Chapter 1: Chibi Vegeta

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Hiei: go figure

                                    Cut to…somewhere in the DBZ realm

 Janelle/Dragon: walking

Vegeta: why are you here?

Janelle: apparently, you haven't noticed time has stopped

Gohan: looking at a watch

Dragon: ^-^ he has!

Vegeta: she is strange…

Goku: staring at the sky

Janelle: …

Hiei: …

Dragon: where did you come from?

Hiei: I don't know
Vegeta: kakarot, what are you doing?

Goku : I think it's a time rip…

They look up and something screaming falls from the sky

???: O-o

Hiei: where did you come from?

???: I demand to know what's going on.

Vegeta: …who are you

Dragon: oooh, oooh, I know

Hiei: then who is it?

Dragon: it's chibi veggie!!!!

Chibi Vegeta (???): my name is not veggie, it is vegeta, the saiyan prince.

Dragon: see

Hiei: …

Shadow appears by using chaos control

 Chibi Vegeta: falls backwards

Shadow: hehehe stupid kid…

Chibi Vegeta: I am not a stupid kid

Dragon: he's chibi veggie!!!

Shadow: great, as if one vegeta was enough...
vegeta: death glare

Chibi vegeta: death glare

Dragon: he has a monkey tail…

Shadow: hehehehe monkey….

Chibi vegeta/ Vegeta: I AM NOT A MONKEY!!!!!!!!

Dragon: ^-^ someone needs a care bear hug!

Chibi vegeta/ Vegeta/ Hiei/ Shadow: huh?

Krillin walks by

Dragon: sugar high! Pulls out a 2-liter bottle of Mountain Dew, stuffs it in his mouth and makes him drink it

Kirillin: a vacant expression 'cause he's on a sugar buzz

Shadow: pathetic being

Hiei: which one?

Vegeta: krillin's so weak he couldn't defend against that

Chibi vegeta: I'm scared

Trunks: me too they look at each other and scream

Gohan: flies over poor krillin 

Dragon: sugar high! Sheba appears out of nowhere and uses sleep on Dragon

Dragon: Zzz…

Gohan: I'm scared too …

Hiei: she is a very unpredictable being…

Omochao: and random too

Hiei: pulls out his sword and chases after omochao

Dragon: wakes up you felled ghost mage!

Vegeta: Dragon, Hiei, Janelle, Shadow, watch the chibi, we'll go fix the time rip

Shadow: why do we get stuck with the brat?

Vegeta: because I hate you

Shadow: [inaudible muttering]

Vegeta: what did you say?

Shadow: nothing [under breath] I shall kill the pathetic saiyan for this

Dragon: pulls out 2-liter bottle of Mountain Dew

Vegata/ Gohan/ Goku/ Trunks: look at krillin (who is still spaced out) then quickly leave

Dragon: to… our secret hideout place thingy!!!

End of chapter 1

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