Author: Emilee (Minor edits by Gypsy-chan)


Genre: Romance/Drama

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters included in this fanfiction.

Summary: Kenshin has found love while being haunted by a strange dream that turns to reality. Kenji believes that his father is dead and becomes Battousai Jr. Afterwards, Kenshin spoke to Kaoru in one of her dreams. He said that he would return someday. Will things around that Kamiya Dojo ever return back to normal again?



BY: Emilee

Chapter 1: Kenshin's Proposal

It was a nice spring evening at the Kamiya Dojo. Kenshin decided that he was going to have a picnic by the lake later in the day. He was hanging up the laundry when Kaoru walked up.

"Kenshin why don't you take a break for a change. That is your third basket today. You need to rest," she said sweetly.

"Alright Ms. Kaoru. I will take a break after I hang this last piece."

Before he had a chance to hang the sheet, Kaoru grabbed him by the ponytail and dragged him into the house. She threw him into his bed.

"Now you stay here and rest, I will finish the laundry," she stated as she walked out of his room. Kenshin stared at the doorframe after Kaoru left. It was true that he felt exhausted from the day's work, but Kenshin didn't want to tell Kaoru that. He wanted to help out as much as possible.

After an hour of staring at the ceiling, Kenshin finally fell asleep. He began having a bad dream about Makoto Shishio. In his dreams, he saw himself on a high cliff fighting Shishio. He fell off but somehow managed to get back upon the cliff. Shishio caught him off-guard and stabbed him in the stomach. Kenshin woke up in a cold sweat. *Was that a dream or something more?* He decided not to think on it further. Another thought came in his mind.

"I almost forgot that I was going on a picnic today. I am sure Ms. Kaoru has finished the laundry. Maybe I should prepare for my trip to the lake," he said as he was getting up.

"I see that you are up. Did you sleep well," Kaoru asked.

"Yes, I slept very well. Ms. Kaoru, I am going on a picnic by the lake would you like to join me," Kenshin asked with a glint in his eyes. He didn't want to tell Kaoru about the strange dream he had that felt so real. Kaoru's eyes lit up at the thought of joining Kenshin on a picnic.

"Sure I will go with you, Kenshin. I need to change out of my training gi first, but that will only take a few minutes."

"Alright then, I will prepare the lunch while I wait for you and meet you outside when I have finished," he smiled in reply. Kaoru rushed off happily to her room to change while Kenshin went to the kitchen to prepare a lunch for their picnic.

Kenshin and Kaoru were now at the lake. They found a spot near a cherry blossom tree. Cherry blossoms began falling from the trees to the ground. Several birds in the tree began to sing a sweet melody. The sound of water lapping up against the bank and the sweet smell of wildflowers filled the air. It was truly a perfect evening for the couple. Kenshin glanced over to Kaoru. She looked beautiful as the cherry blossoms showered over her.

"Ms. Kaoru..."

"Yes Kenshin..."

Since the first day we met, you've made this unworthy man so very happy. Sessha remember you saying how my past was not important. That really meant a lot to me." Kaoru blushed and smiled at him. Kenshin reached into the sleeve of his gi and pulled something out. Kaoru's eyes widened as she saw a beautiful ring in front of her.

"Will you be my wife," he asked in a sweet and passionate voice.

* * *