Chapter 14: High Impact

Aioshi flew directly at the larger Saiya-jin. The only thing that was running through his mind was revenge. He intended to make Brolly pay for what he did to his planet, his siblings, and most of all his parents. Brolly smile as the boy got closer. To everyones surprise, including Brolly's, Aioshi landed a dead on punch to Brolly's jaw. The impact caused Brolly to fly into a near by mountain. Aioshi, still in mid air, slowly descended to the ground, dropping into a fighting stance. All of the fighters couldn't believe what they just saw.

Krillin looked at Yamacha " Wow this kid is amazing. I guess we could leave it to him"

Goten floated next to Krillin " Brolly is still alive and judging by the increase in his power I'd say he's pissed".

A loud explosion was heard throughout the surrounding area. The Mountain Brolly was thrown into was rubble. Brolly was glaring at the boy who was in a fighting stance. Golden aura surrounded his tall frame, the Saiya-jin was in his level one form. Brolly shot a green energy ball at the boy. Aioshi took to the air to dodge the ball.

Trunks looked up, Aioshi didn't sense that Brolly was already in front of him. Trunks screamed to the kid "LOOK OUT HE'S DIRECTLY ABOVE YOU!"

As soon as the boy looked up, Brolly back slapped him into the dirt. The hit was powerful enough to knock the kid out and it did just that. Brolly hovered above Aioshi. He brought his left forth and aimed it directly at Aioshi. A green energy ball formed in the palm of his hand.

Brolly spoke to himself "Attacking me without fear shows that you have the spirit of a Saiya-jin warrior. If only you had the strength to back it up."

The menacing Saiya-jin shot the blast directly at the boy. Brolly crack gave an evil smirk when the blast was fired. Before the blast hit the boy a red energy beam deflected it, sending the blast away from the boy. Brolly smirk turned into a frown. He looked to his right, the direction in which the blast came from, to see the Tettomi-jin prince looking up at him.

His stone color eyes were glaring at the Brolly. A gust of wind blew causing his snow colored hair blow in the wind's direction. In an instant he was directly in front of Brolly with his arms crossed. A strange white aura started to surround his body, he was powering up.

Brolly smiled " I guess you want to join your father that bad." Rikai just ignored Brolly as he continued to power up.

Everyone looked up at Rikai in surprise " His power is higher than Brolly's" Krillin said in an utter state of shock.

Trunks thought to himself "He must have really been training hard. I still don't think it's going to make a difference because Brolly is holding back."

Piccolo looked at Trunks " Your friend is strong, but Brolly is still holding back. We all should attack him full force."

Goten chimed in "No. I want to fight him one-on-one."


Trunks spoke up " I want to fight him as well. I know it's selfish on my part Piccolo, but I don't expect you to understand."

Everyone looked up again, Rikai finished powering up. His power was now at a low-level

Super Saiya-jin 2. He fazed out of everyone's sight. Brolly's eyes widen at the speed of Tettomi's new king. Before he knew what happen, Rikai was directly behind the Saiya-jin. When Brolly turned his head to look at Rikai a left foot was placed into his jaw; this sent the Saiya-jin toward the ground. Before he crash landed into the dirt, a right fist was planted in to his gut. Brolly shook off the shock look on his face.

The Saiya-jin swung with his left hand, but Rikai blocked with his right forearm, he then planted his left fist in Brolly's jaw sending him hurling in the air. Brolly stopped mid hurl. He was now glaring at the Tettomi-jin. Rikai cracked a smile,

" It's ashame you're not stronger. I wish my father could see this. He's probably is and smiling."

Brolly finally cracked a smile " We'll I will admit that you are much stronger than our previous encounter. But I think it's time I stop playing around."

A loud scream was heard from Brolly. He was now powered up to his level-two form. He was now stronger then the Tettomi-jin. Brolly vanished in thin air. Everyone was shocked at his speed, no one could follow him. Brolly appeared directly in front of Rikai. Before Rikai could react to Brolly, a fist was planted in to his gut. When Rikai threw his right fist at Brolly's jaw, it was dodged by the much fast Brolly. Brolly started his onslaught. Punch after punch and kick after kick, Brolly was picking the young man apart/

Meanwhile Goten, Krillin, and Yamacha surrounded Aioshi. Goten checked the boys pulse " He's ok. Just unconscious that's all."

Krillin tried waking the boy up. "Aioshi, wake-up " He looked at Yamacha " It's no use. We need to get him off of this battle field right now."

" I'll take him back to capsule corp." Yamacha stated.

"I'll go with you. I'm only a hindrance on this battle field." Krillin said

Goten replied " Take care of him guys."

Krillin gave Goten a thumbs up, then he and yamacha took of to the air with Aioshi.

Goten turned back to the fight to see Brolly destroying Rikai. Brolly sent a swift kick to Rikai left rib, breaking it on contact. Rikai bent over with his right knee on the ground and his right arm holding his broken left rib cage. Brolly laughed mockingly " This is what you call true strength. You're weak and pathetic. You can't fight no more, but don't worry I'm not going to kill you just yet. I want you to see me slaughter these pigs so you can see what true power really is."

Trunks landed appeared in front of Rikai. Brolly smiled "I guess the warm-ups are over."

Goten appeared right next to Trunks "Yes the warms are over"

"I'm fighting him one-on-one. Don't interfere."

"But Trunks .."

"Goten! Get over here." Tien said.

Goten looked at Trunks. Then he looked at Brolly. He looked at Trunks once more then he looked back at Brolly.

" Ok. Trunks you be careful."

Trunks nodded. Goten grabbed Rikai and took him off to the side. Tien walked up to Goten. " He is his fathers son, he has to prove himself you know?"

Goten looked up " I know. Believe me I know."

Somewhere in The pits of Hell…..

All of the residents of hell were looking at the big crystal ball that showed the battle that was about to begin between Trunk and Brolly. King Vegeta looked at the ball from a top of the mountain side with the other sayia-jins. " We're about to see the power of the Saiya-jin race."

"No we're not" a voice said from a cliff on the right, that was a little bit higher. Wearing a sleeveless blue spandex shirt with matching color spandex pants, and white glover and boots, the saiya-jin prince stood with his arms crossed.

"We're about to see what my son, the best warrior alive is made of." Vegeta turned his eyes off of his father and back on to the ball "Show this so called legendary super-saiya-jin why my blood flows through your veins. The prince smirked, "show in what the prince of all saiya-jins is made of!"

Back at Capsule Corp….

Krillin and Yamacha arrived with Aioshi still unconscious. Everyone rushed to Aioshi's side. Miliana ran to Aioshi, who was sat on the couch by Krillin.

The princess with tears in here eyes " Aioshi wake up….. please wake up." Pan looked at Aioshi in disbelief. Bulma examined him and gave diagnoses " He looks like he has a broken left arm, and he is unconscious. He will live he just needs a little rest."

Meanwhile in Aioshi's mind………………

"You are weak."

"Whose there?" said the frightened boy

"Someone who can give you the power you need to beat Brolly"

"Power? Give me the strength to beat him please. He must pay for what he has done?"

"I will give you this power you seek on one condition. You serve me and only me. My power will be your power and your power will be my power."

Aioshi, who was standing alone in the darkness lower his head " Agreed."

A a black ball of energy, surrounded by a white light appeared in front Aioshi. The voice spoke once more " If it's power you seek then touch the energy ball. All injuries will be healed and you have power beyond your greatest dreams."

Aioshi hesitated to touch the ball. He thought of all his friends……but then he thought of his parents what Brolly had done. He swore vengeance at any cost, even it meant sacrificing himself to the darkside. He touched the ball, he started to scream as the energy surged through his body.

Back at capsule corp……..

Aioshi eyes shot open. He jumped up and grabbed his head with both hands; black and red electricity was now surrounding his body. Screaming do to the pain, he fell to his knees. Miliana rushed to his side

"Aioshi what's wrong? Please Aioshi you're scarring me. She hugged his back as he was holding his head. Bulma looked at the little girl "She really cares for him a whole lot."

Aioshi to his hands off of his head "Get a.. Get away from me now. ALL OF YOU!" Krillin and Yamacha sensed how dark his energy was. " Krillin screamed out… everybody get out of here. Everyone ran outside.

Before Miliana left she looked back " Aioshi"

When everyone was out a loud scream was heard. There was no explosion like everyone anticipated. A few minutes passed as everyone was looking at the door, deciding on who was going to be brave and go to see what had happened. Aioshi finally came out with his head down.

Miliana smiled, She then ran up to him " Aioshi, you're alright." She was shocked what she saw when he looked up. " His eyes were colder then before and he was now sporting a big M on his for head. He pushed her to the side and gave a smirk.

" I don't have time to waste. Since the time I got here all I've been doing was wasting my time. But now….But now I have the power to right all the wrongs. He looked at Milana " You understand my hatred for Brolly because your father was killed by him just as my parents were. In that regard we share a bond and for that reason I will avenge your fathers death and the death of my family." Looking at his glowing red hand, he smiled "With this new power I will definitely right all wrongs." Aioshi took to the air. He was heading back to the battle field.

On Kaioshin Kai …..

"Hey Old man, how long is Gohan's training going to take?" Goku questioned.

" Hard to say. He has a lot of power. If I had to give an estimate, I would say…….6 hrs."

Gohan eyes shot open in shock "6 HOURS!"

"That's just an estimate." The old man replied.

Goku looked at the crystal ball " It Looks like Trunks and Brolly are about to engage in battle. This should be interesting."

Back on Earth……….

Trunks was now glaring at Brolly, Brolly was returned the look.

Brolly decided to speak "I hope you give me a better fight then my last two opponents. I really wanted to fight Goku and Vegeta, both for entirely different reasons. I wanted to test my strength on Goku and I wanted to pay back Vegeta for what his father did to me. I guess I can pay back the son for what the grandfather did."

Trunks just kept on his smirk "If you want to fight Goku so bad….I guess I will have to send you to the next dimension myself." Trunks legs stretched further away from each other, his fists were clinched at the side of his waste. He had begun to power up. Yellow aura had surrounded the Saiya-jin. With a loud scream his hair had spiked up and turned yellow. His eyes were a glowing green.

The dust and dirt were blowing in every direction. The other warriors on the side line had covered there eyes. Brolly however, gaze was focused on Trunks. Trunks muscle mass started getting bigger…and bigger. With a final scream, he was now in his Ultra Super Saiya-jin 2 form. Brolly looked in utter shock as did the other warriors. Trunks iris and pupils were now gone. He was ready to fight. Before he began he spoke to the demon saiya-jin

"Brolly, power up to this form so we can fight, I want to test my power."

Brolly smiled " With pleasure"

The Saiya-jin started to power up. In less than a second, he was in his Ultra Super Saiya-jin 2 form. Trunks closed his eyes and smiled. When his eyes shot open, he took of at Brolly. He threw a right to Brolly's jaw Brolly blocked with his left arm; it was followed immediately by right foot aimed at Trunks head. Trunks dodged the attack by dropping to the ground, he landed and balanced on his left-hand. He then used his right foot to kick Brolly's right foot. Brolly jumped away from Trunks while gathering energy in his hand. He threw the ball of energy at Trunks who quickly flip up from the position he was in. He dodge the blast by the skin of his teeth.

Brolly was now in the air looking down at Trunks. Vanished from his spot; him and Brolly were now exchanging blows evenly. Niether was gaining and upper hand in the battle. For the first time in his life, Brolly was being challenged. A blow to the face, a kick to the ribs, neither fighter was backing down from the other.

Goten was following the fight. " It seems that me and Trunks are at the same leve as Brolly. It doesn't seem like I'm going to get a chance to fight at all. That's a pity I couldn't wait to show of my new move. Oh well I guess I will have a chance to another time."

After 30 minutes of fighting it seemed that both fighters were becoming weary. Both fighters were battered. Cuts and scrapes graced their bodies equally. After fighting all out and using all of their energy the two fighters were now in their level one forms. This was the first time that Brolly wasn't sure if was going to pull it out. It made him excited and mad at the same time. Trunks on the other hand just wanted to neutralize the threat. Trunks thought to himself

"I have to stop him here. I can't allow him to ruin another life. NO! I will not allow it"

Brolly broke the silence " You're the first person who has ever caused me pain. For that you have my respect as fighter. However, for that fact alone, I can't let you leave hear alive."

" Funny….I was just thinking the same thing."

Piccolo looked at Goten, " Goten, we should head back and get everyone to the lookout. I have a very bad feeling."

" Ok Piccolo. You and Tien grab my shoulder so I can teleport us to Capsule Corp."

Piccolo and Tien walked over to Goten, who had placed his hand on Rikai. When touched his shoulder he teleported out of sight.

At Capsule Corp…………

Goten and everyone had materialized. Everyone was in shocked at what had happen about an half and hour ago. When every realized Goten had materialized they rushed over to him.

Bulma questioned Goten " Goten where is Trunks and did you see Aioshi?"

He looked at Bulma " I thought Krillin and Yamacha bought him back here."

"They did but something weird happened. He got started doing a weird power-up. He was holding his head and then he tolds us to leave the house. We thought he was going to blow up the living but nothing happened. He then came to here to the back yard. He had a weird energy surrounding his body. Also he had an M on his forehead. I never saw that before."

Piccolo eyes widen at Bulma's remark "Did you say and M appeared on his forehead?"

"Yes, Why?"

" We have to get to Kami's tower now. This is very bad."

Bulma spoke in a concern tone " Why must we leave Piccolo?"

" I will explain when were all at Kami's peak. Everyone grab a hand so Goten can teleport us there"

Everyone did what Piccolo said. When everyone was linked together, they vanished into then air. They were all heading to Kami's peak.

Back at the Battlefield…..

"Your friends are smart for leaving." Brolly stated

" They left because they knew I could take you without their help. Shall we began?"

"Yes we….."

Before Brolly could finish the sentence a blast hit where Brolly once stood. He dodge it before it could hit. Trunks was shock to see Aioshi stand before him. Aioshi looked at Trunks who was in utter shock at the power coming from the boy. Sure if he was in his Ultra SS2 form he could take Aioshi, but he was shock that the boy had the power of a mid level SS2 . If Brolly could read powers he would no that his chances of winning against Aioshi, in his current condition was very slim.

Voice told Aioshi " Destroy the purple haired warrior." Aioshi obeyed. He turned and launches a blast that sent Trunks heading toward west capital. The blast explode about 200 miles away. He turned to Brolly "Now it's your turn to die"

On a mountain cliff about a mile away……

Four figures stood on a cliff watching the fight. A tall being wearing a black robe, an alien who looked like a low budget Frieza, a midget with and orange cloak, and a guy who looked like a devil.

" It seems that our plans have worked out for the best." Dabura stated

" Yes, Buu energy is almost full, he should be away soon enough. I think it's time that I put and end to this battle so we can add Brolly to our legion" Said Babadi.

Babadi created a mental link with Aioshi. The heir to the Majin's instructed the young fighter to stop.

On the battlefield…

Brolly was glaring at the boy who stood before him. Aioshi, who had closed his had opened them to focus on the saiya-jin. " You are no longer my enemy, our battle will not be finished. From here on out you are one of us."

Brolly was about to laugh at the boy but was cut of by the pain in his head. After a spectacular light show, caused by Brolly's power-up, he was now looking at Aioshi.

"It seems that I'am"

The figures landed next to Aioshi and Brolly. Babadi spoke first

" Hello my new warriors. It is pleasure to finally meet my subordinates. I will explain I need of you. First I want those warriors on this battle field bought to me dead. We'll draw them out by destroying peaces of this planet. Dabura knelled down to whisper in his master's ear.

" It seems that Buu will be joining us soon." The ball on cliff, that Babadi and company was on, started to glow. Seconds later Buu was standing on the cliff. Babidi and his slaves landed next to Buu.

"So Buu how do you feel" Babadi asked.

"Buu, hungry Buu very very very hungry."

Babadi pointed the town not from their location " That town will be you source of nourishment . But first" Babadi made a mental link with the everyone on the planet.

"People Earth I am the great wizard Babidi, This here is pound for pound heavyweight champion of the universe. He doesn't look like much but I assure you that looks can be deceiving. More to the point I'm looking for all these warriors (showing people images of Goten, Rikai, Piccolo, and Tien.) If these warriors are not brought to me I will commence the destruction of this planet. You guys have 10 minutes to show yourselves. We already killed one and we intend to finish the job with the rest of you. Thank you for tuning in and this special report has been bought to you by the supreme ruler of the universe."

In Hell…..

Vegita had watch the event unfold. He knew that the blast that hit Trunks wouldn't kill him. But one thing was certain, Trunks would not be finishing his fight with Brolly. Vegeta knew that Trunks nor Goten, who was easily the strongest warriors on Earth stood a chance against the power that Brolly now held. Vegeta was angry that he wasn't able to do anything from his current location. A red skinned Oga approached Vegeta who was watching what just conspired.

" Vegita, I have been requested by Enma to bring you before him immediately"

Vegita knew something was up when he was summoned by Enma. He figured that it related to what just happened on Earth. He took his eyes off of the crystal ball to face the Oga.

" Lead the way"

Kami's peak……

Goten and everyone just arrived. Dende greeted them when they arrive. He had saw the whole thing from his tower. He told them of what Aioshi did to Trunks and what had happened afterwards. Dende assured her that Trunks was ok but his Ki was low. Goten picked it up and teleported to get Trunks. He was back with Trunks a second after he left. Dende healed Trunks. Everyone heard what Babidi said. They were now in a situation and the odds were against them. They knew that they needed a strategy. Trunks spoke first.

"So what are we going to do? We can't stay here forever"

"We have to come with a plan, but we are out numbered and out classed." Piccolo stating the Obvious

Goten looked at Piccolo "We have no other choice. We have to go and Fight. If Gohan is coming then he could even the odds. So we will hold them at bay until he arrives. The only one that poses a real threat is Brolly. We could take the rest in a…" Before he could finish he was cut of by Dende.

" No you guys can't win. You have to factor Buu into the equation now, It's just not possible to beat him. "

Piccolo started speak before Goten could say something " Dende's right, we can't win. Buu is easily Super Saiya-jin level 3 and with the power of the Ma-jin seal, so is Brolly."

Everyone that knew anything about Saiya-jins was stunned by Piccolo's revelation. Goten slammed his hand in his fist out of frustration

" I wish Dad was here. This battle be over and done with. " Chi Chi heard what her son had just stated. She wish her husband was here but he was not. She learned to deal with Goku not being there.

"Trunks looked at Dende "So how long until Gohan arrives Dende?"

The Namekian looked at Trunks " I don't know. It's been sometime since they started his training ritual but it shouldn't be to much longer I'm afraid. I they said it was a 30 hour ritual when the contacted me yesterday, so maybe in 3-7 hours I would say."

Trunks gave a smirk " Good. We'll hold them off until then. We move out ….." Trunks, Piccolo, Tien, Choutzu, Krillin, Yamchua, Rikai turned east to face the direction of their targets. All of the warriors were gaping at the power that they felt. Piccolo and the other formally dead warriors (except Goten) was shocked

At what they was feeling. Bulma walked up to the stunned guys

"What's going on" she wondered

" That Ki signature … can't be….it's impossible."

"But how …….."

Back on the battlefield ….

All of the Ma-jin warriors was looking at a man in a blue sleeveless tank top, with blue spandex, and white gloves and boots. The man was smirking at the six that stood before him. Brolly glared at the man, who had a halo over his head. He recongnized him instantly, how could he not he looked the man that stabbed him in the heart many years ago.

" So the Prince has returned from the dead. It looks I get to kill you after all, Prince Vegeta"

Vegeta smirked "I'll show who's really the Legendary Super Saiya-jin. Bring It."

What will happen now that Vegeta has arrived on the Battlefield? Will Trunks and the gang join him? Will Gohan services be needed? Will the gang be able to save Aioshi ? All will answered in the chapters to come.

Authors notes: This story will conclude in the next 5 chapters, maybe 6. I love Dragonball and always will but The anime and magna Naruto has caught my attention as of late. My Next fic will be about Naruto. Hopefully this story will reach its end by June or July. Thanks for reading and please review.