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Main Characters: Yamato Ishida, Taichi Kamiya, Hikari Kamiya, Mimi Tachikawa, Takeru Takaishi and Sora Takenouchi.

Containing: Dancing, drama, angst, romance, suspense ...

Music: RnB, Hip Hop, Rap...and a pinch of slow jams ( you don't have to be a true fan of this style of music to enjoy this story...)

Okay, it's my start to proof reading this story. To the people who are re reading this story...nothing much will be changed... perhaps just some of the structures of sentences etc. To those new to this story, it's concerning with strong angst. So you angst lovers...this story might appeal to you. I admit, some of the bits seem a bit try hard...but the main reason why I enjoyed to write this story because of the angst...and the reality between the angst that I write. Some of these dramatic events may have happened to me, or some of my friends...so take that into consideration before flaming. This isn't a story where all is well and they live happily after...this deals with pretty much the bad side to reality, with dancing and music in the background. Hope you like this story. (p.s the other author notes before the chapter and after the chapters are NOT going to be updated...)



CHAPTER 1 / Introducing 'LimitZ'

By flipstahhz


A young brunette headed boy closely examined his reflection in the mirror, adjusting his black visor on his head to an angle. Besides wearing a visor he wore a red baggy shirt with equally black baggy jeans that looked as if they were three times his size and were going to fall off in waist any second

"Retarded hair," Taichi Kamiya mumbled as he tried his best to tame the mass of hair down, " Man, pass me the hair gel…that is if there's any left."

Yamato Ishida smirked at his best friend. Matt continued to rub the gel into his dirty blonde hair and spiked it up(a/n Imagine that it is a bit similar to Season 1 I think it looks better that way. lol)

"Here," Matt said and skidded the gel across the table to get caught by Tai.

"About time," Tai gave a sly grin then glanced at Matt's clothes, " We're performing soon, and I don't think the ladies girls will like your choice of colors."

Tai eyed him up and down with a clear smirk written on his face. In reply Matt shrugged. He wore a folded black bandana across his head, a black sleeveless top, black baggy almost as baggy as Tai's cargoes, a red sweat band on his wrist, a silver spike on one of his ears and a chain draping down his pants.

"You've got too much black on," commented Tai, " And one speck of red! Boy you ARE going to get it from them."

Tai chuckled and stopped when Matt gave him a threatening glare.

"Red sucks. I don't know why they didn't chose dark blue or something, that still works good with black…don't you think!"

"Yeah, you are going to get it from them…," Tai repeated once again as he ignored what the blond boy had said then stated, " And where the hell is your brother? We'll be performing soon!"

"Don't worry about him. It's not biggy. He'll come. He probably is out with Kari. Taking their precious time doing something. Or he could be doing last minute shopping for bras or watching a movie or sleeping or-"

"Or he could be here."

The two boys shrugged, in unison turning around to meet a slight smaller spit-firing image of Matt. He was clothed with a red beanie, black basketball shorts with a red line striking through it, a red skivy and a black shirt on top of it.

Takeru Takaishi

"Sup oldies?" TK smirked laughing, with a bright face at the surprised look on their faces," You guys better get ready…I'm already done. Hikar- I mean someone helped me choose what clothes to wear."

"We're cool. Nothing really, just getting ready for the performance which we thought you'd be late for," Yamato returned a smirk, " But I see you're already prepared for this eh? Kari didn't help you put on your clothes did she?"

TK frowned at how his brother was acting, "Off course not, moron!"

"Sure...whatever TK," Tai mocked raising an eyebrow teasingly, " Then what's that kiss mark on your cheek doing there?"

TK frantically rubbed his cheeks to catch Matt and Tai cracking up laughing at him, making him lose his cool. " Tight asses."

"He fell for it!" gasped Tai as he and Matt high-fived each other, " So…my sister did kiss you. So the dream of Matt and I being brothers in law will work!"

"You know Teeks, you shouldn't always hide your hair. Girls dig your blond hair, but you always have a cap, beanie or hat covering it," Matt advised.

"Don't listen to him TK, I think you look good the way you are," said a girl leaning on the door frame while glaring at Matt and Tai and began to ramble on urgently, " If you guys don't hurry up our asses will be cooked. We're on now!"

With that, the auburn headed girl left the three

"Quick TK! Pass me the brush!" Tai yelled across the room.

Matt sat and laid back on the chair, waiting for Tai to complete his grooming.

"Sora, " he sighed shaking is head with a deep sigh, his lopsided grin was clearly wiped off his face - being replaced with a concerned frown.



"About time you guys came!" a girl that had long brown curly hair that was in a ponytail spoke up. Her attire was a simple pair of denim hipster jeans, round silver earrings and a red three-quarter top with diagonal black stripes.

"Sorry Meems, we had to fix our hair," Tai made up an excuse that was actually half-true.

"Yes Tai!" she said rolling her hazelnut eyes, evidently unconvinced.

Next to Mimi Tachikawa stood Sora wearing black cargoes, red spaghetti top that did a crisscross at her bare back with matching long red earrings and left her royal layered auburn hair down. And the youngest teenage girl, Hikari Kamiya, had her short hair in two small ponytails with red ribbons tied on each. She had three-quarter black exercise pants that clung to her legs and a slanted black skirt on top of the pants with the same red line running down like Takeru's basketball shorts. And lastly she wore a red top that wrapped around her slim body without any straps to it.

"We're up soon," informed Kari as she concealed the nerve-racking feeling in her stomach.

Seeing his sister covering her distress Tai whispered to her in a comforting tone, " Don't worry. We'll all do fine."

"I'm fine," Kari automatically snapped back without hesitation, " Just leave me alone, Tai! After all...that's what you're good at."

He stared at his sister, hurt lingering in his eyes.

How much damage had he done to her?

While Sora was more distant than usual. Her neutral eyes skimmed at her crew of friends around her, in observation, to get her mind of the problems she had dealt with for the past two weeks. "Yamato."

Knowing she was going to lose her temper at any minute, Matt sighed to himself then spoke up in a pained voice, "Yes Sora?"

"Why aren't you wearing more red? Didn't we have a vote and all agreed to wear an equal amount of red and black because then you'll stand out," moaned Sora.

"Well, I didn't vote for that as I do recall myself!" he groaned back, " We don't need a boss to order us around, which is why we didn't get one in first place. We work better as a team."

"Keep your mouth shut, Matt. If you work your part, that will make as a better team," Sora said in fury. " You ass."

"What's you're problem with me! I never have done anything wrong to you? I tried to help you before, and you just fuckin' snubbed me off," the blond headed boy glared.

"Guys, calm down, " Taichi said in annoyance at the pair, " You've been at each other's heads for the whole day and besides, we're up soon."

"Fuck you too Tai, or you'll be on my list too!" threatened Sora threateningly aware of the tension that they were causing.

"Don't worry about her, Tai. She's just being a bitch right now," Matt spat.

"Yamato," she pronounced his full name dangerously, " The bitch around here is you! Just stuff this shit...and let's forget about it...we're performing soon...I don't wanna use my energy with an idiot like you."


"You guys all ready?" Mimi asked, breaking the tension with creases of worry appearing on her forehead, glad that Sora and Matt had pushed aside their argument.

"For sure Meems, you don't need to ask that question," mocked TK with a cocky snigger. " We've been there before. Done it before...what more can I say?"

"Let's just get this over and done with," Kari said shrugged, " Let's take our places."

The six scattered around to their spots and froze to their positions with Taichi calling to one of the backstage people that they were finally ready.

"Now presenting the number one dance group in Odaiba who will be dancing for the last time here before leaving to compete against other countries!" the commentator paused then roared loudly , "LIMITZ!"

A round of applauds and yells filled the large crowded stadium as the six of them took nervous breaths of oxygen. The ground lifted the six dancers and a blinding light flashed on their bodies.

"Here we go," Mimi spoke shakily on the corner of her mouth then gained her courage and said quietly with enthusiasm, "Let's do this shit!"


There we go! I decided to put more angst on Sora in this rewritten chapter. I've still got much chapters to rewrite Hope you liked it and please do review, not much has changed but I have corrected a few tiny grammar mistakes and added sentences. That's it for now…see you in the next chapter!

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Next Chapter: The LimitZ dancers are ready to get their freak/gig on. They are ready to perform!