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The Tomuraigassen Tournament

Chapter 1: Gathering Forces

"Okay, Botan, what're we doin' here?!" Yusuke demanded. He and the other four were dressed in their usual tournament clothes, following the guide down the brightly lit hallway of Tokyo International. "You said we were going to a tournament!"

"We are, Yusuke!" Botan laughed, tossing her blue hair back over her shoulder.

"Then why, may I inquire, are we at the airport?" Kurama asked calmly. "I don't believe they sell flights to Reikai."

"We'll be off in a bit." Botan muttered, reading the gate signs as they passed by. "Oh, darn it, she's been here fifteen minutes now…"

"Who's been here?" Kuwabara asked, pulling his bag back over his shoulder.

"Your fifth member, of course!" Botan smiled, looking around. "Wherever she is…"

"'She'?" Hiei scoffed. He didn't like being surrounded by so many humans, that was for sure. "Don't tell me our fifth fighter is a female."

"Woah woah woah!" Kuwabara exclaimed. "You mean we're fighting with a girl?!"

"I'm gonna have agree with Kuwabara on this one, Botan." Yusuke looked a bit insulted. "I mean, Genkai was one thing, but do you really expect us to fight with a girl we've never met? How's she gonna measure up?"

"You shouldn't underestimate her, Yusuke." Botan chastised. "She's a Spirit Detective, just like you."

"A Spirit Detective?" the group stopped when they heard that. Kurama was the one who had spoken, and his look of surprise was mirrored in the other three boy's faces.

"Well, of course!" Botan smiled. "You don't think one Detective could handle the whole world, now do you? She was born in raised here in Japan, but at her own request was transferred to America."

"So why is it we've never met before?" Yusuke asked, confused.

"Because you're based on opposite sides of the Earth, Yusuke." Botan sighed. "Normally, since this tournament is staged in your area of Reikai…your 'turf', if you want…You'd be the one handling this case. But since you do need a fifth member, and this is kind of a personal fight for her, she's been flown over to help out."

"Personal fight?" Hiei muttered.

"Apparently she's got a bone to pick with the demon we're after." Botan shrugged. "Besides, she's the only one who knows what this Akki Kaijuu looks like…"

"Botan! Is that you?"

The group looked up at an obviously female voice. Standing in the rapidly clearing hallway was a smiling girl about the same height and build as Botan, just an inch taller. Half of her golden-blonde hair fell down around her face to just under her ears, while the rest was much longer and hung down her back in a long braid that reached about as far as her waist. A pair of thin purple sunglasses concealed her eyes for the moment. She was dressed in a skin-tight, long-sleeved white shirt, over which she had a pale purple hooded sweat shirt, halfway unzipped with three-quarter-length sleeves, all over dark blue jeans that flared over white tennis shoes. There was a dark purple backpack over one shoulder, and a white-silver ring on her left hand.

"Misato! There you are!" Botan exclaimed, waving as the girl hurried over. She pronounced the name, very clearly, as Me-SA-toe.

Misato was giving a very wild grin as she pulled off her sunglasses, reveling eyes that were a crystal clear blue. "About time we found you!" she laughed jokingly. Her voice had a slightly European accent to it, like Kurama's, just a bit less mature, and her tone reminded Yusuke more of Jin the wind master. "I was starting to think you'd left without us!"

"'Us'?" Botan asked. "Who's 'us'?"

"Hang on." Misato turned back, looking around, then called into the crowd. "Luna! Luna, over here!"

"Luna?" Yusuke asked as Botan made a bit of a disbelieving face. "Who's Luna?"

He got his answer almost immediately. Another girl was coming towards them, eyes focused on Misato. She was taller, maybe about Kurama's height, and built with more muscle. Her hair was longer as well, down to her waist and very messy, though the top was hidden under a backwards blue baseball cap. She wore a short-sleeved blue t-shirt, a black leather jacket tied around her waist, and faded black jeans that were tucked into ankle-high, laced up black leather boots. Her glaring eyes were a startlingly bright amethyst purple, and her skin was very pale.

"Misato." Botan groaned, confused. "How did you bring Luna along? Koenma only sent you one ticket…"

"Oh, that doesn't matter!" Misato laughed. "I had a bit saved up from our last purse, so I bought hers myself. Besides, we're partners!"

"Yes, but…" Botan looked hassled. "There's only one spot open on the team…"

"No problem." Misato grinned. "From the reports I've read, we're gonna need an alternate sooner or later, even if it is only for one round."

The other girl, Luna, coughed a bit to get her friend's attention. "I'll take it, then, that this is the 'team'?" she asked quietly. Her voice was deep and low, disturbingly similar to a female Hiei with a hint of Kuwabara's sister, Shizuru.

"Yes…" Botan muttered, obviously still a little peeved at the girl's presence.

"Hm…" Misato joined Luna in looking the boys over. She closed her eyes a moment, like she was thinking. "From your spirit energy, only you two are really human." she said calmly, turning to Yusuke and Kuwabara. "Which one of your is Yusuke Urameshi?"

"Uh…me." Yusuke muttered, and was surprised when she suddenly grasped his hand in both of hers with an excited grin.

"Pleased to meet you, Urameshi." she laughed. "My name's Misato Itoshigo. I've read about all of your cases in detail, and I must say I'm very impressed."

"Wow…" Yusuke grinned, enjoying the attention. "Hey, thanks!"

"Hmph." Luna tossed her hair back. "Then the other human must be Kuwabara."

"Yeah, that's me." Kuwabara seamed expectant of the same kind of reaction, but both girls just brushed him off like dandruff.

"Which means you two must be the infamous Hiei and Kurama." Misato cocked her head a moment, then smiled as she offered her hand to Kurama. "Nice to meet you."

"A pleasure." Kurama smiled and shook her hand. Luna and Hiei looked each other up and down, then turned their heads to the side with an almost identical mutter of hello.

"Don't mind Luna." Misato laughed with a side-glance to her friend. "She's always a little edgy until you get to know her."

"I'm wondering…" Kurama looked very curious. "How is that you know our names? Or about the cases, for that matter?"

"Oh…" Misato got a mischievous grin on her face that really reminded the guys of Jin as she leaned in to whisper. "I tell Koenma I'm researching whatever demon I'm after, he gives me full access to all the records."

"Ah." Kurama made a mental note to try that trick next after they closed this case.

"Well then." Misato put a hand on her hip, pulling on the strap of her bag. "Are we ready to set off then, Botan?"

The ferry girl sighed with exaggerated annoyance, then lead the team of six out of the airport and into the woods.

~ * ~ * ~

"Koenma, sir…" George the Oni muttered, looking at the screen. "Are you sure this is wise?"

"Wise or not, I didn't have a choice." Koenma muttered, putting his head on the desk. "I would have preferred to pick a fifth member on my own, but Misato was so insistent it made me scared to refuse."

"Sir, you're afraid of that girl?" George seamed shock.

"About as much as Yusuke." Koenma looked up at the screen, where the seven teenagers were now shrouded in darkness as they stumbled through the forest on the way to their Reikai port. "They're the same way…Misato listens to reason a bit more, but if you get her mad she can be deadly!"

~ * ~ * ~

As the sun went down and the moon started to rise, Yusuke and the others were still trekking through the woods. They were having their own conversations amongst themselves as Botan lead the way.

Misato suddenly dropped back from her conversation with Kurama to slide next to Luna's side. "Well?" she prompted, smiling mischievously again. "Whattya think of the guys?"

"They're strong enough." Luna muttered. "Obviously clever, with an impressive reputation…and the redhead's kinda cute."

Misato stared a moment, unsure whether her partner was serious or not, then a smile cracked over her lips before they both burst into a fit of giggles. Luna stopped after a moment though, casting her eyes downward with a tired little breath. Misato's eyes filled with worry.

"Hey…You doin' okay?"

"A little tired, that's all." Luna sighed. "The moon's covered, so there isn't much problem…Are we far enough yet?"

"I supposed we must be." Misato suddenly called up. "Hey Botan! How far are we from human eyes?"

"At least three miles by now." Botan shouted back.

"Okay, you're clear." Misato grinned.

"Good." Luna began to untie the jacket around her waist. "About time…I'm starting to get cold."

She pulled the black leather jacket around her, adjusting it just the way she liked it before pulling off her hat. Kuwabara looked up just in time to spot the long, black, bushy tail and see the two little ears twitch on the top of her head.

"What the-?!" he screamed.

The group stopped. "What's your problem, Kuwabara?" Yusuke demanded.

"Urameshi, this chick's got a tail!" Kuwabara exclaimed, pointing wildly. "And… And look at her ears! They look like Kurama's when he's that freaky fox thing!"

"Not exactly." Misato laughed. "Calm down, Kuwabara. Luna's a wolf demon. We had to cover up some of her more…noticeable features on the plane, but it's nothing dangerous. At least…not unless you get her mad."

"I thought there was something different about you." Kurama smiled.

Botan, checking a sort of map as she went, suddenly ran forward up a hill. The others stared at her as she stood at the top, looking out, then turned to call back. "Hurry up! I can see the lights from the ship!"

The rest of them hurried up after her. Hiei, of course, was first, though quickly followed by Luna, the Kurama, Misato, Yusuke and finally Kuwabara. Yes, there was the lights of a large cruise ship…better than a tanker, but not something you'd want to take a vacation on…as well as the flashes of several camp fires.

"Wow…So that's the place, huh?" Kuwabara asked, looking it all over.

"Yup." Botan nodded, oar suddenly in hand. "You six can make it from here. I've got to go pick up Keiko, Shizuru and Yukina. We'll meet you there."

"WHAT?! The girls are coming?!" Yusuke exclaimed.

"Well, of course, Yusuke!" Botan sighed, mounting the oar and hovering for a moment in the air. "Yukina's worried that one of you will get hurt, and do you really think that Keiko and Shizuru are going to trust you boys out on your own?"


"No buts, they won't refuse!" Botan laughed, soaring into the air. "We'll see you there!"

Yusuke stared after her a moment, then lowered his head with a defeated sigh. Misato and Luna continued to look into the sky. "Luna?" Misato final wondered out loud. "What was she talking about?"

"Well…Yukina was the Ice Apparition they rescued during the Toguro brothers incident, wasn't she?" Luna obviously already knew the answer to her own question as the two girls lowered their heads to look at each other. "However, Keiko and Shizuru have me stumped."

"Shizuru's my sister." Kuwabara muttered as they started down the hill.

"Ah." Misato nodded. "And Keiko?"

"Yusuke's girlfriend." Kurama smiled. Yusuke made a bit of a face, but said nothing. It was obvious to everyone that they'd been going out for a while now, there was no use denying it.

"Enough babble." Hiei muttered tersely. "I'm going down to the ship. Are the rest of you coming?"

"Coming, coming!" and as a group, the six fighters started down the hill and toward the lights reflecting on dark water.

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