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Morning is a long time coming.

He had never quite thought about it, in fact, he chose not to think of this happening at all- especially not with her.

Yet there she was, sleeping peacefully in his shirt that wasn't properly buttoned, in his bed that barely held both of them, and with him.

He found himself replaying the memories of the past night in slow motion- Naruto's impromptu 'party' he had been dragged to, her unease at returning to her home in the dark, his unexpected invitation to take her home (Though to who's home had never been specified). And then fierce memories of her- her scent (Rose and lavender), her taste (He could taste the surprisingly high-quality sake Naruto had bought. But that was surpassed by another taste he couldn't put his finger on), and gods, the way she felt in his arms and around him (Like hot silk and sakura, no pun intended).

Throughout his reverie, a little voice nagged at him. It whispered of her- like how glorious she was beneath him and other delicious things he could do to make her squirm. About how nice the mewling and soft moans were to his ears. Another voice hissed that this would only detour him from avenging his clan, from killing Itachi. That she would only be a weakness, only hinder him and his quest for strength. She could only make him weak.

A third and final voice only had one thing to say- that he ought to be more careful, for he could've began the rebuilding of his clan much earlier than he had desired or anticipated.

That thought jerked him back to reality.

His gaze drifted from her face to her belly and in that moment he made his decision.

He couldn't take responsibility for another life- especially the life of his child. Not yet- Itachi was still out there. He could not- no; he would not rest until that man was dead by his own hands.

There was no noise made as he threw together a small pack, nothing to alert her that he was up and about.

And maybe, if he had enough strength to crawl back to Konoha after he killed Itachi, he would see her with a little boy with dark hair and eyes clutching her skirt with a chubby hand. And maybe, (After Naruto and Kakashi-sensei beat his ass for leaving like he did) there could be a little girl. And maybe, if he was lucky, she would smile at him like she did hours ago as she drifted off.

When she woke, it only took seconds to put the pieces together- he had departed. She wasn't surprised, disappointed, of course, but not surprised.

After all, morning is inevitable.