Authors Note- This is the last chapter, but I do have a sequel in mind. For anyone who may have not noticed, the story was meant to be based around Jack and someone else who was not Elizabeth (that really narrows down who it could be). But I do have a sequel in mind that I may write. In the mean time, for the last chapter, I tried a new kind of way of writing a death scene.

Chapter Twenty- Final Chapter

Jack ran, faster and harder then he ever had before. If he could only get her to the Pearl, everything would be alright. That's what kept playing over and over in his head as he ran. Through the maze of the town, he wasn't sure where he was, it was o much harder at night. At one point, he tripped, falling to the dirt, Elizabeth landing first. They were both covered in her blood-


" She was shot?" Gibbs among with the other crew members prowled with wide eyes and dropped jaws.

Anamaria nodded, " Norrington was aiming for Jack but missed and it got her. He only told me to run, I don't know what else happened".

Cotton, who emerged from the crowd, who seemed to be more stunned then anyone else, gazed at the baby he was holding in his arms.

" Ana" another man stepped forward, handing her a folded piece or parchment.

She slowly opened it, her eyes rapidly reading while everyone else's were focused on her, " oh my.." she gasped.

Gibbs shrugged in anticipation, " what is it?".

Anamaria bit at a fingernail, " I think- Elizabeth knew she was going to be killed".

The side of the ship creaked, causing them all to jump. One of the row boats was being heisted along the ledge, and it could only be one person. Everyone stood perfectly still until Jack had climbed on board..but then he pulled someone along after him. In his arms he carried Elizabeth's body, gently wrapped in some sort of cloth. Without a word, from anyone, Jack walked past them and into the cabin.

" She died" Gibbs whispered.

Anamaria's hand slowly lowered away from her mouth, " just when you think you've seen there is about a person".

" Go see him" Gibbs said.

Her eyes darted towards him, " me? I don't think so, I-I mean, maybe he wants to be alone".

He shook his head, " no, if anything he shouldn't be alone, and you.of all people".

She softly nodded, feeling all eyes upon her as she made her way to the cabin where Jack had just entered. She stepped inside so quietly, that he didn't notice her. Elizabeth was laying on the bed, still wrapped, except from her neck to the top of her head. From there, it looked like she was only sleeping, very pale, but very peaceful. Jack was leaning against the old desk, which was further away from Elizabeth was, and in his position, he wasn't able to see her. He was drenched in blood, covered in dirt, and his hair was in some odd wild style. But worse of all was the expression on his face. The expression of anger, depression, and guilt.

Anamaria quickly closed the distance between them and knelt next to him. Immediately she wrapped her arms around his shoulders, " you don't know how sorry I am".

He waited a moment before taking a deep breath, " you're not the type to be sorry for anyone".

" And you're not the type to get married, but we all defiantly proved ourselves wrong" she rested her chin on his shoulder to see the direct view for the side of his head, " you really loved her".

" It should have been me".

She leaned back, " no! She wasn't going to allow it. Jack, she wanted you to be alright, you and Lucy, that's all that matters".

" They were all that mattered to me, Lizzie and Lucy, I was the one that was suppose to take care of them".

Anamaria continued to gaze unswervingly at him, " and you did. Do you really think Elizabeth would have been able to go through what she went through if you weren't there to help her.or just to be with her. That must have been the most important thing to her".

He shook his head, " no, Will was the most important thing to her, not even I can deny that".

" If you choose to believe in that kind of thing, then she's with him now. And you still have Lucy, after all, she's still your daughter".

" If that's even how it was in the first place".

The piece of parchment was still in her hand, and without a second thought, she handed it over to him, " see for yourself". And she left him alone.

As he began to read the letter Elizabeth had left for him, it almost sounded as though her voice was playing in his head to follow the words before him.

i Dear Jack /i

i If you're reading this, it's means that Norringtons plan was successful, and one of us is dead. Thank the Lord that it was me rather than you, I know that mans mind too well to know that you were not suppose to die tonight. Whether it was a bullet or a stab wound, it was meant for me, and only me. Please don't be sad, don't mourn my death, it was for Lucy, and that is not something to be sorry for. But since I cannot be there, she needs you now. Though she should know her own mother, even at a young age, she has adapted better to you. I don't mean to leave you with so much, but I know how much you care for Lucy, as thought she was your own daughter. That's the thing Jack, she is your daughter. You're the one she loves, you love her, and I know for an honest fact that she is better off with you then she could be with anyone else. Don't let anyone else have her Jack, she is yours and only yours. Take care of her, I know you will. Even if I were alive, I would not be able to thank you for all that you had done, it meant the world to me, and still does. I love my daughter, and I love you. /i

i Your Lizzie /i