Title: Miracle Girls Lovers

Chapter 3: Mystery man!

Rated: PG-13

Author: crazymoron

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Author's Notes: I am sure that everyone is gonna laugh at whose behind the door.

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Last: Well, Mika's taking a long time in the bathroom like always and when she gets out, she kicks me out of my our room so she can change. After she is done, Jackson calls me to see if I could go to dinner with him alone and he'll pick me up at the same time as Chris is gonna pick up Mika, 7:45. But at 7:45, Me and Mika were sitting waiting for Chris and Jackson could pick us up to go on our date. Right when Mom leaves someone knocks on the door. Who can it be?

Now: ""Huh? Mika don't tell me that this is your date."" I ask telepathy. ""What are you talking about its yours!"" Mika telepathy answers back. "Uumm .. Hi, Who are you?" I questioned him puzzled.

"I'm here for Mia and Tania," The guy at the door answered. "You mean Mika and Toni right?" Mika asked. "No, Mia andTania, doesn't she live here" The man looked in was looking down when he stopped. "Well, sorry to tell you but I think you have the wrong house," I replied without laughing. "No, These guys over by the next house asked me to come here and get Mia and Tania for their date," "oh really, well, we'll be right back, come in a make yourself at home," I invited him in at the same time Jackson and Chris looked trying to see what was happening.

""you think its Jackson and Chris playing a joke on us?" I telepathy speak. ""Yeah, I think so, but what should we do,"" Mika asked. ""lets both go on the date with this guy,"" I started to laugh.

"Uumm.. Lady's what's so funny?" "Okay well, sorry to keep you waiting but I'm Mia and she's Tania, and we wouldn't like to go on a date with those guys who asked you over here, we wanna go on a date with you," Mika told him with a evil smile on her face. "The both of you?" he asked with a greeting smile on his pale face. "Yeah," Mika and I said at the same time.

As we walked out side Mika locked the door and we continue walking. At the side walk, Chris and Jackson were both waiting for us with one of their arms to the side waiting so we could do the same and then walk away like if we were gonna get married. They were both smiling until me, Mika and this young guy came walking right by without looking or listening to them. Before we pasted them, me and Mika both said "thanks for the date guys" Laughed and continued walking.

Well, of course they wouldn't just gonna walk away or just stand there like morons. They started running after us. Chris took mine hand and Jackson took Mika's. They asked to talk alone and then we went along. Well, what happened next with me and Chris was kind of funny. They couldn't tell us apart because it was 8 o'clock and its really dark by then and me and Mika both had the same hair style that made our hair look about the same length. We both had it picked up in a Bon.

He took me to a bench, sat me down and then got on one of his knees. And said the most romantic funniest things. And I saw that Mika or Mia (as they said)was laughing her head off. He was about the kiss me when Jackson trapped him on the back and he was holding Mika by the arm, dropped her and took mine hand and walked away.

Well, Chris and Jackson both looked pissed. They were about to kiss the wrong one and we just went along.

The funny was finally over when Chris and Jackson both told us that they were sorry for the trick that they played on us. Our dates continued, Jackson and Me were walking peacefully in the park.

We saw owners walking their dogs and dogs walking their own. Huh.. I didn't said that right? I guess its true because right next to us, was a owner (I guess) trying to teach his dog how to play die. But the dog would just sit there and look at the people walking by and wouldn't even look at his owner. (I think I should give Jackson some lessons).

We sat under a tree which we always sit or lay on when we go to the park. It had our craving on it. Toni -n- Jackson with a perfectly drawn heart around it. We'll sometimes just sit under it during starry nights and talk about the future together and where were travel.

By the time we were quiet it was time to go eat. Me and Mika haven't talked since the guy came to "visit". So, I thought I would just ask how she was going. But I think I got her in the worst time possible. She told me to leave her alone and that they would talk when she gets to the restaurant.

To be Continue.

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