The Second War of Light and Darkness

by x0firefly0x (Amanda)

Summary: Sixth year...a year of new friends, old enemies, and, especially for Harry Potter himself, new loves. H/OC, R/Hr, a little G/D.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter is not mine. If he was, I would put him on a leash and take him everywhere...showing him off and snogging him silly. But maybe it's better that J.K.R. has Harry Potter...if I did, there would be never be a 6th book, lol. Also, the nightclub Heaven is completely made up, and if there is one in the French Riviera named, sorry. I don't claim any rights or money or anything! And Jo, congratulations on your new baby! XD YAY! throws party for her favorite author and invites you to join in
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Chapter 16: Operation Green-Eyed Monster

"Urgh!" Amanda grumbled, walking down the stairs, kicking the steps on the way down.
"Woah," Jenni said, as she saw her angry friend, "What's wrong?"
"Nothing," Amanda said, pushing her long, brown hair away from her annoyed face.
"Oh, there's something up..." Jenni said, nodding knowingly. "Let's have a group council in your room; let's go into the turquoise house."
"Fine," Amanda sighed. Jenni smiled, and took her elbow to guide her into the adjoining house and into her room. She told her to sit down, and then Jenni was rushing about gathering all her friends. When they were all present, they began.
"Okay," Pryscilla started, "What's up?" They all looked at Amanda.
"Well..." Amanda said angrily, although she had calmed down quite considerably, "Harry read my mail. That was how he knew to send you guys here! He invaded my privacy!"
"Yes, reading somebody else's mail is a federal offense," Jamie said, straight-faced, but her lips were twitching.
"I know!" Amanda exclaimed.
"Listen, darling," said Maggie, the ever sensible one, "Don't be mad at Harry. Forgive him. After all, he was only working for your best interests." "I say you make him jealous," Oua said bluntly, after Maggie's speech was over. And does anyone really listen to the suggestions that make sense? No, vengeance is more fun!
"Ooh. I like that idea," Amanda said, grinning. "But how do I do it? I'm not exactly practiced, after all."
"Neither am I. This is just an idea. Okay, here's the plan..." Oua began. They all leaned forward eagerly.

"Oi, guys! We're about to go clubbing!" Ron yelled up the stairs, "Mum's out, Dad's coming tomorrow, but we don't have plenty of time...just hurry up!"
"Yay!" a half-dozen girlish squeals resounded, plus a "This is even better to our plan than I thought! Revision!"
Ron shook his head, mumbling about girls being mad, and headed back to his room to get ready with Harry.
The girls were all dashing around the room, including Ginny and Hermione, who had joined them to get ready altogether. They were on vacation, so they couldn't use magic, but all of them knew how to do it the old-fashioned, Muggle way. They all got dressed in their sparkliest, most revealing, most fitting clothes (as befitting a night out on the town) and started to do their make-up. Forty-five minutes later, they were done, after Ron banging on their door impatiently and yelling obscenities for five minutes. They all filed out, ignoring the boys, chin-up, shoulders back, to make them look taller, and to enhance the effect of the heels they were wearing. Oua was leading them all confidently, in a green halter top with sparkling embroidery at the ties and hem, with a pair of tight jeans pants and bright green kitten heels, with her hair was in a high ponytail and curls; Pryscilla came next, with a blue tiny baby-tee that read, simply, 'SEXY' in sparkling blue letters on her chest, with a pair of faded acid-washed jeans short shorts and flip-flops that had a heel. Jenni went past after her friends, in purple, with a knee-length black skirt and a purple sparkly butterfly-shaped shirt that tied in the back, and a pair of calve-high, black boots. Maggie came afterward, with a light pink skirt that was quite short, and a hot pink polka-dot tank-top with a small light pink bow that matched the skirt at the front and pink mules on her feet. Jamie was just wearing jeans and a orange tee-shirt that said '09'; she didn't like to dance (A/N:BUT I SHALL GET YOU TO DANCE JAMIE! MUHHAHAHAHA!), so she just wore something to impress...but without showing skin. Amanda was last, she totally ignored Harry as she slinked by the boys in a knee-length metallic gold dress that went down low in the front and in the back, lace-up black heels on her feet, her brown hair up in a bun with wavy tendrils coming down, so that you could see the nape of her neck. They walked down the stairs, all in a row, ignoring the boys, who stood flabbergasted.
"They look wonderful, don't they?" Ginny said, smirking, her hands on her hips, her long, red hair down to the middle of her back, in a little black dress with a black lace choker that had a curtain of beads attached to it. She wore strappy black-sparkly heels. Hermione came out of the room, her brown hair scrunched up so that it wasn't even remotely bushy, and a red tube top, with a black mini-skirt.
"You guys look great, too," Ron said, drooling at Hermione. She gave him a kiss on the cheek for being sweet. "Well, we'd better go."
They all nodded, and down they went, Harry sulking behind them. The boys were wearing jeans with black t-shirts so they could look Muggle 'cool'. Harry had advised Ron that dress robes were not the best things to go clubbing with, and that they may attract unwanted attention. At the bottom of the stairs, Oua observed Harry and whispered to her, "Stage 1 of Operation Green-Eyed Monster complete." Amanda just grinned and kept walking, laughing with Jamie over something sarcastic she had just said.
"Well, where are we going?" Maggie asked, her blue eyes glancing about the street. There were a lot of people walking about, all dressed up just as they were.
"I dunno," Ron said, shrugging his shoulders, "Let's just follow those people. They look like they know where they're going." Hermione, Ginny, and Harry exchanged amused glances but said nothing to Ron.
Ron put his arm around Hermione, pulling her closer as they walked down the hip, cobblestoned street, bustling with young teens and adults. There were bars and clubs lining the avenue, full with happy (although a bit drunken) laughter, and loud music blasting out of the speakers to try and entice you to dance in their club. "How about this one?" Jenni asked, pointing at a club called Heaven, which was in a completely white building. The music was mixed, between rock, hip-hop and techno-pop. They decided to go wait on the line and try to get in.
"We should be able to get in," piped up the so-far very quiet Harry, "We look all right, don't we?"
"Are you kidding?" Ginny said, laughing, "We look brilliant!"
"Fabulous," Pryscilla added.
"Très chic," Oua added to Pryscilla's comment. They all laughed.
They waited on the lengthy line for only five minutes, and they were let in, making them all confident that they had the right look. They looked around the hip nightspot, which was pulsing with people and music. Franz Ferdinand's "Take Me Out" was playing, much to Amanda's immense enjoyment; it was one of her favorite songs. They all hopped around and danced a bit to the music, and then the boys decided to go see if they could get some alcohol (A/N: Is there a drinking age in France? 0.o). They came back with glasses of rum for the two of them, and waved them about happily.
"Rum!" Ron yelled over the music, "Finally, some alcohol. I'm ready to get drunk!"
"Like Mum and Dad won't notice that you have a hangover tomorrow, you dolt!" Ginny yelled back, "So watch yourself. What time do we have to leave?"
"Eleven," Ron answered.
"That early? Well, we better have as much fun as we can before then, then," Ginny replied, still dancing, but now to some techno.
"I'm going to get some Fanta," Amanda called to her friends, "Be right back." They nodded, and she pushed through to the bar, and sat on a red lacquered stool. She was quickly joined by a blond-haired, amazingly blue-eyed boy of about seventeen years of age, who looked remarkably like Prince William. Luckily for him, Amanda had always greatly fancied Prince William, or otherwise he would've been denied a chance to buy her a drink. He got her a Fanta, and started chatting with her. It turned out that his name was Josh, he was very knowledgeable, and although he was from Boston, he was an exchange student going to school in Paris. He and his new schoolmates had all come down the the Riviera for spring break. Amanda introduced herself, explained why she was there (but, of course, she neglected to tell him about the fact that she was a witch). He asked her to dance when a salsa number came on, and being that she was on Operation GEM, she agreed, thinking, 'Stage 2.
Harry had been watching all this go on, and was now thoroughly pissed off, and although he hated to admit it, jealous. Seeing his girlfriend (even though they were currently fighting) dirty dancing with another guy just made him lose his head. Purposefully, he strode across the room, and angrily whispered into her ear, "What the bloody hell are you doing?"
She glared at him, then said in a innocent tone, "Having fun, with Josh here." Josh looked at them both suspiciously.
"Um," Josh said, his eyes flicking from Harry to Amanda, "I think I'm going to get another drink...d'you want one?"
"No, I'm fine," Amanda said kindly, and as he walked away, turned on Harry and glared. "You scared him away!"
"What were you doing dancing with him," Harry spat, "anyway? I'm your boyfriend!"
"I don't date people who read my mail and invade my privacy," Amanda said stonily, crossing her arms.
Harry heaved a great sigh. "Y'know what? Sorry. Sorry, sorry, sorry. I'll never do it again. You happy now?"
"Yes, immensely," Amanda said with a grin, thinking, 'Stage 3, complete. Operation GEM has been a success'
"That's it?" Harry said, looking confused, "That's all it took for you to forgive me?"
"Yup," Amanda said happily, "Now, let's dance!" She dragged the now-not-sulky Harry over to where everyone in their group was dancing. The rest of the night passed by without a hitch, and even Jamie was dancing (with a cute guy named Chad). When it was eleven, they all ran out of the club (but not before Jamie exchanged cell phone numbers with Chad), pulling along a tipsy Ron and a disapproving Hermione. They piled into the dark, empty house, and rushed upstairs to change before Mrs. Weasley came back from wherever she had gone before. On the way downstairs from changing into pajamas (Amanda's had mooses on it! .) Amanda hugged Oua for her idea, and made her vow not to mention it to Harry...ever. She knew she was being deceitful, but at the moment she was too happy and pleased about herself that she didn't care.
Harry was waiting downstairs for her, in flannel pajama pants and a baggy red t-shirt. "Hey," he greeted her.
"Hey," Amanda said quietly back with a smile. Oua made a dash to the kitchen, saying something about making toast in advance for tomorrow morning. They sat down on the comfy black couch, and Harry put his arm around her. "Look, I'm sorry about everything," Harry apologetically said.
"I know," Amanda said softly, "You told me before."
"Oh, yeah..."
"Well, I'm sorry for dancing with Josh," Amanda said, looking at him for forgiveness, "It was mean to both you and him, and I should've respected that we were still dating."
"It's okay," Harry said, kissing her on the cheek. Amanda smiled, and rested her head on his shoulder.
"Now that we've forgiven each other, this vacation should be a lot more fun," Amanda said, grinning. Harry agreed.
To be continued...

Author's Note: I hope you enjoyed that, even though it was incredibly stupid, and Amanda was slutty and shallow. Let me just say, I'm the least likely person to agree to dance with, let alone dirty-dance with, someone I've never met, even though they may look like Prince William. So, yeah. And I would never trick my boyfriend by making him that's my apology for the actions of my character, who is becoming Mary-Sueish and out of my control...I'M SORRY! -sobs- Well, now on to the faithful reviewers.
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