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Shattered Edges of a Broken Heart

By: Crystal of Psyche

Chapter 11: The Machine

Yusuke turned to Rinku, "Get on my back!!" The child nodded and hopped onto his back, latching his arms and legs around Yusuke's middle. Chu had run over from where he was standing. He grabbed the two of them and tossed them through the air towards Jin like they were just a football. Kurama was astonished at the teamwork they did in under a few seconds, but he put his senses on the pair flying through the air.

Rinku let go of Yusuke with one of his hands, a few of his yo yo's shot out. It took awhile but they finally latched onto one of Jin's legs. Reeling the two in Yusuke got hold of Jin with his hands. "JIN!!! TELL ME WHAT'S WRONG!!!!"

Jin was clutching his head with his hands, "IT'S INSIDE OF ME HEAD!!! AND IT WON'T GO AWAY!!!!"

Yusuke searched through his own mind, and came up with a little trick Shizu taught him not too long ago. He closed his eyes and concentrated letting his energy flow from his body to Jin's. He found the source of the chaos and promptly unleashed his energy to destroy it. He was successful. The storm around them began to calm quickly, and Jin stood there with a look of great relief on his face. "UhYusuke?" Rinku asked.

"What is it?" Yusuke said turning his head around so he could see the boy properly.

Rinku had a look of worry on his face as he cleared his throat to talk, "We're floating in mid-air here." Yusuke blinked and then looked down to realize that there was indeed nothing below them for more than a 100 ft.

"Oh shit" Whoosh!

They started plummeting to the earth, screaming at the top of their longs, but someone had grabbed them be the scruff of their shirt. They both looked up and saw an exhausted Jin carrying them to the boat. Once they reached it Jin set the two down. And collapsed on the floor of the deck. Chu and Toya quickly ran towards them. "Jin!! Your alive!! Thank god!! We were afraid that you were going to be killed over there."

Jin closed his eyes and smiled, "A'ye to stubborn to give up like dat." He began to drift off to sleep before anyone could stop him. They were all happy that Jin was back they were now worried about the condition he came back in. His condition was pretty bad, and so they were no twice as worried for Shizu's sake.


Candice wrapped a bandage around Troy's arm. He smiled at her, she felt a slight warmness on her face, but she quickly pushed that thought away. They heard some moans coming from Shizu as she sat up. She rubbed her eyes and then stretched. "Did someone get the number of that bus?"

Barak smiled softly from his spot against the wall, "Glad to see you up." Shizu shrugged and looked around. Her emerald eyes widened when she realized someone was missing.

"Where's Jin!?!" Candice bowed her head. But the two other men looked just as confused as she.

"We don't know, when we woke up it was just us four," Troy said sadly. Shizu crawled over to Troy and Candice, pain shot through her body but she ignored it.

"Please Candice, what do you know?" Shizu begged.

Candice's fiery read eyes were at this moment sad and teary. She sighed and closed her eyes, "I truly don't know. The guards came in and told him that he had to go with them. After that I don't know." Shizu felt a few tears come out her eyes, she brought her knees to her chest and hugged them. Everything seemed so cold now. A hand was placed on her shoulder. She looked up into the eyes of Barak, he gave her a gentle smile. That helped a lot.

The gates opened and more than 10 guards came in with weapons, but it was a bit much considering that they were all injured except for Candice. They each staggered to their feet each leaning against one another. "You all have to come with us!" One of the guards barked. They groaned but made their way to a destination.

They walked into a room full of machines and wires scattered everywhere. But something was wrong everything seemed like it was ripped apart and tossed everywhere. The four half-demons looked around with confused looks.

"You think that such a high and rich organization would have better equipment?" Candice said while she smirked. A young woman, stood in front of this old looking machine. She looked about Shizu and Candice's age. She had short brown hair and sharp brown eyes. Shizu noted to her outfit that showed that she was serious for her age, it was a dark blue dress suit.

"Take that one first!" she said pointing to Shizu. One of the guards grabbed Shizu who winced at the harsh treatment. She didn't notice Troy and Barak try and get past the guards, but they were both very weak. The door burst open and a old man entered the room with a face full of anger.

"What do you think you're doing!?! These half-breeds are injured!! There is a very low chance that they will survive!!!"

The girl looked at the old and made an unusual smile, "Yes I know that, but think of what power they would have if they did survive." The old man thought of the results, and smirked. He motioned with his hands to continue.

Everyone was rushing around making sure all the damaged equipment was working well enough to start the procedure. The old man growled under his breath and said, "All this is ruined because of that wind demon. If it wasn't for him we would still have the newer model. He also destroyed this place before he ran away." They strapped Shizu to the machine, but the strange thing that her friends noticed that Shizu had a smile on her face.

The young girl walked up to Shizu who was still smiling. "I wouldn't smile if I were you. And don't get your hopes up about Yusuke coming to rescue you either."

Shizu was surprised that this girl knew Yusuke, but she just kept smiling, "But there is something to smile about. My friend escaped from your clutches. And I don't know how you know Yusuke but he is one of dear friends, he will come for me."

The girl smirked evilly, and pressed the button to start the machine, "In your dreams"

Author's note: If you can't guess who the girl is I laugh at you!!! Hahahahha!! Alrighty now I gotta figure out what to do next. ^^; I hope it won't take to long. I hope you guys like this chapter!!!!

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