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Vyse did not look back. He couldn't. He knew someone would take the lost, small, scared boy under his or her protective wings and he would survive. It was only a matter of time how long Roy would keep thinking about him or try to come after him.

It was himself he worried about. He had willingly destroyed his own heart, crushed it into millions of pieces only because his senses told him so. His heart had fought against it desperately, but his mind had got its way. And now he was thinking could he ever stop thinking about Roy, the boy who escaped with him after knowing him only a for a couple of days, who adapted to his ways of living to be with him, who left everything behind to be with him. That all was now gone, he had lost him forever. A tear ran down his cheek, no matter how much he tried not to cry.

Don't think about him. His subconscious said. But he wanted to. He wanted to run to the bridge and tell them to turn the ship around so that he could go there and grab the general on the pier and bring him aboard the Swan. He would go to him and grab him gently, whisper his apologies into his ear and hold him in his arms gently like always before holding his hand tight when getting back into the ship as if to make sure he wouldn't run away. Then he would never let him go, he would never leave him alone, he would fulfill his every wish and make sure he'd be happy.

But he knew that if he now went back he would find Roy on the pier, probably still crying like when he had left him, but would he want to come with him after what he said? No. He would probably want to cry all the pain away and then he wouldn't need Vyse anymore.

The brunette thought about what he had said. Although he had been able to control his temper, he had still managed to snap at Roy pretty awfully.

"Do you think I gave up sailing to see you screwing Link the first time I'm not with you!?" He remembered his exact words, they echoed in his mind. He had meant those words to scar Roy deeply, they had been said by his senses, his heart would've forgiven him anything, anything at all.

Thinking about the moment when he had seen Roy on top of Link, sharing passionate kisses with him like he had done with him just minutes before made him feel horrible. He felt how the pain blocked his breath and stuck in his throat, making him feel like suffocating.

--What I'd give to run my fingers through your hair

To touch your lips, to hold you near

When you say your prayers try to understand

I've made mistakes, I'm just a man--

The song came to his mind. It made him want to cry even more, but in a way it eased his pain, knowing that the singer of that song had been through the same as he. There was someone out there who had felt the same pain, just with a different person.


He had been right. He had been right about Link. About the look he had given Roy the same day, the look that had wanted to have him, to hold and to keep. He had been right. If he wouldn't have let the general enter the tournament this wouldn't have happened. If he would've refused to take Marth to the Smash Building, they would still be happily together, sailing through the vast sea.

If and if. His subconscious reminded him. If doesn't help you now.

He knew it wouldn't help, but somehow, somehow he wanted to keep thinking about it. He couldn't get his thoughts off it. Off him.

He sighed, a breath on the wind filled with desperate pain and sadness. It reached only one person, Aika, who was looking at him stand on the deck, wondering would he ever be okay.

I promise to the moons, one day I'll make you smile again! She promised mentally as she gave orders to the crew now that Vyse wasn't able to do that.


Link held the sobbing general in his arms, tight to show him that he cared, gently to tell him he loved.

It would take long to get over Vyse, that Link knew and he was ready to give him time. He had all the time in the world to give him now that he had come forward with his feelings and knew that Roy, too, loved him in a way. Maybe Roy's love had been only lust, maybe he had been intrigued by the elven boy who was something totally new to him, something he had never met before.

So young. Roy… He noticed that the general was leaning into him, breathing a little more peacefully than when he had arrived to hold him. The Hylian was ready to stay there, hold him until the end of days. Until the general would also tell him he loved him.

He stroke his hair, breathing the scent of his hair, enjoying the touch he had. He had got what he had wanted, but doing that he had scarred Vyse so badly the wounds would probably never heal. He knew he had hurt Roy as well, but the boy would get over it.

His kisses… They had been filled with emotions, yet confused, they were romantic. He was sure about it. Even if it had been only lust it had been strangely mixed with warm feelings. Smiling at the memory he continued to strike the boy's fiery red hair.

"Link…" He was surprised when he heard Roy's broken voice say unto his chest, muffled and worn from the crying.


"Just… thank you." The boy said, collecting himself, glueing the broken pieces back together. "Thank you for … for… saving me."

The elven boy smiled at his love, a smile that couldn't be misunderstood:

I love you.


If you told me to cry for you

I could

If you told me to die for you

I would

Take a look at my face

There's no price I won't pay

To say these words to you

And I will love you, baby - Always

And I'll be there forever and a day - Always

I'll be there till the stars don't shine

Till the heavens burst and the words don't rhyme

And I know when I die, you'll be on my mind

And I'll love you – Always


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Some boring blah blah: The lyrics used in this chapter belong to Jon Bon Jovi. Anyone who's ever heard the song Always, doesn't it just give you the chills? It is perfect for this story.

"Thus the curtain closes on another tale.

An eternity has passed…

Fleeting dreams fade into the distance…

All that is left now

Is me and my memories…

But I'm sure we'll meet again,

Someday, you and I…

Another place, another time.

It's just that we might not realize

That you are you and I am me…

Let us open the door to the great unknown,

Come across another reality,

And live another today…

Even when the story has been told,

Life goes on…

Until we meet again,

Take care of yourself, my friend…"

~Chrono Cross~

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