Thanks again for sticking it out for the last couple of years and making it to the end of the story. This took much longer than I anticipated, but I'm certainly glad to have plodded through. While I have many ideas for Book 4 and upward, I think if I do Book 3, it will probably be my last in the flaming Harry series.

This chapter-by-chapter thing, with months in between is a bit tiresome for me and in fact, I think the story suffers a bit when going back to make changes, or edit for continuity/new plots/deletion of old plots etc, is not a viable option. I end up being forced to make do with what's already been posted and having to abandon new or alternate ideas for the story. Therefore, if indeed I do Book 3 it will already be complete by the time I begin posting it, and I'll simply upload as I edit.

A huge 'thank you' to all my reviewers. I don't reply to reviews, which is likely a bit bothersome for you, but do know that your comments are absolutely appreciated and enjoyed.

Have a good one!

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A few notes about the story:

Harry didn't feel quite as flaming as I would have liked. I went through the story and saw that he was doing all the flamboyant things he did before, but as they continue to occur, they begin to feel normal, and as such, not so flaming. So then I'd push him a little further to get the flaming vibe back, but that too becomes the norm and the vibe fades. So, this is likely as flaming as Harry is going to get. Short of putting him in a dress and entering a skipping competition, this is as flamboyant as I can make him just now.

I'm really enjoying the Ron character, and I think the developments are very in keeping with my previous story and the starting point from Rowling's Book 1. Ron is simply a much better friend, but he is so mainly because Harry is a better friend. Harry confided in him right away on the train in the first story - no secrets. Because Ron knows of Harry's situation it's sort of impossible for him to feel jealous. Ron often protects and takes care of Harry - who's a bit delicate at times, so he gets to feel important and appreciated, not just the sidekick that goes unnoticed. Also, as Harry rather enjoys being delicate and pampered, Ron often winds up in the leadership position in the group, with Harry really only taking charge when the real rough stuff has to be taken care of. And of course, with Draco in the group, Hermione's position in the hierarchy is slightly diminished, leaving Ron to truly be the Second-in-Command.

Percy is turning out to be less of an ass as well. Harry has a bit of a blanket crush on the Weasley boys in general, so he isn't as quick to ignore Percy the way Rowling's Harry is, wanting instead to be surrounded by as many Weasley boys as possible. This has helped Percy be more a part of the family with the younger brothers, rather than being stuck alone in the middle. Also, even though Percy is a stickler for the rules and going by the book, sometimes that actually leads him to being sort of cool in his brothers' eyes. I think his actions regarding Ginny and cancelling class were actually very Percy, but sometimes behaving like Percy means being sort of heroic.

I had fun with Ginny. I thought that J.K.'s early Ginny was sort of a lovesick puppy - but we know she's also a sort of fireplug. So how would a lovesick fireplug deal with the disappointment of her life? With off the wall rage and craziness.