Title: Miracle Girls Lovers

Chapter 1: Chris's arrive

Rated: PG-13

Author: crazymoron

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We arrived at the airport. Mika was excited that her love, Chris, was finally coming back. But at the sight of the blonde headed man holding a beautiful woman, around her 20's, Mika's eyes fulled with tears that drop every second like a rain cloud. She turned and ran away. But as the man came close it was none other then Mason Templar. He came to greet us and introduce us to his lovely girlfriend.

But then Mason caught a sight of Mika running for her life like if she didn't ran she was just gonna die there.

She was being careless. She was running with her hands in her face and not seeing where she was going. But she did not care for as long as she went to far away from the so called Chris she was happy.

Toni turned around to try to find the Moron that was running away. But then she sees that they was no one running but someone that had run into someone else. She had fallen on the floor and then the kind man had picked her up and held her in his arms. He had whispered something in her ears which made her look up at the man and kiss him.

I was puzzled cause Mika had just kissed some strange man when she knew Chris could be close. As they got closer, I saw that that man looked like Chris, and they were holding hands. I had jump for joy Chris had finally asked her out. But I was still puzzled by what he could have told her in the ear.

Now that Mika finally got her wish and she's with her Lover boy, I wonder where the hell was mines.

Around twelve minutes later, I was looking around for Jackson. As I looked I saw him running down the halls, with his black shirt pressing against him and he was wearing his favorite running short, they were blackest , grayest with white lines by the side, His brown hair was moving from side to side. He had stopped running when he saw me wave at him. He took a breathe and then started to walk, all because one of the Fat police officers had told him to stop or he was gonna get kicked got. He came up to me and gave me a kiss.

"Hey Toni, where's Mika and Chris?" Jackson asked confused.
"Where you think? Their the only weird people here being all goody goody to one another." Toni answer with a voice like no other.

Over by where Mika was, She was playing with her long pink skirt and looking into Chris's eyes, while he was telling her who no what. Chris was just mouthing away, and then had held up Mika's hand and probulary asked her something because when he finished talking she said something quick and then they turned to us and started walking.

Mika had one of those pinkest smile that looked like something good had happened. As they came closer to us, we became quiet. Mr. Kageura was talking to other mother about some kind of cooking thing. Takoe was just listening with happiness, too. As for Mrs. Kageura, she just stood there finishing Mr.Kageura's sentence.

Mika and Chris stood in front of us and looked puzzled because of what our mom, and Mr. And Mrs. Kageura were talking about. As they spook all three of them had been quiet.

"Well, we can leave anytime," Mika said rudely.
"Yeah we should get going, we have a long day ahead of us," Takoe had made up, just so we could leave. Anyway, it was 7p.m, I think the day WOULD be over.

The next day, Mika go crazy getting ready for her date with Chris, Which she didn't mean to tell me about! But she did tell me while she was going nuts changing. She was going crazy for hours. Every time, she would put a dress on she would change it and then try something else on and asking me how she looked in it. There was something always wrong with the clothes that she was wearing. Well, of course, it was 12 a.m. when she started and now its 6:45 p.m. the same time Chris asked her out on a date. Well, if it wasn't for mom she would probulary have keep on trying on clothes, taking them off, and then doing weird things to her hair.

"Dinners ready," Mom came in a told us.

At dinner, Mom was nicely dressed, and the table was made pretty. When we came down, we both looked at each other confused. ""Uumm.. what is mom doing?"" Mika had asked me Telepathy. ""I have no idea but just play along"" I said with a laugh. "What's so funny, Toni?" Takoe asked. "Oh nothing, but if I may ask why are you dressed nicely?" "Oh, I have a date tonight"

Later we were all quiet until mom had to open up her mouth and ask Mika about how she got the date with Chris. Well, now my head was hurting, and that girl was talking 60sec. Per hour. Well, she was at the part that he had whispered in her ear, when I stuff her plate of rice and pork under her throat. Well, now she's quiet but looks like she's mad at me.

To be Continue..

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