Triangle, revealing:

Why did I do this and all kinds of meaningless stuff. Just go to the next chapter… You'll save yourself and me.

Okay, I like to make things pretty clear before I start telling my stories. This way I can save someone's time reviewing and flaming me about not telling you people what's going on.

Warning: This is a yaoi story, a triangle. If you don't like boys loving boys, please do not read this. And I'm saying that a Link/Roy(/Vyse) story is very rare, so that means that I would appreciate that you would not flame me if you prefer Link or Roy or Vyse with someone else.

Disclaimer: I don't own Super Smash Brothers Melee or Skies of Arcadia.

Now I've gotten you wonder why I'm mentioning Skies of Arcadia. Yes, this is a cross-over, but you don't have to have played Skies of Arcadia to understand the plot. I only took one character from it, because otherwise this story would've been very hard to write. If you are interested in seeing what he looks like, visit the Vyse shrine -- search (e.g.) google for "swashbuckler" in the results you should see a place named "Swashbuckler – My beautiful blue rogue" -- and check it out! I hope the owner of the Shrine isn't mad at me now. I'm just advertising!!

This is pretty meaningless, but I'll mention it anyway. This is about the time before "The Smash Files" (surprise, surprise, written by me). It doesn't matter if you haven't read my files before reading this, they aren't linked in any significant way. If you think this is good, give the files a shot too, okay? I'd really appreciate that.

About the main characters' personalities a bit:

Roy: He's a bit shy, and doesn't like to show his emotions. He thinks a general shouldn't have weaknesses and he's trying to hide his owns and get rid of them before someone sees his weak spot. He's energetic and short-tempered.

Link: He's a mystery of some kind. He dedicates himself to the things he does, loves, anything, thinking only of them. But, where he could bring up his feelings, he keeps them inside. He's kind and ready for an adventure at any time.

Vyse: He's a young pirate, who belongs to a pirate group that calls themselves the "Blue Rogues." He loves sailing and discovering new things. Whenever people say the word "impossible", he's got to prove them wrong. Spontaneously he rushes from a danger to another without thinking of the consequences. He's brisk and curious. (I'll do my best when describing him, but still, if you really want to see what he looks like, please visit the homepage!)

Age: 17

Height: 5'7

Weight: 136lbs

And, finally, the questions I will need to answer sooner or later anyway:

1. Why Vyse?

I took Vyse not only because he's a cutie, but because he's really spontaneous, curious, somehow the opposite of Link. That's what makes the story interesting. His personality is very nice and funny, I'll do my best trying to make him the way he is in Skies of Arcadia, but I don't think I'll be able to do such a great job. And with Roy, Vyse shares the same energy and curiosity (although Roy hides his curiosity thinking that he doesn't want to be rude asking about everything.) There are more reasons too, like Aika, who is also from Skies of Arcadia (please check the website) and she's very bright, straight and honest with people, saying always exactly how she feels about everything. To her, Vyse means a lot because they have known each other ever since they were kids. She cares for Vyse as a friend and protects his happiness by all means. Oh, I've got millions of reasons why Vyse. Like that I like sailing, I used to sail every summer until sold my boat and haven't bought a new one yet.

2. Why did I name the ship the "Swan?"

I saw one night this dream about a beautiful white ship, it had three wooden masts and the figurehead was like a swan with spread wings. Wow, it was awesome. In my dream, it had two sails on each sides of the hull as well to float above the ground (no floating in this story). When I woke up, I thought that it was a cool ship and decided to put it in my story. (Again a reason why Vyse! He can sail and he needs a boat to do that!) The name comes from the figurehead.

3. Why Link/Roy/Vyse?

I could've written a Marth/Roy or Marth/Link story as well, but I think there are way too many Marth love stories. I don't mean any offence to Marth fans, I like him coupled with Roy or Link. It's just that I haven't met another artist, who'd write a Link/Roy story. And I really think there should be more stories about them. I'm trying to do my best, but as I have the Smash Files and now this, I don't think I'll write a third story in a while.

4. Why PG-13?

Why not? I mean, it doesn't hurt anyone if I'm just trying to protect you from my insane imagination and rate it as high as possible. No, it's not that I would really be that kind. This is really PG-13 for a good reason, because at times these three men get excited and do things that need to be censored from those who are too young to handle with that.

Oh, yeah, one final thing: please review!

I guess I'm finally done. And then, to the first chapter!