Hey everybuhdee! I warn you again, this is NOT the sequel to Fallen Angels. This is the prologue..meaning that this is BEFORE everything in Fallen Angels happened. I just had to get that straight before you all get confused or something. Now, on with the story!

~Don't Let Me Down~

Chapter One: Good Cabin, Bad Roommate

Kitty stomped out of the X-Jet as she clenched her fists tight. She glanced over to the side and saw Pietro kicking around some snow. She couldn't believe she was paired up with that thick-headed jerk everyone calls a 'sex god'. At least, that's what the whole cheerleading squad thought. Kitty started to mumble as she rubbed her hands against her suede coat that covered her long sleeve white shirt. She looked down and saw the ends of her dark blue pants wet from the snow.
"Hey, at least yuh didn't get paired up wit Amara. Damn is she annoyin' er whut!?"
Kitty looked over and saw Rogue shivering next to her. She looked at her gray eyes and could tell she already missed her sweet Cajun.

"Hah! You got Pryde yo!!" laughed Todd as she fixed his dark green coat.
A snowball was thrown at Todd, making him fall backwards. Pietro fixed his dark blue coat and grabbed his snowboard from the back of the X- Jet. Todd stood back up and noticed the anger in Pietro's sapphire eyes. He didn't seem to happy to be with Lance's crush.
"You're lucky you actually get someone you can cooperate with." Pietro mumbled.
Todd looked over to Freddy who was walking towards them. He looked at his team mate strangely then grabbed his snowboard from the back where everyone else's was. Pietro glanced over to Kitty who was getting her snowboard from the back also. She placed her pastel purple snowboard down and took out her hair tie. Pietro's eyes narrowed on her for a second as he watched her hair fall gently to her shoulders. He couldn't help but stare. Kitty's hair looked like it was as smooth as silk with its nice chestnut color. Before he knew it, Kitty was coming his way.
"Hey yo! Who ya' staring at?"
Todd looked at Pietro for a second. Before Kitty finally stopped in front of Pietro, he snapped out of his thoughts.
"Non of your business."
"Okay, don't try to make things hard. Now, let's get going to our stupid cabin." Mumbled Kitty.

When Kitty and Pietro was inside their cabin, they were both shocked. Kitty immediately dropped her suitcase and snowboard as Pietro raced into the bedroom. Kitty's eyes gleamed as the fireplace crackled and glowed. There was a large leather couch with an emerald green rug underneath a large glass table. She looked over to the left and saw a kitchen in front of a narrow table. Almost like a bar. The plasma television was over by the fireplace as a balcony was just outside the large sliding window by the couch. Kitty picked up her stuff and walked over into the bedroom. Her eyes were closed for a moment until she heard something close. Kitty opened her eyes and dropped her stuff again. There was one large king sized bed in the middle of the large bedroom. A large bathroom to the right with all the needs, with a drawer and closet on the side. To the right was another balcony but was bigger than the first one she saw. Kitty looked around and saw Pietro hanging out by the balcony outside. Kitty stomped out to the balcony and saw Pietro looking ahead as the snow fell lightly.
"Did you know that there was going to be just ONE bed?!"
Pietro turned around and looked at Kitty with a strange grin that sent chill sup her spine.
"Usually girls would like to sleep with me. But only the lucky ones do."
"So you're saying I'm lucky?" She said angrily.
"Sure, if you put it that way." He replied with a faded grin.
Suddenly, a knock came to the door. Kitty rushed over as Pietro came inside and plopped on the bed. She opened the door and saw Rogue in her dark purple skiing suit.
"Yuh comin' er whut?"
"Oh! I like, forgot all about it! Meet me in the café!"
Rogue left as Kitty closed the door. Pietro sat up and watched Kitty started digging through her suitcase. Once again, he discovered he was staring again. Pietro shook his head and turned on the television. (Why do I keep staring at her? I've never done this to someone like Kitty before. That's just plain wrong!) Kitty quickly got up when she got her pastel pink ski suit and ran into the bathroom to change.

A minute later, Kitty came up lifting her hair up a little. Pietro glanced from the corner of his eye to look at Kitty. He'd never thought she looked so cute in a snowsuit.
"Pietro......why are you staring?"
Pietro shook his head for a moment then moved his attention to the television.
"Aren't you supposed to be skiing with Rogue?"
Kitty clenched her fists, taking Pietro's suggestion as a crude comment and walked phased out of the front door. A smirk came across Pietro's smile once Kitty came back rushing into the closet again.
"Forgot my snowboard!"
"And you think I care?"
Kitty stood up holding her board. "Like, whatever."
"Like, whatever Pryde!" mocked Pietro as Kitty glared at him evilly.
She "hmphed" and phased back out the door with her snowboard.

Well, that's it for the first chapter for now! Reviews please! Oh and I'd like some ideas for this story. I need a really good plot for Kitty and Pietro getting together! After all, this is a Kietro fic!