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Harry lay on his back, wondering what time it was and why he couldn't get to sleep. He usually couldn't sleep if he had too much on his mind but tonight he didn't know what to think of, his mind was blank. Thinking had become too hard these days because all he could think of was Sirius's death, the loss of his parents and all the horrible things happening in the world because of Voldemort and his supporters. He felt empty and now he also had his future to think of. Would he die young like Professor Trelawney had always predicted, or would Voldemort die at Harry's hand? The prophecy Dumbledore had revealed to Harry had somehow changed him. He was much more quiet and serious. Even the fact that the Dursleys were utterly ignoring him now and gave him more privileges didn't cheer him up.

Ron and Hermione had sent a few letters to him via owl post through the summer, telling him about what they were doing and what news they were hearing. It was bad enough that Harry couldn't spend the end of the holidays with the Weasleys as they were far too busy with the Order and so on, but Ron had also written to Harry giving him news that there had been an attack on a muggle campsite, believed to be the work of deatheaters. Times were becoming darker as Voldemort was gradually gaining more supporters and becoming increasingly more powerful.

Harry sat up and looked at the clock. 3:15am. He knew he wouldn't be able to sleep so he got out of bed and went down stairs into the kitchen for some milk. It wasn't until he heard a loud thumping noise that he looked up at the window in surprise to see Pigwidgeon throwing himself at the glass. Harry quickly went over and opened it, hoping the noise hadn't woken the Dursleys. It seemed as though Pigwidgeon and the other 5 owls that followed him had been waiting outside for a while. Their feathers were sticking in all directions because of the heavy wind outside.

'Sorry' said Harry in a whisper. 'I forgot to open my window-OW! Oh sorry Hedwig' Hedwig had just pecked Harry's hand rather viciously. She didn't approve of being stuck outside in the cold, especially in the association of Pigwidgeon. Harry picked up the letters and parcels that the owls had dropped on the table, wondering who had sent them and why. He first opened the one from Pig, knowing that Ron had sent it.

Happy Birthday Harry!

'Oh!' Harry gasped. He had never looked forward to one of his birthdays but this was the first time he had forgotten. So that explained the owls. He looked at the clock. 3:30am. He had been 16yrs old for 3 and a half hour without even realising it. He continued to read Ron's letter.

Well you already know what's going on here so there really isn't much to say except that the Ministry is under a lot of stress right now because of the latest events. Dad might be getting a promotion soon because he is getting really involved. Oh I probably already told you that. Well I hope this birthday won't be too lousy for you (because you'll love your present).

Looking forward to seeing you,

Harry smiled and reached over to open Ron's parcel. Inside was a sculpture, just a little bigger than Harry's hand, of a Hungarian Horntail. A note was attached:

This was sent to us from Charlie to give to you (for happy memories of your first task!). If you say "Repto Farlolia" to it, instead of breathing fire all sorts of lollies will spill out of its mouth. Have fun, The Weasleys.

This was a good present! Harry said the spell "Repto Farlolia" and immediately several wrapped lollies came tumbling out from the Dragon's mouth.

Next Harry opened a card from Hermione.

Dear Harry, Happy Birthday! I'm sorry to hear that you're not having much fun this summer. I hope somehow this present will cheer you up. My parents are taking me to Spain for 2 weeks and then to Rome for a few days. When we have completed our NEWTs, you and Ron are going to have to come travelling with me. Seeing the world with your own eyes really opens your mind. It'll be so much fun.


Harry sighed. Hermione always had so much fun with her parents. Maybe he would too if his parents were still alive. He opened he parcel. He was not surprised to see a book, but. it wasn't just any book. On the cover it was written, 'Book of All Books'. Harry looked inside but all the pages were blank. He frowned. *Maybe I missed something in the letter* he thought. Looking back to the card, he notices that there was a PS he hadn't seen before.

PS: To reveal the book you need, simply tap the cover 3 times and say the name of the book and its author and this book will transform into that book. That way you won't ever need to buy another book because you will have it here! Isn't it great?! Consider this to be a Christmas present as well since it was very expensive (but worth it). It is also very rare. Apparently I bought the last 3 in stall in England and there are only like 30 in the whole country. I was so lucky to get my hands on it. Anyway, Enjoy!

Harry was amazed. Surly only a rare few wizards would have even heard of these! Harry was constantly amazed by all the surprises, which came with being involved in the magical world. *Any book* he thought. *Think of the possibilities*. His school bag would definitely be lighter. Harry had a knack for getting his hands on rare valuables. First he got the invisibility cloak, the marauders map and now this. Plenty of people would be jealous of him if they knew what he possessed.

He opened the next letter. It was from Hagrid wishing him a Happy Birthday and giving him some of his usual rock cakes.

Harry let the owls have some water and dinner left overs before seeing them fly off and then walking back to his bedroom. He picked up a box and opened it. Whatever was inside must have been really delicate because two owls had carried it and it was wrapped in paper and foam. He picked took out what appeared to be a thin sheet of glass. Placing it on his bed, he stared down t it in wonder. There hadn't been a letter or card with it, so who had sent it and more importantly, what was it?

Harry was about to pick it up again, when suddenly colour and moving figures started to appear on its surface. Harry stared in amazement as the figures of Lupin, Tonks (who's hair was short and black) and Mad eye Moody appeared smiling up at him.

'Hello Harry'

'Lupin? Tonks? Moody?'

'Yes Harry, it's us' Said Lupin calmly. 'Happy Birthday. Look, I don't have much time to explain because this doesn't last long. What you are looking at is called a Glasscope. It allows a two way conversation for a limited amount of time. So, how are you?' He asked happily.

'Er.good I guess' Replied Harry, still a little shocked.

'How have those Dursleys been treatin' you Harry? Asked Moody somewhat aggressively.

'Alright. Better than usual actually, haven't even talked to me really' Harry replied.

'Well of course they would be' Said Tonks with a hint of mischief in her voice, 'After our little threat.'

Harry smiled at this as well. He could remember quite clearly the look on Uncle Vernon's face when Moody had made his little speech about leaving Harry alone otherwise regret it.

They spent the next few minutes chatting away until the figures started dimming.

'Looks like time is up' Said Lupin.

'Have a nice rest of holiday' waved Tonks.

'Yeh always be careful and ever alert!' growled Moody.

'Yes, ok' Said Harry.

And with that they said goodbye and faded away. Harry was really starting to cheer up now. For all he knew, this was the best birthday so far. It was great to talk to one of the old Marauders. *If only I could talk to Sirius.* No, it wasn't time to think about that.

He set his presents and cards aside, ready for another attempt to sleep when something caught his eye. Another letter. Who could it be from? He opened the envelope slowly, wondering what other surprise could possibly be install for him now. When he saw the familiar handwriting he immediately knew who it was from: ALBUS DUMBLEDORE.