Before the War

Chapter 1

A young woman in military dress walked down a long hallway. She brushed a stray hair behind her ear. "General Gulsky!" she heard someone call from behind. She stopped and sighed. "What do you want, Tavoc?" "General," he repeated. "What?" she asked again. "General, you never told me you were taking a leave of absence," he said. "Why are you bringing this to my attention, Tavoc?" she asked, her patience wearing thin. "Well, uh, well," he stuttered. "Tavoc!" she yelled. "I was, ahhh, wondering who you put in charge of the Gundarium smuggling ring case," he said quickly. "Someone competent enough for the job, Tavoc," she said before turning around and continuing the walk down the hall. "I hate my job," she muttered.

She walked down the rest of the hallway and pulled something out of her pocket. "Best time a the day," she thought as she scanned her key card and opened the door. She walked out the door into the hazy parking lot. She winced in pain and immediately started to massage her temples. She heard a rumble of thunder and looked up at the sky. "Great. Just what I need to top off another terrible day at work," she muttered. She scanned the parking lot for her red Sedan. She spotted it and walked over to it. She fumbled with her keys and unlocked the door. She got in and drove home.

When she got home, she went straight to her answering machine. She pressed the play button and listened:

"Alexandra, its your mother. Honey, why don't you call any more?"

"Maybe cause you're a senile old bag," she mocked.

She turned around and heard the house creak. It was an old house. Her ancestors first lived there about two hundred years ago. She sighed and leaned back against the wall behind her. She leaned there for a few moments before hearing a strange cracking noise. "Wha-" she was cut off by the wall giving way. She screamed before hitting the floor hard. "This has to be the worst fuckin' day a my life!" she yelled. She slowly sat up and turned around, and her jaw dropped as low as humanly possible. "What on earth……" she trailed off, looking at the room that had been hidden. She got up, brushing some of her green hair from her face. She took her glasses off and wiped them off on her shirt. She looked around the room. There was nothing in it but a bookcase, filled to capacity, on the far end. She walked over to it and gaped at them. Most of them looked like really old photo albums, but one stuck out. She took a few steps forward, kicking up what seemed like decades of dust. Alexandra coughed and tried to fan the dust out of her face. "Damn," she choked. She started walking again, this time more carefully. She made it to the bookcase without almost choking to death again. She pulled out the book that interested her, held her head back, and dusted it off. There was no title or label on the book whatsoever, it just had a faded red cover. She opened it hesitantly to the first page. In delicate, midnight blue handwriting, were five names.

Domon Kasshu- King of Hearts

Chibodee Crocket- Queen of Spades

Sai Sici- Ace of Clubs

George de Sand- Jack of Diamonds

Argo Gulsky- Black Joker

The last name; Argo Gulsky; interested her the most. "This book………It has to be at least fifty years old," she thought. She flipped ahead a few more pages and found five more names, although they were not those of people.

Burning Gundam

Gundam Maxter

Dragon Gundam

Gundam Rose

Bolt Gundam

"Gundams? But……" she flipped about five more pages and found newspaper clippings taped onto the pages.

Terrorist Strikes! 6,000 Killed With Illegal Gundam!

She turned her attention to the clipping to the left.

Gundams To Be Made Against Law

By the end of the year, all Gundams to be destroyed, all pilots who violate will be persecuted.

"This has to be at least two hundred years old. If……if this is real…." she stuttered. She had to know more. She turned the page a few times until the clippings stopped. There was more writing in the midnight blue ink, but the pages were stained with what looked like tears. "This was a diary," she thought. She took a deep breath, and read the entry.

February 18, FC 80

Argo and the rest of the Shuffle Alliance, they have refused to comply with the Gundam Destruction Law. They are meeting at the very moment, deciding on the location to hide their Gundams. All of us know the consequences of their insubordination, but at the moment, it seems the best thing to do. I must go now.

Nastasha Gulsky

Alexandra swallowed hard. She knew what was coming, why these pages were stained with tears. She had learned this in her high school history class. Anyone who didn't destroy their Gundam was executed. The only thing that they really didn't know was who. But now, she did.