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Chapter 3: attack of the pichus

Kurama is walking around outside looking for hiei

Kurama: Hiei! HIEI! Notices house and walks in

Hiei: sitting on the couch hn.

Kurama: oh there you are, kuwabara wants to bug you…

Dragon: pops up from behind the couch kuwabara is a baka. He can't have hiei, he's mine…

Hiei: O-O

Kurama: O-O what the…

Dragon: [in her best gollum voice] my precious…

Hiei: O-O get away you freak!

Dragon: ;-; I'm not a freak, I just have special powers

Hiei: how did you get those powers any way?

Dragon: ^-^that's a story for another ficImean day  shadow and cloud run down the stairs being followed by chibi vegeta (c. vegeta) who's holding a giant sword (not clouds)

Cloud: dude its your turn sephiroth runs down stairs

Sephiroth: come back here whelp

Kurama: what's going on?

Janelle: we get to watch the chibi saiyan from hell {dramatic music}

Dragon: [singing] Rollin around at the speed of sound, got places…looks around and sees sephiroth he wants to destroy humanity…

Hiei: -_- and we need to know this why?

Cloud: good god, am I the only human here?

Shadow: yep

Sephiroth: I don't care, I am the rightful heir to this planet

Janelle: [under breath] egomaniac

Dragon: no your not, I'll sic omochao on you

Hiei: omochao is dead

Omochao: no I'm not, I'm pichuputs on pichu ears

Dragon: does the young link fighter stance where he drinks the milk

Kurama: …pichu appears

Pichu: pichu pi

Omochao: pi pi chu

Dragon: giggles he said pee pee

Kurama: uses rose whip and hits pichu and nearly gets c. vegeta's tail

Pichu: pi pi cha hits screen like off of ssb melee

C vegeta: hey, watch the tail

Dragon: ^-^ a tail is the source of a saiyans power

C. Vegeta: gee, I don't think the people on namek herd you

Dragon: ^-^ ok, HEY PEOPLE ON NAMEK, THE SCORCE OF -Janelle hits dragon

Hiei: how do you know about namek any way?

c. Vegeta: ^-^ Janelle let me watch this cool show called dragon ball z

Janelle: ^-^;

Dragoon: lookit what I gots pulls out metaknights sword

Hiei: you are never going to learn

Dragon: zuzuzu falls asleep

Shadow: -_- lets go outside pichus come in

Dragon/Janelle: shoot ki blast

Pichus: fly off screen like off of ssbm

Dragon/Janelle: ice climbers fighting stance (high five) nook

Kurama: … pichus appear out of nowhere and lunge at him

Metaknight: grabs his sword and knocks pichus off of screen

Janelle: all we're missing is krillin the midget

Dragon: ^o^ I wonder if he is still sugar buzzed

Janelle: … alarm rings

Dragon: yu yu hakusho is onruns off

Janelle: -_-

Cloud: I thought time stopped

Janelle: WHERE IS THAT IDIOT turns to shadow go find him NOW!

Shadow: O-O leaves

Dragon: the death tree would have a good snack out of him

Metaknight: I thought you were watching yu yu hakusho

Dragon: it's a rerun

Shadow: walks in with goku and vegeta

Janelle: hands goku c. vegeta go now!

Goku/ c. vegeta: leave

Everyone else (except vegeta): pulls out various weapons and walks toward vegeta

Vegeta: what are you going to do? 

The end

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Felix: its over

Dragon: oh blackout