on you. If it weren't for you, I'm sure more of us would've died in Africa…."

" If it weren't for me nobody would've been in Africa." I point out, not feeling like such a hero just now.

Chris is honest. " Eh…true, but if it's to any consolation, I think you did the right thing. Why, if it were my mother, and my sister, I would've been right there too getting every square inch of my ass kicked by Wesker, Ashfords, and supertyrants. I do tend to get rather crazy when people I love are involved."

" Me too." I confess, feeling a little better. Chris is right. People do tend to do stupid things when they think the lives of their loved ones are threatened.

" So you're a bona-fide Alpha member now." He continues, giving me a friendly pat on the back, " Welcome to the team, Nephew. I was considering training you more, but decided against it when I realized that even without your virus you're probably a better fighter than me. For as much as I hate his guts your father is a very skilled fighter. He was Captain of our team for a reason. And since he's been training you for over the years…there's nothing more I can teach you." He shakes his head, looking sick. " Poor Rebecca. I…I just couldn't get to her in time. First Barry now Rebecca….I still can't believe they're gone."

I don't have anything to say to that. My first week in Bayview and already things have went straight down the toilet.


It rained all day on the day of Rebecca's funeral. We held a service outside her plot in the graveyard, watched as her casket was laid to rest. Lots of people were crying, I even suspect I shed a tear.

In the cases of the others, we didn't have to worry about the bodies.

It just isn't quite the same when you witness an actual burial. It punctuates further beyond the shadow of a doubt that your loved one is really gone.


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