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Broken Edges of a Shattered Heart

By: Crystal of Psyche

Chapter 1: Betrayal

Yusuke shivered as he walked up to the entrance of his school so early, which is something that you wouldn't call usual.  He would've come later cause the youth liked sleeping in and missing part of first period.  But today he woke up early this morning and he couldn't get back to sleep for some strange reason.  He sighed and brushed off the funny feeling he was getting and spotted his friend Kuwabara.  He threw off his winter coat and walked up to Kuwabara and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Hey," Yusuke said dully but then he raised an eyebrow as Kuwabara jumped from the touch.  He turned around smiling.

"Hey Urameshi!   What are you doing here so early?" Kuwabara stuttered, Yusuke eyed him making sure that he wasn't hiding anything.  But he shrugged it off.

"Well, I couldn't sleep in today for some reason so I decided what the heck!  What's wrong with me coming to school so early?"  Kuwabara didn't answer his questions but he took a quick glance of something that was behind Yusuke but really quick returned to him.  Yusuke blinked, "Is there something behind me?" He turned slightly to see what Kuwabara was looking at.

"WAIT!!!!!"  But it was too late.  Yusuke turned around to witness a site that shattered his heart on the spot.  Standing not too far away from them was Keiko and another boy he recognized from class KISSING!!!  Very passionately at that.  Yusuke shielded his eyes and turned back to Kuwabara.

"Did you know about this?" he asked quietly but you could hear the dangerous tone rising in his voice.

"I didn't know that long, I just found out recently.  I was going to tell you…" Kuwabara tried to explain but Yusuke interrupted him.


"Dude!  I was going to tell you!!"

"Some friend you are!" Kuwabara remained silent.  Yusuke anger raised so much he was going to hurt Kuwabara but thought otherwise and turned to leave.

"URAMESHI!!!" Kuwabara shouted to try to stop him.

"SHUT UP!!!!!! I don't need any of this!!!  Goodbye Kuwabara you were always a great friend," Yusuke said that last part quieter.  He grabbed his winter cloack and walked out of the school building into the snowy blizzard that started not too long ago.  Yusuke bolted out the door with his inhuman powers that he required from being nearly dead.

"Yusuke…" Kuwabara said sadly as he watched his best friend walk away from him.  He then turned and glared at the sight of Keiko kissing the other boy.  "Urameshi you can't just leave everything behind!  You'll have to come back……eventually."


….2 Days Later…

A swift black shadow tore through the city, finally stopping on top of a light post.  Another figure waited underneath it.  "No luck Hiei?"  The one on top the post merely grumbled scanning the area with his eyes.

"No…I don't see how he disappeared on us.  Even Koenma can't find him!"

Kurama chuckled and looked up at the starry sky, "I do hope he's alright though.  The blizzard will make it difficult, even for a guy like Yusuke."

Hiei remained quiet then said quickly before jumping off, "Let's hurry Kurama!  He could die if he's out there by himself!"

Kurama started after him, "Agreed, demons would also take this advantage to kill him.  Let's move as swiftly as possible!"


Yusuke stumbled through the snowy woods…the cold was starting to get to him.  He hasn't slept for 48 hours straight.  He could feel the effects of not having enough sleep.  He suddenly felt someone grab his shoulder and pin him to the tree.

"Told ya boys!!  The Spirit Detective all alone defenseless and weak!!" Came a gruff voice.  Yusuke's vision was so blurry he couldn't see who it was…definitely a demon the awful smell was so strong.

"Good I was looking for something to beat up on," Yusuke stuttered putting up his fists.  He heard all the demons laugh.  Five of them…he knew this wasn't going to be easy in his state.  He threw a few punches but all he hit was air.

"HAHHAhAHHA!!!  Whatcha aimin at detective!?!" howled one of the demons.  There was a swift pain in his cheek then suddenly in his chest.  Suddenly he felt punches and kicks all over him.  As the demons taunted the boy and slapped him around, Yusuke merely stood there, looking not his punch-drunk cocky self, except his brown eyes seemed to glimmer with something else: Sadness.  He could only focus on one thing as punches everywhere were landed: Her. The one who broke his heart. Her, the one who stood what seemed to be forever by his side…He took the last bit of strength he had into a shotgun.

"SHOT GUN!!!!" Energy exploded every, the demons were vaporized, and Yusuke fell to the ground his energy spent.  He felt the life leave him; at least he wasn't going to get killed by a bunch of weak demons.  But something came to his attention…Soft footsteps…that were coming his way.  He grumbled hoping it wasn't another demon that came to finish him off.

But the strange thing was whoever it was gone on their knees next to them.  And left him his head up slightly, and placed him in their lap.  "Don't worry, I'm here to help you." Came the voice of a female.  He managed to open his eyes slightly; vision failing him all he could see was the bright green eyes staring in concern at his brownish ones.  That was the last thing he remembered before falling into unconsciousness.

Author's Note:  All right people!  I hope you enjoyed this story!  I've never done such a dramatic story like this so bare with me.  This is a test; I wanted to do a Yu Yu Hakusho story for so long but never had the courage to start it…so if I don't get enough reviews I will not continue this story.