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Summary: Something unexpected happens after the Forbidden Child is cast away from his home. He's found.

Chapter 1

Tossed and Found

Youko Kurama sighed, staring around the icy wasteland he had been wandering in for the last week. He was searching for a certain type of plant that happened to thrive in a frozen environment. Searching with little luck. An icy wind picked up, blowing his long silver hair behind him like a fan. Golden eyes squinted into the distance, hoping to see some sort of plant life.

Nothing, there wasn't even a mirage to try and trick his brain with. Stupid ice.

With another sigh, Kurama ran a hand through his hair and pulled out a seed. With a boost of his ki, it began to grow into a suitable shelter for the night. A few small fruits appeared on the branches, ripening within seconds. He took one and sat down to rest, eating with relish.

/Stupid ice world,/ he muttered internally. /Stupid plant seed that probably doesn't even exist anymore.../ He finished the first piece of fruit and tucked the seeds into a pocket of his cloak so he could clean them later. Then, plucking another from the tree he continued with his internal grumbling.

His sharp ears eventually picked out a sound that wasn't blistering wind and he glanced up, instantly on guard. What confused him was that it was the sound of something falling. Then something landed on his tail and he jumped to his feet, as best he could, a seed to his Death Tree already in his hand.


Blinking, Kurama bent down and examined the small child now laying under the tree. Actually, it was an infant, barely a week old. Fallen out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down, the saying popped into Kurama's mind out of no where, yet is somehow managed to fit the situation. From the looks of the scratches on its skin, it had fallen through the branches. And from the smell of it, it was a Koorime.

A *male* Koorime. But by the heat of this Koorime's skin, it was also a fire demon, which made it even stranger.

"WAHHH!" The piercing wails managed to get louder, and it was all Kurama could do not to cry along with it.

With tentative steps, Kurama moved closer to the infant and tried to take a closer look. "Crying will get you nowhere." He finally said dryly.

With a sniffle and a tiny, cute looking glare, the child quieted. Kurama returned the look and bent to remove the boy from the frozen ground. "Thrown out of your own home?" He asked musingly, not expecting an answer. Heck, it was in infant for Inari's sake! "A forbidden child then. A fire demon born of the Ice Apparitions." He frowned, noticing that the child was now looking content enough to sleep.

"Oh happy day," he muttered dryly. "I don't find my plant, I find a baby. What a great substitute."

There was a whistling sound and something else fell from the sky, managing to fall directly on Kurama's head. A tear gem, attached to a thick leather throng. On the throng was written a name.



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Kurama: oh! He's a cute little baby!

Hiei: Kurama, don't make me kill you.