It has been 2 years since trunks defeated cell and the androids in his world. During that

time, Bulma and Trunks have been working hard to rebuilt the cities that where destroyed

by the Cyborgs. Caspule Corp., along with 90 percent of West City, has been restore to

the beauty that it once posse. Even though the Population of Earth was reduce to 40

percent, The defeat of the two devils by the Warrior of the light, what people refer Trunks

too, Has given them hope for the future to come.

In between helping reconstruct the cities, Trunks manages to find time to train; He

even had Bulma create another wing for his training. The wing is a gravity room, similar

to the room that Vegeta trains in, in the timeline from which Trunks previously visited.

Trunks trains for what might come someday to harm earth, he has already vowed that he

would be prepared and judging by his attitude towards training, the young prince is

ready for whatever might come his way. The Androids and cell was just a test of what's

to come, the next step for the purple haired warrior is to forge is name in history as

one of the greatest warriors in the universe, for this is the test that Legends are made of.