"CUT!" shouted Minkgirl, "That's a rap!"

Robotnik immediately threw Tails off his shoulder. "BLECH!" he shouted, wiping off his shoulder, "Freedom Fighter germs!"

Tails leapt to both of his feet, yanking the crutch of his leg, thus proving he wasn't really crippled. "Same to you, buddy..."

"Can it!" Robotnik hissed, "I HATE Christmas! I hate this story! And most of all, I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG!" He stormed off.

Sonic shook his head. "Once a slimey rotten egg, ALWAYS a slimey rotten egg..."

"Don't worry, sweetie," said Amy, shoving Sally aside and grabbing his arm, "One day, HE'LL be visited by three ghosts!"

"Which reminds me," said Grounder, as he, Scratch, Breezie, and Metal Sonic walked in. "Anyone know where the nearest car wash is so we can clean ourselves up from this ghost-getup?"

"And I need some good moisturizer to clear these wrinkles!" Breezie complained.

Wes came over to her side, opening a brief case filled with many moisturizing materials. "Here, sweetie! I might as well make myself SOMEWHAT useful, since I barely had a part in the story other than to say the final lines…"

"Thanks for being apart of this fanfic, everyone!" said Minkgirl, "It was really fun! And I love going back to do this every year!"

"Thank YOU for resurrecting an old fan character!" said Flower.

"No problem... now get back in the pit where you belong!"

Flower groaned as she crawled into a deep ditch filled with my old and lame ideas.

Everyone started heading home. "Welp... see ya all next year!" said Sonic, "Can't wait to see the changes Minkgirl's gonna make!"