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This fic is gonna turn out pretty long if things go my way. So I'm splitting it into Parts. Enjoy Part 1!




Super Sonic and Super Shadow both separated as the power burst from their outstretched hands and surrounded the ARK. It would teleport in less than a minute. Super Sonic jumped onto a secure part of the outside of the ARK and spotted Super Shadow, struggling to get to him. But he was running out of rings fast and his fur was flickering from platinum to black. Super Sonic jumped onto the railing in front of him and, making sure his feet were hooked so that he wouldn't go flying himself, leaned forward into Space and held out his hands.

"Shadow!" he yelled over the noise of the Chaos Control washing over parts of the ARK. "Hurry!! It's gonna disappear!" Shadow looked up, fear and desperation displayed in his blood-red eyes. He clenched his teeth as he managed to stretch one of his hands out. Sonic grabbed ahold of it and started to pull him in. Then both yelled as slashes of power swished around them, like a strong wind neither had experienced before. The Chaos Control was almost complete and would suck the ARK in any second!

Shadow analyzed the situation and then looked to Sonic intensely. Sonic stared back and everything seemed to stop. There were no more crashing noises. It was just Sonic, Shadow and their beating hearts. Shadow's rung in his ears as he pulled himself up close to Sonic.

"Let go... it's too late..." Not waiting for an answer, Shadow roughly pulled himself free of Sonic's grasp. The golden ring around his wrist was left in Sonic's hands as he screamed his new friend's name. Shadow watched as the ARK disappeared. The wave of power that followed was devastating. It took out all the satellites and floating rocks that were nearby. Shadow screamed as it hit him, sending him hurtling towards Earth's atmosphere. He watched with wide eyes, teeth clenched, a terrible pressure clutching his chest as a horrific thought struck his numb brain.

I'm going to die...

Earth was coming up pretty quickly. He shut his eyes and tried to prepare himself for what lay ahead.

Maria... He opened his eyes halfway, tears threatening to fall. This is what you wanted, right? This is my promise I made to you... He shut his eyes again as a sob escaped him. Then all of his senses seemed to shut down as he hit the atmosphere.

At first, he felt nothing. All he could see was red. He was numbly aware that he was being burnt but he just reminded himself it would all be over in a hurry. He'd be with her soon.

Sonic groaned as his fur turned from gold back to blue. He collapsed against the wall and slowly sunk to the floor, panting from fatigue and sorrow. Sweat mixed with tears as both ran down his face. The floor rumbled as the ARK reappeared peacefully above Earth. Sonic should've been happy in that moment of triumph but instead, he felt empty. He held the golden ring in his hands, which shook as he forced himself not to cry. He lowered his head, still fighting the urge to scream.

He had been too late. He could've saved Shadow. But he had been too slow. Why did Shadow have to be so stubborn and not get back to the colony when he'd told him to? His thoughts were still battling when he entered the abandoned lab, where all of his friends were waiting. Rouge was closest to him, and a look of foreboding was in her eyes.

"Where is Shadow?"

Sonic looked down and shook his head in answer. He walked up to Rouge as she stood watching him, shocked, and handed her the golden ring. He decided it was better off with Rouge, as she had known him best. They had a very brief talk about Shadow and then Sonic separated from the others as they waited for the ARK to be in range for them to be beamed back to Earth.

He never spoke about it to anyone after that.