"Sonic's Christmas Carol"


Written by: Charles Dickens

Re-written by: Toni Ferraro


AUTHOR'S NOTES: Yay! This is my all-time FAVORITE Christmas story! There are so many series that crossed over with it (The Flintstones, Mickey Mouse, Mr. Magoo, Loony Tunes, the Muppets, etc.) and I found out: "Hey, SONIC never crossed over with this series!" So here you go, Sonic and Dickens fans!

This story was a lot of fun to write! Mainly because I got to put my favorite Sonic characters in this classic story by Charles Dickens, even characters I hate today. I did alter a few things, because the story cannot be the exact same.

Just to let you know, every year when Christmas comes around, I ALWAYS go back to edit everything… so don't expect the story to be the same every year you look at this.

For the year 2006, I made the following changes…

-Rewrote slightly to fix grammar errors and typos, and to looks more professional.

-AGAIN, changed the role back to another character for the Ghost of Christmas Future




-This fanfic's primary setting is based off "Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog", or AoStH for short

-There is ONE minor Mary-Sue, but she doesn't have a huge role. See below.



Okay, that's about it…. Now about the "Mary-Sue" thing… I know I'm probably costing a reading audience by sacrificing one of my favorite pairings for a self-insert that I ditched many years ago… But the thing is, I first wrote this story in the winter of 1997, a year after I first saw the "Sonic Christmas Blast" episode. Therefore I based the story around that episode a bit.

Back in '97, I had Flower in the fic because I was obsessed with putting her and few other fanmades in the Sonicverse, and first made her a spirit, but because I had matched her with Knuckles, I changed her role to his wife.

So although I ditched Flower and now favor Rouge, the story was written and therefore I feel should be based during the '97 times. That's why I have Flower back again. I hope everyone doesn't mind… I mean, if it makes some of you feel better, I kept Sally as Sonic's wife ;)

If you're still reading… God bless that I didn't bore you to another fanfic.



"A Christmas Carol" was originally written by Charles Dickens, and therefore he owns it.

All Sonic characters are copyrighted © Sega Enterprises, except for Flower and Torina. I own them.

Okay… NOW the story can finally begin…



Robotnik Scrooge, the richest man in all of Mobidon, owned a counting business, which occupied a small building where a snowy sign hung outside, reading 'Scrooge and Marley'... only the name 'Marley' was crossed out, since Scrooge's ex-partner, Scratch Marley, was dead for about a year now.

It was the night before Christmas, but it was like any other night for Robotnik as he sat in his office counting his money, while his employee, Sonic Cratchit, worked on the other, and much colder side of the room. When he thought his boss wasn't looking, Sonic quietly sped over to Robotnik's office, and carefully tiptoed inside towards his bucket of coal, Robotnik not even looking up.

As Sonic gently picked up a piece of coal...


Sonic immediately yelped and dropped his coal. "S...Sorry, sir," he said, "But I'm freezing back in my office! Could I PLEEEASE have another piece of coal?" He gave his employer a sad "puppy dog" look.

Not giving in, Robotnik leaned over his desk. "What's wrong with the coal I give you once a week?"

Sonic leaned over to be face to face with him, still in his innocent look. "Well, because..." his innocent face broke, "IT'S NOT ENOUGH!"

Robotnik stood up, "For your information, money burns faster than coal! We can't spare more than one piece unless we actually want to start SPENDING money, now do we? So stop wasting my time AND money, and get back to your desk!"

Sonic turned and walked back to his desk. Robotnik sat back down, looking at him. "And STAY at your desk!" he yelled at him. Sonic jumped in the air and plopped himself in his seat.

Robotnik looked at him. "That Bob," he said to himself, "He gets 15 mobiums a week, and for what! Being a foolish pincushion? Why do I even bother." He looked down at his money and started to count it again.

There was a knock on the door. "Answer it, Cratchit!" he told his worker.

Sonic shook his head, "No way!" he said, "You told me to stay here in my desk, and that's where I'm staying!"

Robotnik grumbled as he got up and walked to the pounding door. "WHAT?" he screamed as he was about to open it. But just then, it swung open, smashing Robotnik into the wall.

"Merry Christmas!" cried a cheerful voice. It was Knuckles, Robotnik's nephew. He looked around. "Uncle Scrooge?" he called.

Sonic pointed, "Uh, behind the door."

Knuckles turned and closed the door, and saw his uncle squished into the wall! "Merry Christmas, Uncle Scrooge!"

Robotnik pulled himself from the wall and stood in front of his nephew. "Oh...Fred," he said drearily, "Nice of you to visit... Now leave! I have some important business to attend to!"

"Before I go, Uncle Scrooge," said Knuckles, "I would like to invite you to a Christmas party with my wife tomorrow!"

"Bah!" cried the scroogey Robuttnik, "Humbug! Why would I attend to a foolish Christmas party?"

"Because," stated his nephew, "It's the time of year where we enjoy being with the ones we love! Christmas is such a cheerful jolly time!"

"Hmph!" mumbled Robotnik as he walked towards his office, his nephew at his heels. "The only thing jolly about Christmas is for paying for useless gifts and getting more poorer!"

"Don't be so cross, Uncle!" said Knuckles, "Sure, at Christmas, you spend alittle here and there, but that's not the true spirit of it! Christmas is where all the people we love get together to share spiritual time as a family! I always get with my family every year and I always invite you to come with us! If it's so wrong to love and to care on special holidays, then lock me up and throw away the key! Christmas may have never put any mobiums in my pocket, but it has always done me good, and always WILL do me good, and I say 'God Bless It!'"

From the other side of the room, Sonic clapped his hands for Knuckles, but stopped when Robotnik snapped his head at him.

"What are you clapping at?" he yelled.

"It was a good speech! So sue me!" Sonic responded.

Robotnik frowned, "Let me hear another sound from you again and you'll be keeping your Christmas by losing your job!"

Then he turned to his nephew. Knuckles looked up at him, "Well?"

"Bah!" Robotnik cried, "Humbug!"

"Oh Uncle Scrooge..."

"Don't Uncle Scrooge me, you little dreadlock back boy! I don't want to spend time with people who are too jolly about Christmas! Now all I have to say to you is so long!" He led Knuckles towards the door.

"But Uncle..."

"So long!"

"Are you sure..."

"So long!"

"Oh and Merry Christ..."


"O.K., fine," said Knuckles, "But before I leave..." he pulled out a wreath and gave it to Robotnik, "Merry Christmas, Uncle!"

The next thing he knew, he was kicked right out the door! He landed face first in the snow, getting his mouth full of the mushy white stuff.

Robotnik walked back to his desk. Sonic shook his head in disappointment as he walked back.

He sat down in his desk and began to count his money again. Then, there was another bang on the door.

"Cratchit, answer it! And I'm telling you to this time!"

Sonic leapt out from his desk and ran to the door. He opened it, revealing 2 large bears with a checkbook and a large tin can. "Hello, young fellow," said Big Mike, "Do you know where the owner of 'dis shop is?"

Sonic pointed at Robotnik's office, "In there," he told them.

"Daa...Tanks!" said Big Griz and they walked towards his office.

Robotnik looked up from his 'work'. "What do you want?" he asked with a tone of anger.

"Hey, we work for 'da charity and we need some donations for 'da needy to have a warm and happy Christmas. Are you Mr. Marley?"

Robotnik scowled at him, "Mr. Marley is dead. He died one year ago tonight."

"Oh," said Big Mike, "Are you Mr. Scrooge?"

"Well if I'm the only one here running the place, what do you think?"

The Bears took a step back a little from that remark. "Anyway, Mr. Marley never really gave us the time of day whenever we stopped by each year," Big Mike explained, "But maybe this time, we'll get lucky."

Big Griz opened his notepad. "'Daa...what should we put you down for?" he asked.

"Nothing!" cried Robotnik.

"You wish to remain anono… ano… anymomo…." Big Mike stuttered, trying to find the right word.

"ANONYMOUS!" yelled Robotnik, "And no, I wish to be left alone! Marley never donated, what makes you think I'm any different?"

"But how you expect the poor to celebrate Christmas with their needs?" asked Big Mike.

"Who knows, what does it matter?" Robotnik bluntly asked, "As long as my money keeps out of their grasps, they can go to the prisons and workhouses for all I care!"

The bears gasped. "Daa, but no can afford to go 'DERE!" said Big Griz, shaking his head, "And many would rather die than go 'dere!"

"If they were to die, they best to do it now and decrease the population of Mobius!" yelled Robotnik.

The two sighed. "So I guess we'll put you down for nothing," said Big Mike.

"That's right," said Robotnik, "Now get out before things REALLY start to get worse than not donating to poor!"

The bears turned and walked towards the exit. Sonic, standing at the door, opened it for them as they left.

"'Da, Merry Christmas, Mr. Cratchit!" called Big Griz.

Sonic waved at them, "Thank you! You too!"

He closed the door and turned to his employer. "Mr. Scrooge," he said, "I think its time for me to leave now. It's six 'o clock."

Robotnik looked at his watch. "Very well, Cratchit," he said, "I suppose you can go. I best to be leaving myself."

"Thanks, sir!" said Sonic, "Oh and uh, I was just wonderin', is it all right for me to take the day off tomorrow?"

"What? The WHOLE day?" yelled Robotnik.

"But sir!" he cried, "It's Christmas tomorrow and I got a family to support! Besides, it only comes once a year!"

Robotnik gave a few thoughts. "Hmm..." he mumbled, "I suppose so. But I don't want you to forget all your work in one day! Be here all the earlier the next morning."

"Oh thank you sir! Thank you! Thank you! And have a very MERRY Christmas!" Sonic opened the door and sped out.

Robotnik walked into his office. "This will affect his payment though, but what should he care? He's just a Christmas loving fool like everyone else!" He cupped his candle and it went out.

Then he heard a singing voice. He looked out the window. It was a little sloth boy named Rocket singing a Christmas carol at his window. The dictator-like scrooge had just enough of 'Christmas Cheer' and grabbed his ruler and raced outside. Rocket screamed and ran off.

Robotnik turned towards his house. "Christmas," he thought as he walked towards there, "Bah Humbug!"