Chapter 6: Keeping a Promise

The room was silent for many minutes. The Weasleys were contemplating how to apologize without sounding condescending. Angelina had informed them prior to the family's arrival in the Room of Requirements that Harry was aware that the Weasleys knew Harry had not been unfaithful to Ginny. Harry likewise was wondering what exactly to say to them. He decided finally to just speak from his heart.

"I'm sorry." Harry announced to the Weasleys.

They all looked at him in shock. Those were not the words that they had expected. They expected an angry Harry Potter. Ginny in particular thought she had a thorough tongue-lashing coming to her. Were she in his place, she would have done it and rightly so. When her family had the moral high ground they made sure he knew how they felt. In the end, she knew Harry didn't have it in him to hold that kind of grudge.

After all, he had risked all for their safety and well being.

"What are you sorry for Harry?" Arthur Weasley asked. "It is we who should be sorry for our treatment of you."

Harry shook his head. "It was my fault you all became targets. My love for all of you made you targets for Voldermort's wrath."

"Harry.." Hermione Weasley began. "We were targets regardless. I in particular for being a muggle born witch."

"That may be, but being friends with me. no, my family, that made you an even bigger target." he replied.

"Mate, we should have known that you were not the kind of man who would do what we accused you of." Ron said. "I should have known better. We were best mates after all."

Harry tried to respond but Ron cut him off. "I mean, you never defended yourself against any accusations. Most men when they're accused of something justify or try to lie their way out of it. You didn't." Ron told him.

"Because saying the lies made me sick, and if I tried to talk I knew that I would lose my composure and you would all know something was not right." Harry informed them.

"Mum." Ginny said. "Would you and the family excuse us, I need to speak with Harry privately."

The other Weasleys didn't wait for their mother's order. They simply stood up, walked to the door, and filed out of Room of Requirements one by one. Molly smiled at the two as she securely shut the door behind her.

~~**~~ ~~**~~ ~~**~~

Ginny walked over and hugged Harry. Harry held the girl in his arms, relishing her warmth. He felt bad for betraying Katie's memory so soon, but knew that her final wish was for the Harry to be with Ginny, still it wasn't easy to feel this good about holding her.

"Harry, I'm sorry." Ginny said looking into his emerald eyes.

"So am I Gin." He replied.

"You have nothing to be sorry about." She stated.

"Yes I do. I'm sorry I wasn't here to help you with our baby?" Harry inquired. Ginny looked at him in shock.

"Angelina told me before Katie passed away." Harry explained.

"She is so dead." Ginny said on the verge of tears.

"Don't take it out on her, she thought it best since she didn't know if I ever planned to return to England. Angelina's information, Katie's death, and allowing the Bells to form a relationship with James were my main reasons for returning."

"I see." Ginny said, convinced Harry no longer had feelings for her.

"There was one other thing." Harry informed the emotional woman.

"What's that then Harry?" Ginny inquired.

"Katie made me promise something. And as you know, I always keep my promises." He reminded.

"I remember. What was your promise?" she inquired taking a few steps away from Harry.

"I promised her I would try and win you back." he said.

"She. she made you promise that?" Ginny asked in disbelief. She couldn't believe that Katie Potter, a woman who was on her death bed and leaving her loved ones would make such a radical request.

"Yes she did. If you have any doubts feel free to ask Angelina." Harry then removed a letter from his inner-coat pocket. "This is for you. Katie wrote it some time the night before she passed on. I found it in a box that she had prepared for Angie and I before she died."

Ginny slowly took the letter from Harry's Hand. The envelope had her name on it. She looked at it unsure if she wanted to read its contents.

"I had to stop loving you because of my feelings for Katie. While I will always hold a special place in my heart for her, I want you to know that there is still love in my heart for you. I would like a second chance.. If you'll allow me that is." Harry told her.

Ginny started to speak but Harry placed a finger on her lips.

"I know that we have been apart for over a year, I have two children now, one with you, one from Katie. I need to be in their lives, but I also need to be in yours. I hope you will eventually feel the same way about me." Harry said.

"I hope when I am ready to move on it will be with you. "For the time being I have to clear my head, find a place to live and take care of my son."

Ginny walked over and gave Harry a hug.

"I will be in touch." Harry said and gave her a friendly peck on the forehead.

"Hailey and I will be waiting." Ginny said with tears in her eyes.

Harry Potter smiled. "A girl?"

Ginny smiled back and kissed his cheek. She watched as he left the room smiling for the first time all day. Ginny Weasley looked at the letter in her hand.

She thought for a moment about the events of the past few hours. It was a little much to take in all at once. Still if Harry Potter could manage after losing his wife, find out he had another child, and still remain strong then she would find a way preserver as well.

Ginny patted the envelope in her hand a few times and then opened it.

-The End For Now-