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Chapter 1

The day was beautiful, lit with the glorious sun. The gentle rays peeked through the blinds of the small house, casting luminous shadows on the hardwood floor. In a rickety rocking chair sat a woman, cascading russet hair just gently kissing her shoulders. She sat, rocking gently back and forth, with a small bundle caressed in her arms. She smiled gently, looking into the eyes of the bundle that sat upon her lap.

"How is she?" A voice, stern yet caring, gently spoke, a hand coming down on the woman's tensed shoulder.

"Why do you care?" The woman bit back, shaking off the hand. She sighed, turning slightly to see the man's face. She hated that face so much, the face that ruined her love life. He was only a fling that amounted into more after he impregnated her. She was happy with the man with the chocolate colored hair, but the man with the ebony hair ruined the life they had together.

Toying with the small tuffs of brown, almost black hair on the child's head, the woman looked coldly upon the man with eyes made of amber stone. "Serenity, she's my daughter...."

"Not by choice..." She snapped. The air grew tense as an awkward silence inserted itself. Taking a strand of his raven hair between his delicate fingers, he began to twirl the hair slowly around his index finger. Those words hurt him, tearing at his gentle heart.

His jade eyes showed no pain or hurt, then only showed disgust with Serenity's attitude metamorphosis. Deep inside, all that was visible was heartbreak and pain. He loved her, but she loved the one he hated. It was a kaleidoscope of hurt and pain, never ending and eternal. She had shattered his heart and used it to cradle the child in her arms.


"Not another word, Duke. Out!" She shrieked, pointing to the door of the small apartment her and her boyfriend shared. The apartment had thin, pale walls and a creme colored carpet. It seemed like the perfect place to raise a child. Though Duke disagreed. The only place good enough for his daughter to be was with him, not with some man playing a more adult game of 'House' with a mommy, a daddy, and a baby girl. No, the child's home was in her father's arms.

"Please, Serenity. You're not being fair! You can't lie to her forever!" He paused, feelings the tears swell up in his eyes. "I'm her father and you can't deny that..."

Rage engulfed her voice as she stood up, placing the child in the silken crib that sit beside the rocking chair. Walking up to the man with the die hanging out of his ear, she screamed in a tone unmet by the hatred. "SHE WILL NEVER KNOW OF THE MISTAKE I MADE! SHE WILL NEVER KNOW THAT HER FATHER WAS NOTHING MORE THEN A STUPID MISTAKE!" Her voice trembled as she looked deep into Duke's emerald eyes, which shattered like a pane of already cracked glass. With that, he turned his back to the woman he loved and walked out, slamming the door behind him. Serenity took the child in her arms, holding her close to her chest.

"Eve, my baby, you'll never know you had that for a father..." The door opened and Serenity smiled at the shadow that enter. "Hey, Daddy...." She grinned, the shadow kissing her cheek gently, then moving down to kiss the baby's forehead.

"Hey, precious." He whispered to the baby as Serenity tugged on his arm.

"He came..." Without further explanation, it was understood. He, the unfaithful bastard who had stolen the love of his life away for one night, just to feel the silken touch of her pale skin again. He, the unnamed one that ruined the family that was yet to be made. He was the one most hated in his eyes. "Tristan...?" The innocent voice of his lover rang, as he looked to the woman and the child that was not his.

She eyed him as he kissed her gently. "Don't worry about him. Eve will never know about him." Kissing her again, he hoped to wash these tedious memories of the dice flinging moron known as Duke Devlin. "Eve is my baby..." He grinned a sheepish grin, taking the frail child in his arms, the child being only about a month old. Her eyes, the same crystal auburn as Serenity's, glistened with purity and innocence, unaware of any of the bitterness surrounding her. "My baby..." He whispered again, whirling the child around in perilous circles, giggling. Serenity couldn't help but smile, though guilt engulfed her vision.

I mean, yeah, Duke is Eve's father, it's obvious, but Tristan's still in denial. I guess we'll have to get a DNA test or something...but, I know it's Duke's. She has the elegantly idiotic beauty....Her thoughts trailed off into whirling pools of guilt and deceit. No matter...I love Tristan, Tristan loves me, and we both love Eve. It's as simple as that...Things could never be that simple.