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Before The War

Chapter 11

Sarai, Alexandra, Jacque, and Eric all walked down a dirt path they had found that lead through the woods. Alexandra looked through the book as she walked. "Alexandra, what are you doing?" Sarai asked. "I'm trying to find out where the final battle of the Gundam Fight took place in the… oh, just forget it," she said. Sarai looked back and forth between Alexandra and the ground. "Well, the Battle Royal, if that's what you mean, was always held on a small island in Neo Hong Kong," Sarai said. Alexandra turned her head and looked at Sarai. "Are you serious?" she asked. Sarai nodded. "I think it was called…Lantau…yeah, Lantau Island," she said, not sounding completely sure of herself. Sarai grimaced as soon as she said this. "Please do not tell those Gundams are on that island," Sarai said with all seriousness. "Why couldn't they be?" Alexandra asked. Sarai put her hands on her head. "No, no, no, no," she said over and over. "What? What's wrong with them being on Lantau Island?" Alexandra asked again. Sarai looked at her with a disappointed expression. "Alexandra, I don't know how to say this, but…ah, there is no Lantau Island…at least anymore," she said. Alexandra glared at her. "What in all the hells are you talking about?" she asked. "There was just… I don't know, some kind of disaster a few year back, and it just…well, it pulled an Atlantis, I guess," Sarai explained. Alexandra stopped in her tracks and stared at her. "What? What do you mean 'pulled an Atlantis'?" she asked. Eric and Jacque had too, stopped, to try and figure out what they were talking about. "Well, the island, its just, now at least, its mostly covered over, with…water," she said. Alexandra dropped the book right onto the gravel below her. "No…fucking…way," Jacque muttered. "You mean to tell me that we came all this way, and our Gundams are at the bottom of the ocean, rusting like buckets?" Eric asked. Alexandra picked up the book and shook her head. "No. Oh, no, they're fine," she said. Jacque stared at her blankly. "What in God's name are you talking about, woman?" he asked. "Gundarium, they're all made of Gundarium. They won't rust. They can't rust. That metal is tough stuff. They're isn't a chance in hell those things will be rusted when we find them," she said. Sarai shook her head. "You guys, we need to pay attention to one thing at a time," she said, causing the rest of them to look at her. "We still need to find Ronin," she said. Alexandra nodded. "You know what, we should stay focused," she said, putting her hand on the gun she had apparently been left, "We do need to find him. If we keep going like this we're bound to catch up to him." Sarai, Eric, and Jacque all nodded in agreement with her. The group, soon hopefully, would be back together.

Ronin sat against a tree with his eyes closed, listening to the sounds around him. He chuckled a little; knowing that the band he had left behind was probably close on his trail. He knew it was Alexandra who would have gotten them to go along with her; she was the leader-type. But what he didn't know was why she was so devoted. She seemed like nothing mattered more to her than one thing for a part of her life, and then when that faded away, something new took its place, but that is what he knew from only observing her. Only a true friend would know if what he thought was the truth or not, but for some reason, in his heart, he felt he was right.

But then again, why was he thinking with his heart about her? He massaged his temples to try and clear his head. "There is something more to this whole Gundam thing," he thought. Someone, somewhere, was trying to find him. Either they wanted him dead (which many did), or they wanted him to lead them to something. His banged his head against the tree behind him a few times. This was much too confusing for him.

Alexandra sighed. Sarai looked at her. "You okay?" she asked. "Huh, oh, yeah…I was just thinking," she replied. "Oh, okay," Sarai said with a nod, "What're you thinking about?" "Nothing much," Alexandra responded. "Must be a whole lot of nothing for you to space out like that, Alexandra. Alexandra?" she said, poking her in the shoulder. She abruptly turned her head at her. "What?" she asked, seeming very annoyed. Sarai looked a little hurt at first, but then a large smile crossed her face. "You were thinking about Ronin, weren't you," she said tauntingly. Alexandra glared at her. "Of course I'm not," she said, although she was still holding the gun. Sarai looked down at her belt and shook her head, and Alexandra quickly removed her hand. "Look at you, you poor, poor thing you. Head over heels in love and you're in denial. It's sad, really," she said in a professional's tone. Alexandra shook her head. "You are so childish, Sarai," she said. Sarai sighed. "I'm only stating the truth, you don't have to get on my case about it," she said. They all continued walking, although Alexandra could not stop thinking about what Sarai had said.

Ronin lazily stood up and looked around. The sky had grown darker with rain clouds. "Oh, shit," he groaned. "Better find something to stay in." That's when he heard voices that seemed to be calling his name. He shook his head angrily and sighed. "Can't they get it through their thick skulls? I don't want them hanging around," he thought, "Dammit…I'm going soft." He started walking again, and with one sound of thunder and a torrent of rain poured down on him. "God damn it!"

"God damn it!" Alexandra shrieked as tons of icy water was dumped on her from the sky. Sarai walked up to her, just as soaked as she. Alexandra turned on a hell and faced her. "Listen, I have had a really messed up day. I'm wet, I'm lost, I'm cold, and I'm tired. Will you just leave me alone for a minute or two?" she asked in a low growl. Sarai looked at her with a half angry, half hurt expression. "Well, excuse me," she said. Alexandra looked down at the muddy ground. "Look, I'm sorry. You guys go back and try to find somewhere to get directions or stay or something, and I'll go ahead and look for Ronin," she said. Sarai glanced back at an aggravated looking Jacque, and an indifferent looking Eric. "Okay, you just be careful," she said. "Don't worry, I'll be fine, I can take care of myself," Alexandra replied. Sarai nodded and turned around, and the three of them walked off, leaving Alexandra alone.

She turned and ran off into the tree-cluttered area. She kept going for about twenty minutes, until she stopped and hid behind a giant rock when she saw Ronin, walking very slowly. She watched him with curiosity for a moment, until he turned around. "You can come out, Alexandra. I know you're there," he said. She slowly stood up and waved a little, although she knew it was a really stupid thing to do. "What do you want?" he demanded. Alexandra looked down at the ground, and then back up at Ronin, however, his glare was set on her.

"Do you realize that I could just kill you now, and have no regret about it, Alexandra?" Ronin asked coldly. Alexandra pulled out the dart gun that he had left for her and aimed defensively, with absolutely no intentions of firing. Ronin chuckled a bit, turning Alexandra's expression into one of suspicious. "What are you laughing at? I don't think you realize it, but I have the authority to kill you and have no regrets," she said. "That's not what I'm laughing at, stupid. If you didn't know, the safety's on," he said. Alexandra looked at the weapon in her hand, and as she did so, Ronin took the opportunity to trip her, sending her to the ground.

She reached out to grab the weapon, but Ronin's movement was too fast, and soon her hand was pinned to the ground under his foot. He bent down and picked it up, laughing at her. "I can't believe you actually fell for that," he laughed. "Shut the hell up, you spineless bastard!" she yelled. "Now, now, bad language won't help you," he said. Alexandra snapped. She got up on her knees, but saw the dart gun aimed right at her. "You…wouldn't…would you?" she stuttered. He kept aiming for a moment, but lowered it. "You know what, you're right. I won't. This time. I'll spare you, and leave, but if you have the gull to come after me again, I swear to God I will fucking kill you," he growled.

He turned around and started walking away and she called after him. He stopped moving and started to speak. "I can't let you get hurt again, Kakyu!" he yelled, his voice cracking at the end. Alexandra stood up angrily and spun him around. "And who the hell, if I may ask, is this Kakyu chick?" she demanded. He looked down, and his expression took a turn for the worst. She immediately started to fell bad, although she didn't know why. "Alexandra, do you remember when I told you why I was discharged from the army?" he asked. She nodded slightly. "The woman who was killed…Kakyu," he started. "Another soldier?" she asked curiously. He shook his head a little. "She was…my fiancée," he said grimly. Alexandra gasped and covered her mouth in surprise. "Oh, Ronin…I'm sorry…I didn't mean anything by it…I was just---" "Don't bother. You're apologies can't bring her back. Nothing can, so just don't bother," he said. A single, silvery water drop ran down his cheek. Alexandra wasn't sure if it was a tear, or a raindrop, since the rain was continuous, but she still felt terrible either way.

She took a few somber steps forward and out her arms around him in a comforting embrace. She shivered, not realizing until now how cold she had been. He put one of his hands on the back of her head and stroked her wet hair. "You know, you look exactly like she did. Her hair was just a little longer," he said giving a grim smile. Alexandra held onto him with an even tighter grip, but released him and took e few steps back. She wiped one of her own tears from her eyes before speaking. "I'm really sorry, Ronin, I should go," she said. With that, she turned on a heel and started to walk, when he grabbed her by the wrist, strong enough to keep her there, but gentle enough to not hurt her.

He spun her around and held her tightly in his arms, looking down at her glistening face. He brushed a strand of her soaked hair off of her face before speaking. "As much as I loved her," he said, leaning closer to her, "I think I've fallen for you ten times harder." Their lips met in a gentle kiss, which soon grew deep and passionate. They were each weaving their fingers through each other's hair, and the rain got worse for a moment, and as they parted, the rain dissipated. They looked into each other's eyes for a moment, and held each other in a deep embrace. "I'll never let anything happen to you, Alexandra. I swear on my own life, no one will hurt you as long as I am alive," he said firmly and gently at the same time. "I know, Ronin. C'mon, let's go."

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