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Beyond the Spandex

By: TheWalrusWasPaul

Chapter One: A New Reason to Like Morning Meetings (And we ain't talkin' free doughnuts!)

Rating: R (that's right R! Like that new pirate movie!)

Pairing: Romynes ahoy! ……yeah, I'll stop the pirate talk now….Avast!….okay now.


If there was one thing that Remy 'Gambit' LeBeau hated more then anything, it was Scott 'Cyclops' Summers and his damned early morning meetings. No, not just early mornings, we're talking before the crack of dawn meetings here people. Gambit had been up rather late the night before and being dragged out of bed at four thirty had not left him in a pleasant mood. He glanced around the table at the half asleep faces of his team mates. Even the immovable Storm looked more then a little put out at the early meeting.

            Remy's gaze finally fell on Rogue who was seated next to him, her uniform not looking quite as neat as Mr. Rod-Up-My-Ass Summers would have liked. She looked as angry with this meeting as he felt, her emerald green eyes puffy from lack of sleep. Rogue looked ready to eat Cyke's soul for getting her out of bed so insanely early, she wasn't a morning person when morning began at 8am, at 5 o'clock, well, she made the X Men's greatest foes seem kind and gentle. Gambit smirked a little at that, 'you tell 'em Chere.'

            "It ain't fair to those of us that hafta pull night duty to be dragged outta bed only an hour aftah we finally got ta sleep!"  She vented earning a nod from Storm who had also been on night duty this week. Normally the Wind Rider would have stayed neutral, but Goddess, she hadn't had a decent nights sleep in almost two weeks. That kind of depravation would make anyone cranky.

            Rogue's eyes flashed as she spoke and Remy had never found her more attractive. With her long hair hanging free around her shoulders, she hadn't had a chance to do more then run her fingers through the curly locks before leaving her room. She looked as though she'd only just rolled out of bed, Remy's mind began to entertain several interesting possibilities for activities that  would result in him getting out of that bed with her. Yeah, so maybe they couldn't touch flesh to flesh, but that sure didn't mean they couldn't have 'fun'. With a discretion only he could manage he moved his chair closer to hers. No one noticed. Good.

            As Cyke and Rogue continued to have it out, Remy decided to vent his frustrations in an entirely different manner. He placed his hand on Rogue's thigh and began to massage the covered flesh. Rogue however, showed no sign of noticing anything unusual, probably too caught up in her argument with Mr. Fearless Leader.

            '"Now that I think about it," she vented, Remy resisted the urge to grin as he moved his hand higher up her leg. "When's the last time you pulled night duty?" she demanded.

            Scott tried to defend himself, but the others had begun to join in.

            "She's right bub." Logan growled, the heavy bags under his eyes were fading thanks to his healing ability, but it was still perfectly clear the short man hadn't slept much either.

            As Remy's hand reached her hip, Rogue's shouts became fewer and farther between. Her face had begun to turn a lovely shade of red and she looked at Gambit, not saying anything, out loud anyways. Her eyes spoke volumes louder then her powerful lugs ever could.

            She was surprised and angry that he would dare try something like this here of all places. There were in the bloody War Room! With the entire team! Anyone could see them, and in all probability would see them!

            Gambit took his eyes off of her as he put in his two sense, "Some o'us do have lives mon capitain." His hand was at her hip and was very slowly and sensually moving downwards. Out of the corner of his eye he could see Rogue chewing on her lower lip.   Whether to keep from moaning, or yelling at him, he didn't know and quite frankly at this point didn't care. "We don' like livin' on an hour o'sleep 'cause you want to encourage us to live like you." He reached the juncture of her powerful legs and managed to school away the smirk he knew was trying to form. She was wet, he could feel it even through her uniform. Good. He liked knowing he had this effect on the Ice Queen.

            "Gambit, I don't like your tone." Cyke warned.

            Rogue briefly closed her eyes as Gambit's all too nimble fingers found her clit and began rubbing it quickly, then slowly. The sensations he was creating were making her very hard pressed not to moan. She'd kill him later… oh boy would she.

            Gambit, for his part looked as though he was devoting all his attention to the fearless leader. "Den don' be havin' the meetin' so early an' you won' have to hear it." He retorted, pressing rather hard on Rogue's clit to emphasize his point, to her anyway.

            Covering up her gasp with a cough just in time, Rogue took a deep breath and turned her attention back to Cyke, "You're the only one here who wants the darn mornin' meetin'! Why not vote on it?" she tried to be civil, but her tone was impatient, for a reason entirely different then most people in the room thought.

            Wolverine had been about to speak when he inhaled the air and blinked, trying not to let his surprise show. Rogue smelt like sex. Plain and simple. He looked at her closely, her hands were on the table, so what… his eyes drifted to the person next to her.


            He fought the urge to roll his eyes, that Cajun sure knew how to make the best of these morning meetings. He hoped he didn't have to clean up the mess Rogue would make of Gambit when they got out of here. He hoped for her sake that the pair wasn't discovered. Ol' One Eye would be none too pleased knowing that two of his top team members were using his precious meetin' for something other then talking about whatever Cyke rambled on about everyday.        

            The more Wolverine thought about it, the more the idea of pulling a stunt like this during the meetings appealed to him. He made a mental note to talk to Ororo later, she hated the meetings more then he did. Maybe he could con her into playing this game tomorrow morning. He sat back in his chair with a  smirk, trying to ignore the smell coming off of Rogue.

            Jean Gray-Summers or Phoenix, or Marvel Girl, or Dark Phoenix, or whatever had decided that since someone had to get stuck defending her husband, it might as well be her. "Now listen here." She began, "I know everyone hates the morning meetings, I'm not a fan of them myself," Scott looked as though she'd just stabbed him in the back, "but I think we should just agree to disagree about them. No one's ever going to be happy. If we move the meetings to a later time, Scott will get upset, if we don't, the team gets upset…"

            Gambit actually did roll his eyes at that. Could Jean Gray be anymore of Xavier's mouth piece? He shook his head and doubled his efforts with Rogue, who's hands were now beginning to dig into the table. The solid steel piece of furniture was beginning to bend under her immense physical strength. He quickly removed his hand from her crotch and gathered her hands in his. Making the gesture seem innocent and not worth taking notice of.

            Once her hands were safely on her own lap (he didn't really want to spend the rest of the day replacing a dented table), he put his hand back and doubled his efforts. He wanted to make her cum before the meeting ended. Her hands were clutched into tight fists on her legs and he swore he could hear her teeth grinding against each other.

             Remy was having one hell of a time controlling his own reaction to Rogue's arousal. It was a good thing he always wore a trench coat, was one of the only PG rated thoughts running through his head at the moment. Rogue's hips began to move with his hand. He looked around and couldn't believe it.

            The entire team was still arguing about what time the meeting tomorrow should be held at. They didn't even notice Rogue's slight movements. He shook his head, could they really be that unobservant?

            Remy felt Rogue's body begin to tremble under his manipulations. He gave her one last stroke and her head fell forward with her release. She shuddered slightly as wave after wave of ecstasy over took her, her eyes were shut tight and her lips pressed together. It was obvious to him she was trying not to make any noise. She only half succeeded however, as a sharp intake of air was heard.

            "Rogue," came Cyke's concerned voice (yeah concerned that somebody might not have been paying attention to his meeting), "Are you alright?"

            Rogue gave herself a small shake and looked up, trying to control her breathing. She noticed that Gambit's hands were back on the table playing with a deck of cards as he looked at her, his face a mask of concern. His eyes… well they looked more amused then anything else.

            "A.. Ah'm fine, just got a chill'sall." She muttered as she folder her arms across her still shaking chest .

            "Good." Cyke said, "I think that's everything people." He said as he and Jean stood up, "I'll see you all at tomorrow's meeting."

            The X-Men began to trickle out of the room, Remy noticed Wolverine going after Stormy, a determined look on his face. He merely shrugged and turned his attention to the still seated Rogue, ready to find out just how cold it was on the moon after she punched him there.

            "Chere?" he asked, not wanting to say anything to piss her off anymore then she probably already was.

            "This ain't ovah swapt rat." She said as she glared at him, "We got a Danger Room session latah today, and Ah fully intend ta pay ya back."

            With that she stood and walked out of the room, her backside swaying enticingly as the doors closed behind her. Gambit shook his head as he kicked his feet up onto the table, this afternoon was certainty looking better then the morning had. He laced his fingers behind his head as he let his mind entertain several interesting possible ways Rogue might pay him back.  Things were definitely looking up, and he wasn't just talking about his current situation…


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