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Chapter 4

He sat by the open window, the fresh scent of rain encasing him. The room was dark and silent with only his gentle breathing producing the eternal melody of silent words not spoken only drowned out by the soft pitter patter of the tears of the angel's who felt the angst of all those souls on Earth. With a gentle sigh, he watched the rain cascade down the fogged glass of the window, scribbling little messages of sadness, illegible to the naked eye and only read with the heart.

Pushing his ebony bangs away from his clouded eyes, he fell into a state of unconscious to aware to be called sleep, yet too dazed to be called awake. Dreams of a maiden clad in a flowing white gown danced before his eyes, long auburn hair gently kissing her shoulders and dark, mysterious eyes set upon him with a smile upon her silken lips. He welcomed this maiden into his mind, allowing her to fondle with the untainted memories of love he had concealed away in the annals of time. In the awkward sleep, he smiled, only to be pulled out of his somber dream with a knock on the door, followed by a clap of mighty thunder. Rubbing his eyes like a child yanked out of a happy dream of candy canes and laughter, he rose, trudging to the door. The knocking became more frantic, panicked.

"Alright, alright, I'm coming." He said sheepishly, placing a tired hand on the doorknob. Turning it slowly, what stood before his eyes shocked him, pleased him, and tickled him pink, though he kept the stern mask on.

"Serenity...?" He spoke gently, watching the tiny droplets drip from the waterlogged strands of hair that clung to her pale face.

She only peered up at him, her shivering body clinging to a dampened bundle of white cloth. "Hey, Duke." She began with a saddened voice, "It's pretty cold out." She laughed through clattering teeth. Duke's emerald eyes widened as he lay a tender hand on her wrist, pulling her inside the warm room.

"Go into my room and get yourself changed. Just grab a T-shirt or something and a pair of my sweatpants. You should be warm enough in that." He took the suitcase from her trembling hand, setting it aside. His eyes focused upon the bundle that lay motionless in her arms. Fear suddenly took over him, looking up at her. "That's not-" She nodded simply, handing the bundle to him. He took it with quivering arms, moving the small cloth around the object, and with eyes clouded with tears, he laid eyes upon the blue, quivering lips of his daughter. Letting out a slight gasp, he rushed her away quickly, stripping her of the dampened cocoon of cloth she sat in, wrapping her in a soft towel.

He returned to see Serenity sitting on the couch, shivering a bit. He returned Eve to her mother's arms and rushed away again, this time returning with a blanket for her.

"Thanks." She said simply as Duke wrapped the blanket around her frail shoulders. Her body eased up under the warmth of the cloth against her icy body. She looked up at the stern faced man hovering over her. She knew he knew, but he said nothing, he only let a smile play upon his lips.

"So, what happened?" He asked almost playfully with a grin. Through clattering teeth, she told the story of Tristan's cruel words. Duke listened on attentively, cradling the sleeping child in his arms. The sadness in her voice brought Duke is feel tears trying to escape, yet they were forced back by a strong will.

"So...he kicked me out." She finished up, seeing Duke was no longer sitting down across from her. Cocking an eyebrow, she looked up to see Duke smiling face, a cup of steaming hot chocolate in his hand. He pushed it towards hers as she took it, nodding thankfully, sipping at it through tightly drawn lips. He eyed her, sitting across from her on a rickety stool, his daughter resting quietly in his arms. She cooed softly in her sleep, bringing a grin upon his face. Serenity looked on, her eyes twinkling in amazement. She had never realized what a wonderful father Duke Devlin was, what a kind, sweet, handsome...

"Oh, Serenity." Duke whispered, bringing the girl out of a deep thought. She looked up, nodding. "There's a spare room for you...there's a crib in there too. I kept it, yanno, just incase." He smiled casually, pointing to the hallway with his free hand. "Second door to the left." As Serenity rose, Duke kissed the sleeping child's forehead with tender lips, handing her back to her mother reluctantly, only wanting to hold her forever. Serenity took the frail child in her arms, making her way to the room. Duke watched the woman he loved walk away again, yet this time, she was in reach. He retreated to bed, sleeping soundly, unlike many nights before.


The baby wailed, causing a startled awakening for the mother. She looked at the digital clock that sat to her left on the small nightstand. 3:29AM. Rubbing whatever sleep remained in her eyes away, she picked up the child, patting her gently on the back.

"Shhhh. It's okay, Eve." She sat on the bed, cradling the baby, whispering sweet words into the twilight. She continued to cry, letting out howls and whimpers that pierced that ears like a million knives. Serenity thought a bit, thinking of what her mother had told her, stories she had recited like nursery rhymes to her every night, about the troubles of child care. Serenity roamed around in distant memories, remembering the silent words of her mother.

I used to sing to you all the time. You would cry and cry, and I would sing you the same song every night, and you would always doze off...

The words came back to her slowly, filling her mind with the memories of the long nights alone in the crib with no one to hold her. She looked down at Eve and began to sing those same words that comforted her back when she was her age.

*"I don't know what words I can say.

The wind has a way to talk to me.

Flowers sleep, a silent lullaby.

I pray for reply.

I'm ready." She sang in a sweet, serene voice, seeing Eve's whimpers subside into childish coos.

*"Quiet day calms me..." Another voice soon chimed in, a soft, yet masculine voice. Serenity turned her head to the doorway, seeing a figure leaning casually against the door.

*"Oh, Serenity...

Someone please tell me.

Ohhmm, what is it they say?

Maybe I will know one day." At the door stood Duke Devlin, the moonlight glimmering of his bare chest. He smiled, walking to Serenity's side, sitting next to her. He sang the first verse again in sweet whispers to his baby girl.

*"I don't know what words I can say.

The wind has a way to talk to me.

Flowers sleep, a silent lullaby

I pray for reply.

I'm ready." Serenity eyed him with such love only found in the hearts of those who had been shot by the arrow of the mischievous Cupid. Wrapping a comforting arm around her shoulder, Duke held her long into the fading night, the morning dawning upon the two as a couple once again. Serenity dug her head into his chest, sighing deeply. She whispering sweet words as Duke kissed the top of her forehead, which smelled of the morning glory.

"I'm ready...."

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