Ok so I've watched Kikyou's Kiss & Kagome's Voice and that other one where there in the forest with the death plant and one too many fan fic with this scenario. Here is my take on the thing.

Heaven or Hell

She watched as he took the other woman in his arms, his head resting lightly on her shoulder he spoke. Kagome couldn't actually hear what Inu Yasha was saying to Kikyou but she could guess. Most likely a promise to go to hell with her. She watched with silent tears streaming down her cheeks as he raised his head, only to lower it to the lips of the long dead miko. It wasn't the first time this scene had played out before her. The first time she was held by Kikyou's soul skimmers. She felt herself falling, giving into her pain and anguish, then from somewhere came a raging, fierce, extreme anger. Straightening her shoulders, she stepped forward, with each step she willed strength into her spine. She almost faltered when she heard the woman's voice ask the same question.

"Will you go with me to hell, Inu Yasha?"

At her exasperated sigh two faces turned to her. He opened his mouth to say something, but her voice cut him off. "For God's sake give it a rest, would ya Kikyou. You are nothing but a porcelain doll with a pull tab. Do you ever say anything original? Or is it all ways either 'Will you go to hell with me?' or 'Do you prefer that girl to me?' And ya wanna know something? I've been a door mat. Oh that isn't your fault. That is entirely mine, and not only do I admit it, I'd like to thank you for finally making me see it. But, before Inu Yasha answers that question, don't you think all his options should be spelled out?" She watched the stunned expressions as both tried to figure out some of her speech.

She moved forward, standing behind Inu Yasha she grabbed his shoulder and turned him to face her. "I mean if your going to only give him one option, well that's just not right." Her hands dropped to his chest, balling her fist into the collar of his red hiori she smiled at the stunned woman behind him. "He needs to know what he's got in heaven." With a hard yank she pulled the startled hanyou to her. Her lips captured his, her tongue brushing across his lips demanding entry. As his lips parted, her tongue began to duel with his in an ancient dance. Her hands released the fabric to move up around his neck, as her arms crossed behind his neck her hands twined into the silk that was his hair. Arching in to him she let him feel the length of her against him. Breaking the kiss she looked into his startled smoky golden eyes. "And that Inu Yasha, is how a real live girl kisses her man. Now you can ask him Kikyou." Turning she left not waiting to hear the question repeated or answered she'd said her peace.

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