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Chapter 5

So That's Why?

Yusuke blinked. Once, twice. Blink, blink. He looked at Kurama... blinked. He looked at Hiei.. blinked. Blink, blink. Then he passed out.

"Eh..." Kurama said, crawling forward a little bit. "Is he okay?" He reached forward to poke Yusuke's shoulder, thought that might not be such a great idea, grabbed a pencil and poked him with that.

Poke, poke.

He looked over at Hiei, who moved a little closer, poking Yusuke with his katana. Luckily he used the hilt and not the blade. That might have hurt the human a little more. But just a little. Hiei shrugged and turned back to Kurama, who resumed poking Yusuke with the pencil.

Poke, poke.

Nope, nothing.

Poke, poke.

Oh, he twitched!

Jab, jab.

Oops, now Yusuke is chasing Kurama around his bedroom, screaming death threats. Hiei managed to stick his foot out at the exact moment that Yusuke passed him, effectively tripping the human. Just Yusuke's luck, he landed on the very pencil that had so rudely brought him back to consciousness. Too bad for Kurama, that was his favorite pencil. The roles reversed and Kurama began chasing Yusuke around the room, waving the pencil pieces and screaming death threats.

"So that's why you let him tease you and dress you up and fuss over you?" The ningen asked finally, after Kurama had grown tired of chasing him. He heaved himself off his stomach and sat down on Kurama's bed.

"He does *not* dress me up!" Hiei retorted hotly. Literally, the temperature in the room shot up until both Yusuke and Kurama could barely tolerate it.

"Baby, calm down!" Kurama panted, tugging at his clothing and fanning himself wildly with one hand.

Hiei reddened at the nick-name but otherwise allowed the heat around himself to cool.

Yusuke rolled his eyes. "Fine, you two don't play dress up." He amended, and thus his life became threatened when Hiei attempted to hurl himself at him and beat the boy to a bloody pulp. He was saved by Kurama, threatening to throw away Mr. Fuzzy-Tail, the stuffed bunny that Hiei protected with his life. "But that's why you're so close? You're not romantically involved or something..." his voice trailed off.

There was a long, drawn out pause, before:

"EWWWWWWWW!" Hiei choked out, "me? With him? That's like... dating your mother!"

Kurama watched idly as both Yusuke and Hiei passed out. He then went to fetch another pencil.

Poke, poke.

Nope, nothing.

Poke, poke.


Tears poured down Shiori's cheeks, though she was smiling proudly. She was currently spy-- waiting for the opportune moment to ask her son a question. It wasn't her fault that the three boys in Shuuichi's bedroom were having an important discussion.

She decided the opportune moment had passed long before and simply stepped into the room. She was a mite surprised when she saw Hiei, the little boy she had knit booties for, chasing Yusuke around the room with what had to be a plastic sword. He was also screaming death threats. Her son was watching the whole thing with an amused, but proud smile on his face.

She cleared her throat and all movement in the room stopped. Except, Yusuke fell over a chair. And the chair somehow managed to land on top of him.

"Er... Ohayo 'Kassan!" Shuuichi said, covering up his surprise with ease.

"I'm a grandmother!" Shiori said happily, moving with speed that surprised all in the room so that she could hug Hiei. Hiei disappeared under the attack with a string of curses.


"My baby did not raise you to have such a potty-mouth!" Shiori scolded the bewildered Hiei.

"Er... 'Kassan?"



Shiori smiled prettily. "I don't mind if you're a demon, Shuu-kun," she said in that same happy voice, cuddling Hiei a little closer to her. Her mind was already whirling with ideas of redecorating the guest bedroom for her 'grandson' and thoughts of booties she could knit, or shopping trips she could take him on. "But I'm so proud that you raised this little guy all on your own! It must have been so difficult!"

Hiei growled and began to fight to get out of her grasp. He was *not* a little guy! Unfortunately, Kurama had been much more fussy as a child so Shiori's grip stayed sure, and Hiei stayed right where he was.

"Er... Minamino-san?" Yusuke said worriedly, finally untangling himself from the chair. "I don't think Hiei can breathe..."

"That reminds me," Shiori said randomly, obviously nothing had reminded her of anything, the thought just popped into her head. "Did you ever give that pretty little doll to 'Kina?"

Kurama blinked. "Eh..." he said in an unsure voice. "I don't think so..." He reached into his personal space and began searching around. Finally, *finally* after nearly twenty minutes, he pulled out a beautiful doll that was worth millions. It was still in perfect condition, even after four hundred years. "I guess not." Kurama said with a nervous laugh. He didn't look at Hiei.

Hiei growled. "You lied!" He shouted, lunging at Kurama. "You told me you'd give it to her!"

"Where was I supposed to find her?" Kurama retorted. "How was I supposed to get it to her? Its best this way because now *you* can give it to her!"


"You don't have to tell her your her brother or anything... but a certain birthday is coming up, don't you remember?"

"A birthday?" Shiori's eyes gleamed. "Oh, Hiei-san! How old will you be? What would you like?" She hugged the boy in her lap a little tighter.

"Eh... Minamino-san," Yusuke said for the second time. "I *really* don't think he can breathe..."

"We'll have to put him in school of course," Shiori continued, oblivious to Yusuke's concerns. "I wonder if they sell uniforms in his size..." She hugged Hiei a little surer and sent a blinding smile at her son. "I will, however, still be calling you 'Shuuichi', regardless of your past name." She said calmly. "And you'll be helping me play for his birthday party. Invite 'Kina as well."

Kurama sighed but nodded. "Hai, 'Kassan. But her name is *Yu*kina, not 'Kina."

Shiori nodded, "ah, hai, hai... Yukina- I got it." She sniffled. "I'm a grandmother of twins!"

Nobody noticed that Hiei's eyes had gone almost impossibly wide at the mention of school. They noticed however, when he began screaming.

"I'm not a ningen! I won't go to school! You can't make me! I won't wear pink! YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!!" He howled and ranted for nearly two hours.


"I can't believe you managed to make me..." Hiei muttered a few days later, picking at his pink school uniform.

Kurama smiled at him and continued dragging him down the hallway. "Don't worry, Hiei-san," he said calmly, stepping neatly to the side as a group of girls attempted to latch themselves around his waist. "School will be fun. Ne, Yukina?"

The girl smiled happily at Kurama, before turning a blinding smile at Hiei. "Hai, Mama." She chirped. "We'll have lots of fun together, Oniisan!"

Hiei glowered. Baka fox. Baka Obaasan, Baka school! Baka stalker girls! Baka, baka, baka! He didn't want to go to school! Why were they making him go? Why did Yukina have to be so smart and figure out that he's her brother? The doll wasn't that big of a give away was it? Hiei sighed and put on hand in his pocket, feeling the comforting softness of his Mr. Fuzzy-tail. At least he wasn't go through with this alone.



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