Jidai High - Chapter One: The Cute Girl With Spunk

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A seventeen year old boy got out of his BMW convertable. He had black hair that went a few inches below his waist and deep purple eyes.

He slung a backpack over his shoulder and walked into the school building. Several posters hung on the wall as the boy sat in the main office.

A pile of detention slips on the table next to him caught his attention. He himself was known for getting detention alot.

'One of those slips will have my name on it in by the end of the week,' the boy smirked to himself.

He looked to make sure the woman behind the desk wasn't watching. He leaned over and carefully looked through the names in the slips.

But at the bottom of the pile he found an easier solution: A piece of paper with the first names of students and the first letter of their last name next to it. A dash formed after each name explaining what the student had done to land in detention.

The boy read through the paper carefully:

1. Kouga W. - stealing files from the principle's office; damaging school lockers; holding after school fights.

The boy snorted. 'Ha! I could do better than that! But I have to give the guy a 'little' credit I guess.'

2. Hiten T. - continously making out with different girls infront of class

'Play boy!'

3. Manten T. - ditching classes to hide in boys bathroom to make hair potions


4. Sango H. - bringing to class over sized boomerang and knocking out a certain student by the name of Miroku K.

'A girl?! Whoever this Miroku guy is is weak to let a 'girl' beat him!'

But the last name on the list caught his attention the most.

5. Kagome H. - always late to class; dunking milk on twin sister during lunch period; knocking out a student for 'hitting' on her; jumps on desks to get to own seat; playing tricks on several boys to get revenge; talking back to teacher; making snide remarks at teacher; disobeying all substitutes......

And the list went on. The boy's eyes widened. 'All this from a girl? Damn.... this bitch is good.'

"Mr. Inuyasha Takashi," came a voice. Inuyasha looked up. "Yeah?" A plump man with glasses stood infront of him.

"First day and you're already landing yourself a good detention!" Inuyasha guessed it was the principal.

"Nah I was just curious as to who the trouble makers around here were," Inuyasha said calmly, returning the papers.

The principal raised an eyebrow. "I was informed there were two of you," he said. Inuyasha frowned.

"Hey how should I know where my stupid half brother runs off too?" The principal glared at him.

Just then the door opened and another boy walked in. His hair was longer than Inuyasha's and an odd silver color. He had amber colored eyes that you got lost in just staring at them.

He had a calm expression, divoid of emotion. He bowed his head at the principal. "I am Sesshoumaru Takashi and I apologize for my tardiness. I was running an errand that my younger brother was supposed to do," he said.

The principal smiled slightly. "You I like! You have more manners." Inuyasha rolled his eyes. 'That errand... I forgot.'

"Well boys welcome to Jidai High School! I am your principal, Mr. Watenshi. I will give you your schedules, you will report to class immediately after this and your homeroom teacher will assign you someone to shadow."

Sesshoumaru nodded while Inuyasha again rolled his eyes. Mr. Watenshi gave them their schedules and shooed them off to class.

"We have the same schedules-again," Inuyasha complained. "Of course we do little brother. It's always been the same. Did you think this place was any different?" Sesshoumaru replied in his monotone voice.

"Feh!" was Inuyasha's answer. They stopped infront of a door and Sesshoumaru swung it open. The class quieted down and several girls fainted at the sight of the brothers.

They walked in towards the teacher. Inuyash was glaring at the students mentally saying,'What are you lookin at?'

Sesshoumaru on the other hand, just ignored them, even the slutty girls who sat infront who were battering their eyelashes at him.

The teacher smiled warmly. "Class please welcome our new students, Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha Takashi."

The students gasped. Murmurs went around. "Takashi? They're like the richest family in Tokyo!"

"I heard they had over a thousand rooms in their sea-side mansion!"

This went on til the teacher cleared his voice. "Quiet down please!" he turned his attention back to the brothers.

"I am your homeroom teacher, Mr. Metino. Please take your seats at the fifth row. You will find two empty seats next to eachother."

Sesshoumaru simply nodded and dragged a huffing Inuyasha up the stairs (it may be a high school but it's like those rooms in colleges; I forget what they're called).

They sat in the chairs infront of more slutty girls. A girl with long black hair and brown eyes stood up and raised her hand.

Mr. Metino sighed. "Yes Kikyo?" The girl, Kikyo, giggled. "Um, who are our new students gonna shadow?" she asked.

Inuyasha's eyes widened. 'Kami please say it's not her!' When Mr. Metino was about to let Kikyo take the job the door opened again.

Mr. Metino closed his eyes and rubbed his forehead. "Oh my goodness. Ms. Higurashi!" Kikyo looked up.

"Yes?" Mr. Metino frowned. "Not you, your sister who is late; again!" Before the class stood a lovely girl with raven black hair.

It went up to her waist and she had brown eyes that oozed of life. Inuyasha looked at Kikyo then to the girl at front.

'Eh? Twins?' The girl in front sighed and handed Mr. Metino a piece of paper. Mr. Metino just threw it away.

The girl's jaw dropped. "Mr. Metino!" she yelled, her voice full of fire but also held a kind gentleness side to it.

"That was my excuse paper thingy you know!" the girl frowned. Mr. Metino shook his head. "Forget it, Kagome."

Inuyasha blinked. This was Kagome H.? The top trouble maker on the list? She was hot!

Kagome pouted which made her look incredibley cute to Inuyasha. "So what are you gonna do now? Put me in detention for the one hundreth time?"

Mr. Metino shook his head. "No instead I'm going to give you a different punishment that I know you will not enjoy."

Kagome crossed her arms. "Yeah? Try me," she said, challenging. Immediately Inuyasha wanted to get to know her.

"I will have our new students shadow you for the rest of the week." Kagome's jaw dropped. "WHAT?!?!?!" she yelled, the rest of the class (aside Inu and Sess) shuddering.

"What new students??" she asked. Mr. Metino pointed to Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru. Kagome followed the finger to the two boys sitting next to 'her' chair.

She blinked a couple times at the two boys. 'Not bad looking. The tall one looks like a stiff and the shorter one looks like a kid begging for a spankin,' Kagome thought to herself.

She turned her attention back to Mr. Metino. "I don't want some baby and a stiff stalking me for the week!"

Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru glared at her. 'Who is she calling a baby? She's the one complaining and whining down there!' Inuyasha said mentally.

"Go to your seat Ms. Higurashi." Kagome sighed in defeat. "Fine." Then she smirked at the teacher.

Mr. Metino's eyes widened. "No Kagome! Not that way! No!" Kagome leaped up with amazing agility and bounded on top of the desks.

She landed on top of the empty desk next to Inuyasha. She jumped down and onto her seat, carelessly dropping her backpack.

Mr. Metino shook his head. "Kids these days," he mumbled. Kagome looked at Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru.

She just glared at them and then turned her attention back to Mr. Metino. "I can't believe this! I'm stuck with a pair of newbies," Kagome mumbled, but suprisingly Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha heard it just fine.


Preview of Next Chapter:

"Beat it you little whore! Nobody wants you around anyway!" Kagome growled. Inuyasha smirked. 'What she said.' Sesshoumaru stood there with impatience.

"Can we go now?" Inuyasha finally asked. Kagome spun around to glare at him. "Shut up I'm talkin here!"

Inuyasha glared at her in return. 'Who does this little bitch think she is? I'll show her!'