Harry Potter and the Raging Hormones

Author's Note: WARNING!This contains spoilers from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.! But if you want, you can read this anyway!

[Rating for this fic is PG-13 for now, just to be safe. I-er-Harry- might curse a tad!] Well, this fanfic will contain lots of H/OC (Sorry, I don't like those kind of fanfics either, but this one includes lots of other pairings!) , Ginny/Draco, and my favorite pairing, RON/HERMIONE!!!!!! Yay! And if ya'll are looking for a Harry/Hermione fanfic clear off, cuz they ain't neva gettin' together! In this fic and in the book! [muhahaha!] Sorry if the first chapter is rather bland, but first chapters often are! Get ready for the long slog, I have an outline of 40 chapters! So sit on down onto your gluteus maximus and get ready for a rip-roarin' action/adventure/romance of extraordinary proportions with lots of witty humor, and tons of angst!!Huzzah! And remember to review, puhlease, so I know whether to keep writin' --although I probably will anyway! Enjoy my fic!--~Serendipity

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Harry Potter lay on his back in the musty-smelling green grass, his emerald eyes haunted beneath silver frames.He closed his eyes and tried to relax, but it seemed to be nearly impossible; the events from last year kept passing through his head. He ran his fingers through his messy black hair, revealing a thin, lightning bolt shaped scar. Harry looked like such an ordinary teenager lying there in the park, but anyone who knew him knew that this notion could not be farther from the truth. Harry was a wizard, a wizard fresh out of his fifth year in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He felt a little assured that Lord Voldemort, his archnemesis, would not bother him because he still called his aunt's house his home, but it was still rather hard to relax. He turned unto his side and opened his eyes to see a tiny anthill. The ants crawled around, looking like tiny people in a miniture city. Harry looked at it for a bit. Suddenly, a long shadow fell over him. With a start, he got up and looked towards what had made the shadow. A girl of about Harry's age stood before him, her long hair covering her face. Flecks of gold shined from her chocolate-colored tresses and beneath them he could see the outline of a thin face and sparkling doe-brown eyes.

Harry stepped backwards, feeling confused as who his person could be, but then she chose that moment to push the hair away from her face and solve that problem. She smiled, and started shifting her weight from one leg to the other. Her lime flip-flops gently dug into the earth nearest him.

Harry smiled back, and the girl introduced herself. "Hello, my name is Amanda. Amanda Briody." He could tell from the very first word that she was not at all British. She was American, it seemed. She continued. "You live at number four Privet Drive, right? I live down the street, and I've just been talking to that kid over there..." She pointed towards a large, fat figure in the distance-"...and he told me to 'Shove off and talk to Harry'." She imitated Dudley's snotty voice so well, Harry burst out laughing. She laughed along and continued.

"Anyway, I've just moved from New York, and our family is having a barbeque tonight as a housewarming. I wanted to know if you could invite your family and yourself, of course, to come over for dinner at 7." She looked at him pleadingly with a fake pout, and Harry laughed again.

"All right, all right, I'll come. Just d-don't do that face again..." Harry said through peals of laughter.

"O.K. I won't! I won't!" She made a sheepish face, then paused and looked around. "Um, do you know how to get to Wisteria Walk? I have no idea how I got here..."

"Sure, let's go."

"So, Harry, how old are you?"

"I'll be 16 in two weeks. You?"

"Well, I'll be 16 in November. It's a bit to go..." She sighed, then perked up. "How old do you have to be to drive a car in England anyway?"

"I think 17..." Harry murmured.(A/N: How old do you have to be to drive in England?)

They plodded down Magnolia Crescent in silence, the humidity making them sleepy.

Suddenly, Amanda remarked, "I know this might sound silly, but I feel like it's going to rain..."

Harry looked at her questioningly, and she shrugged her shoulders.

"Sometimes, I just feel like I can taste it...the stickiness I mean."

"Yeah, maybe." Harry murmured again, still skeptical.

Harry didn't know why, but at that moment he felt at peace with the world...just walking down a sidewalk side by side with someone, who, he was quite sure, felt as comfortable with him as he felt with her. He breathed a sigh of contentment. Suddenly, something wet splashed against his lenses. He took them off, rubbed them against his shirt and looked up. A large grey thundercloud was overhead, covering the sun. He looked disbelievingly at Amanda, who still hadn't noticed anything had happened, and looked deep in thought.

"Oy, Amanda--it's starting to rain!" exclaimed Harry.

"Oh, is it?" She looked up at the sky and smiled bemusedly, "Well, then we'd better hurry."

They ran together back up the drive and he left her in front of her house, and called his farewell. He ran up Privet Drive, the rain starting to splash against the concrete. He ran faster, went inside number four and slammed the door just in time; a loud thunderclap and huge torrent of rain answered the slam. He took off his damp sneakers, still

amazed that Amanda had predicted the rain.


Harry walked into the spotless kitchen to see his Aunt Petunia standing there, her back to Harry, in a lavish fuchsia flowered apron, stirring a frothy substance in a pot feverishly with a wooden spoon. She turned, saw her nephew, and narrowed her eyes. "Finally." She said curtly. "Go upstairs and get ready. A family has just called to invite us to a housewarming party. They asked specifically for you to come. Although it'll probably be canceled because of the rain." She snorted and continued to stir the substance. He charged upstairs and changed his soggy t-shirt and damp jeans. He pet his snowy owl, Hedwig, and in return she nipped his fingers affectionately. He looked out the window, and noticed with relief the rain had stopped.

He went back down when his clock flashed 7:00 in luminous red numbers, and saw that Aunt Petunia was already ready, holding a Tupperware container filled with potato salad and another with some rice. (A/N: The frothy substance in the pot!) Dudley came downstairs in khaki shorts and Harry repressed a laugh. Dudley really looked fat. His Uncle Vernon was already in the car when they walked out. It's just around the bloody block,thought Harry furiously. No need for a car, bloody show-offs. They climbed in, and set off for Wisteria Walk. They stopped in front of a cream house, identical to all the others, but bedecked with many multi-colored paper lanterns. They knocked, and a kindly looking, short, middle-aged woman with short, dark wavy hair framed around a oval, olive skinned face accented with Amanda's brown eyes answered the door.

"Come in, come in. I'm Sophia. Make yourself at home. The food should be ready soon. My husband's having,

a, er, tiny problem putting together our grill."

They stepped onto the threshold, and Harry asked about Amanda.

"Oh, you've met Amanda, have you? Well, she's in the back yard, dear. Go ahead and find her," she said with a friendly smile.

He walked out of the back door and stopped still, looking around for her. He spotted her, chatting to some girls that lived on Magnolia Crescent on the lawn chairs next to the covered in-ground pool. Feeling rather awkward, Harry walked up to them and and said hello.

He was greeted by several dirty looks and girls stepping away from him. He remembered that he was a supposed "hooligan". Amanda looked nonplussed and grinned at him.

"You were right." He remarked as they walked away from the girls, "It did rain."

"I know. At least it's stopped. I was hoping this BBQ wouldn't be canceled." She chirped.

"That would suck," he said.

"Oh yes, it would." She smiled toothily at him and poked his shoulder.

"Let's go sit there-as far away from my dear old dad as possible. He gets cranky when he sees me talking to guys, even if they're just friends." She led him over to a lawn chair that had been wiped dry. They started chatting, sipping their ice teas, sometimes glancing at the girl Dudley was attempting to talk to. It was evident that she didn't want to talk to him when she threw her Sprite at him and stomped away. He grumbled curses underneath his breath as he walked towards the next girl. It appeared that his pick-up line was "I'm a boxing champ, you know..."

Amanda and Harry laughed loudly whenever this happened, occasionally choking on their ice teas. Harry could see the girls Amanda had been talking to earlier point at them several times and whisper together. He supposed he had an idea about what they were saying. Amanda looked up to see whether Harry was listening, noticed he wasn't and said crossly, "Hey, you know I'm talking to you..." then trailed off as she saw where Harry was looking. The girls had been pointing at them a second ago but then stopped and smiled guiltily at them.

"They're talking about us." Amanda said softly, clearly hurt. "Why is that?" she murmured.

"No clue." But Harry was sure that he looked and sounded rather guilty himself.

At that moment however, Amanda's father, John, had started handing out hot dogs, cheeseburgers, and hamburgers, and they got up to fetch themselves some food.