Of Wizardry in Life

By: Tsukisamu Sayako

Disclaimer: Gundam Wing is not mine, Weiß Kreuz is not mine, Harry Potter is not mine… yada yada yada… standard disclaimer applies.

Warning: Rated PG-13 in chapter 1 for sexual implications.  Rated PG otherwise.

Pairings: Omi x Quatre (even when they don't know it) other pairings will be revealed in each chapter

Markings: "blah" ~ normal dialogue; 'blah' ~ thoughts; blah ~ flashbacks

Chapter 1 – The Letter

Quatre looked at the ground as he trudged along the sidewalk, walking towards nowhere, heading towards anywhere but the orphanage in which he lives in.  He always felt like a pariah, ostracized from the world.  He was always alone.  Nobody cared for him, not even the adults who run the orphanage.  They simply treat him as if he was a freak.  A certain malaise always gripped his being when he was around the others, even the people he knew.  He looked at the small stone on the sidewalk and started to kick it.  He was now in the town, a few miles away from the wood trodden orphanage that he calls home.

            The orphanage was located in the outskirts of the small town called Ventnor on the Isle of Wright.  The isle was merely a few miles off the main British Isle and was the least populated of all areas.  Ventnor was the largest of all settlements upon this small isle and even so, Ventnor was small, sporting a mere 9000 residents compared to the millions in London or so.

            Quatre had no memory of who he was before he came to the orphanage at the age of 4.  He was left with a letter and a trunk, loaded with things written in a different language that no one seemed to understand.  At first, Quatre was accepted by everyone, but soon, they started to distance themselves from him.  He didn't understand, but didn't care as well, since he was perfectly content to be by himself.  None of the families who came to the orphanage even bothered to look at him and he never bothered to ask to be adopted.  He never saw the couples as potential families.  To him, he only had one family, the family with his birth parents and blood siblings, if he had any.

            The day grew dark as clouds rolled into the city.

            "Damn it," Quatre cursed softly as he quickened his steps, heading now towards the way from which he came from.  It was odd, if not anomalous, that there would be rain on this hot summer day.  Usually, there wouldn't be rain in Ventnor in the summer.  Apparently, the heavens disagreed upon this day.  Omi hastened his pace back towards the place of his hatred, why he was hurrying did not ever cross his mind.  All he knew was to get under a shelter, meaning the orphanage as there were no shops or churches for him to stay on the way to the orphanage.

            "Bloody hell," he cursed once again before taking off on a sprint, knowing perfectly well that the drizzling that was misting onto the town would soon turn into a storm.  He ran into the woods, hoping that the canopy would provide him with some cover as he makes his way back to the only place that he could call home—the home that how he'd call it home, he didn't know.  He slowed down as he walked through the silent forest; the canopy above him was thick enough to provide the ground below with a moist atmosphere.  The silence that surrounded him calmed his nerves and was only broken by the "pat-pat-pat" of the raindrops upon the dark green canopy above.

            It took him about an hour to walk back to the orphanage after it had started pouring down upon Ventnor in great sheets.  He measured his distance from the edge of the woods to the house and ran for it, immediately being drenched with nature's shower the minute he stepped out from the shelter of the forest.  He hurriedly entered the orphanage and walked up towards his room in his wet clothes, leaving water trailing in his tracks as he made his way up the stairs.  No one cared if he was making a mess—he was always blamed for all the troubles.  He entered his room and locked the door, turning towards the closet in which he had the trunk full of things that reminded him of his elusive, yet comforting family.  He quickly changed into some dry clothes and sat down in front of the chest, opening it as he did so and taking out a book from within.

            The raindrops pattered upon the window in erratic rhythms, as if making a composition of contemporary music, soothing the brown-haired boy.  As he looked at one of the books within the chest, hoping somehow that he'd understand what it was saying, he felt a draft in the room.  He shivered and contorted his face as he looked around to check that he did indeed shut the door and the window: they both are.

            "Strange," Quatre muttered to himself and stood up from where he was sitting.  He walked towards the desk in his room and looked around—nothing seemed out of the ordinary.  Then he looked down upon the desktop.  Perched on top of his journal was a letter addressed to him.  He picked the letter up and noted the coarseness of the envelop.

            'Must be handmade,' he thought.  He looked at the handwriting in front.

            "To: Mr. Quatre Winner," the letter addressed.  "The room in the attic, Orphanage of the Poor, Ventnor, Ventnor."

            There was no return address, which struck Quatre as rather odd in this 21st century world.  He turned the envelope around and saw that the letter was wax sealed.

            'Must be old and important,' Quatre pondered.  He carefully tore open the letter, hoping to preserve it for future perusal if he ever wished to reminisce.  He found three pieces of paper, more like parchments rather than paper, and unfolded them carefully.  The first one was addressed to him with an unusual school coat of arms printed on top.

            "Dear Mr. Winner," it started.  "We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."  With that line read, his door was suddenly thrown open.  He looked up at the intruder with surprise; usually all of the people within the orphanage would leave him be.  In the doorway stood the keeper of the orphanage, who seemed unusually angry and seemed to loathe the boy.

            "Out," she commanded him.  "Take all of your things and get out!"  Quatre looked at her with confusion but didn't say another word and packed up.  However, it was as if he was going at a really slow pace for the keeper of the grounds stormed into the room followed by all the other adults of the orphanage and they started tearing down all of his things from the walls.  He objected profusely only to get beaten.  He was then picked up by one of the male orderlies and was practically thrown out of the building through the front door.  It rained hard and Omi helped himself up, watching the orderlies throwing his stuff out at him.  Everything within the trunk that came with him was spilt out onto the cold, wet ground.  He immediately stuffed everything back into the trunk, hoping to protect his memoirs from the rain.  He glared at the keeper of the orphanage and the rest of the people.  The keeper stood out in the rain in front of him.

            "Get out of our place, freak," she spat at him.  He took in a deep breath, attempting to keep his temper in control.  When he didn't move, she kicked a puddle of rain water at him.

            'Pick up the stick in front of you,' a voice came from nowhere, cutting into his thoughts.  Quatre seemed to become not himself as he picked up the wooden stick in front of him.  Then, some words flew out of his mouth and a blinding green light flashed before him.  When the light cleared, the keeper of the building was on the floor, her mouth contorted in a silent scream. [1] Her eyes were wide with fear and Quatre's eyes revealed no remorse as he looked at the fallen corpse.  All of the adults who had witnessed the death of the keeper all ran back into the building, screaming, in fear of him.  Quatre's eyes then trained upon the building and a moment later, a lightning struck the building, starting a fire that seemed to be fueled by the rain.  Screams erupted from within and Quatre simply stood there as if relishing in this sadistic act.  Pounds upon the doors did no good as all exits from the building seemed to be blocked by some unknown forces.  The building soon was reduced into ashes and Quatre snapped out of the daze that he was in. [2] His bleeding heart leapt to his mouth as he saw the results of his work.  He gasped and dropped the wooden stick that he had been clutching merely minutes ago.

            "What have I done?" he whispered to himself.  His knees buckled below him and he fell into a kneeling position.  He remained in his position as the shock sets in and the pain in his heart continued.  He could still see the blinding flash of green light; he could still hear the screams of innocents who had done nothing but destroy his life.  Some 10 minutes left perhaps before he swallowed down his guilt and picked up the trunk.  He entered the dark forest, running away from the orphanage, into the mist of darkness that started to rise within the woods.

            The wooden stick that he left behind continued to be drowned in the rain until a black robed person picked it up.  He seemed to have appeared out of nowhere and he looked towards the direction in which Quatre had run.  He smiled wickedly and an evil sparkle appeared in his malevolent eyes.  He disapparated with an evil laugh, proud of the havoc that he had introduced into the young boy's life.

            Quatre ran into the midst of the forest, uncaring of where he was going.  He ran until his legs gave up on him.  He then remained there for the night, opening the letter for the second time that day as he finish reading the letter.  He had built a small fire, making sure that none of the flames or sparks would help to start a forest fire.  He was unsure of the rain as it seemed to have fueled the flames that burnt all those people down—those who didn't care about him, but who didn't hurt him.  His eyes flew back to the letter and started reading.

            "Dear Mr. Winner," Quatre began again.

            "We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

"Term begins on September 1.  We await your owl by no later than July 31.

            "Yours sincerely,

            "Professor L. Une

            "Deputy Headmistress."

            Quatre held the letter in shock and surprise.  He read it over again, making sure that he was right—he had just been accepted to a school of magic?

            "This is impossible," Quatre whispered to himself.  "There is no such thing as magic."  However, he started to doubt himself.  Why would the keeper of the orphanage call him a freak if he wasn't a wizard?  A lot of strange things have occurred around him, so why can't he believe that there is such a thing as magic.  He still has the lightning bolt scar that no one knows about and normal people don't get scars that look like that.

            Quatre looked at his watch: July 2nd.  That means he has three more weeks before he had to reply to the letter.  A hoot above him startled the young boy as he saw a bird flying in circles around him.  Quatre bit his lips.  Apparently, the bird was an owl and it was waiting for his reply.

            "Come back another day," Quatre said to the bird.  "Go to London in three weeks and you shall bring my answer back to Hogwarts."  The owl hooted in reply as if saying "fine."  Quatre smiled weakly as he watched the owl flapped its wings, leaving the boy to his thoughts.  Quatre fell into a reverie as he thought about the possibilities and running through his head how to get to London in the first place.  A few minutes later, he drew out of his thoughts and read the second piece of parchment.  On it held a list of all the supplies and items that he was to buy for the school year.  Quatre gnawed on his bottom lip, knowing perfectly well that he was unable to afford any of the stuff, much less any food that he would need to get to London as he had no money.  Tears left two trails upon his handsome face and he wiped them away.  He wished that he wasn't poor.  He then looked at the last piece of the parchment.

            "Dear Mr. Winner," the last letter started.  Apparently it was a personal letter.

            "My name is Professor Treize Khushrenada.  I am the Headmaster here at Hogwarts.  I am deeply grateful that you are still alive.  I knew your parents well and I must say that you are in grave danger the longer you stay in Ventnor.  Within your trunk are two items that will be very important in your travels to London: an invisibility cloak and a wand.  Wear the invisibility cloak whenever you are traveling on foot, though I must hope that you would travel by the Knight Bus and head straight to Diagon Alley.  I have taken the liberty to reserve a place for you on the Knight Bus such that all your expenses will be paid by me until you have reached the Leaky Cauldron.

            "When you reach your destination, you will meet with Rashid Kurama, the Keeper of Keys and Grounds here at Hogwarts.  He shall escort you to purchase your school items in Diagon Alley and more will be revealed once you meet him.  I leave you here now.  I hope you shall do what is best for you.


            "Professor Khushrenada."

            Quatre took in a deep breath and pondered.  He wondered if he should take up that offer.  Somehow he knew that the professor was being truthful.  However, he wouldn't even know where or how to get to the Knight Bus if he knew.  He opened his trunk and rummaged around the eclectic collection of assortments and pulled out a silvery looking cloak.  Instantly, he knew that it was the invisibility cloak.  How he knew, he didn't know.  He then decided that he shall take up that offer tomorrow night when he goes into town.  He lied down upon the pine bed, using the invisibility cloak as a blanket, and laid his head upon the pine bough that he had made for himself.  Soon, he fell asleep with thoughts of curiosity running in his head.

The next day, Quatre woke to the sound of dripping water, remnants of the storm from last night, and the chirping sounds of morning birds.  Quatre blinked several times before he realized that he was sleeping in the forest.  He shivered in the cold morning air.  Apparently it was just dawn.  He immediately sat up and looked around him.  Nothing seemed out of the ordinary.  The fire that he had set yesterday burnt out, leaving a trial of smoke upwards.  Quatre stretched, getting rid of the morning cramps and he rubbed his sleepy eyes.  He yawned and stood up.  Then he sighed and picked up the invisibility cloak.  He folded the silvery fluid cloak up and placed it back into the trunk.  As he folded the cloak back up, a wooden stick fell out of the cloak and Omi picked it up in wonder.

            The wand was rather worn and seemed utterly old.  He pocketed the wand in his pants, keeping it save from the public and he picked up the small trunk.

            Even though he was deep in the forest, he had already known his way through this sacred place for the pagans.  He knew well in his times spent here which way was which and where there are food and water.  He first headed to get some berries to eat and water to drink as well as to wash his face.  After he had washed his face, he looked into the clear stream and stared at his own childish reflection.  He was not a 10 year-old.  Children like him don't go around taking care of themselves and killing people.  He shivered when he thought about the deaths that he had committed just a day before.  He shook his head profoundly, making himself to think about something else.  The water on his face flew off in drops as he shook his head and soon he stopped.  He then went around looking for berries for his lame breakfast and took off on an hour-walk to town.

            As he walked through the forest, he let the natural sounds soothe him, calming his turbulent soul.  He listened to the chirping of birds and the running of streams, the rustling of leaves above as zephyrs pass through the forest and the crunching of the pine bough as he walked through the forest.  As a child, Quatre had often been intrigued by the mysterious airs that the forests often acquire, the unknown within the forests spurred his curiosity and even with it explored now, Quatre still find this forest on the edge of Ventnor to be an intriguing place—a place worthy of praise.

            In no time, he entered into the town of Ventnor and he cruised around randomly.  He didn't want to attract attention by asking for the Knight Bus nor did he desire any attentions.  Of course, dragging a trunk behind him wasn't exactly helping him in repelling attention; however, fortunately, all pedestrians didn't seem all that bothered with a child dragging a trunk.

            As he wandered down an empty street, he sensed calm, a feeling that never came to him when he was in Ventnor.  He then suddenly stopped and looked up.  10 feet in front of him was a 10-year-old girl with dirty clothes.  She sported shoulder-length brown hair, a torn t-shirt, and a dirty dress that came down to her knees.  She was wearing a pair of terribly worn shoes and her skin was unusually pale for a child.  She seemed to be expecting him for she signaled him to follow her.  She walked into a dark alley to the left of her and he followed, somehow believing that she was the reason that he was feeling relaxed.

            As soon as he stepped into the alley, he was pulled into the shadows.  He looked at the person who had pulled him into the shadows and found his eyes locked on a pair of sapphire blue eyes.  There was a commotion outside the alley as people rushed to tell other people about the burning down of the orphanage.  When the people cleared the street, the girl led him further down the alley.

            "Who are you?  You're just like me." Quatre asked once they stopped at the end of the alley.

            "You're just like me too," the girl said softly.

            "I'm a witch," she said.  "And you are a wizard."

            "Yes, and you are Omi Tsukiyono," Quatre said, surprised at his own response.

            "How did you know that?" Omi asked.

            "My heart told me," Quatre replied, he then held out his hand for a handshake.  "My name is Quatre Winner."  The girl smiled weakly and accepted his handshake. [3]

            "Where's your home?" Quatre asked.  Omi fell silent.

            "The forest is my home," she said softly.         "Can you take me with you?"

            "On the Knight Bus?"

            "If that's how you are going to get to London, then yes.  Professor Khushrenada told me that you would help me to get to London.  He must've forgotten to tell you about it."  She showed him the letter that Khushrenada had sent her.

            "Dear Miss Tsukiyono," it started.

            "My name is Professor Treize Khushrenada.  I am the Headmaster here at Hogwarts.  I understand your current situation and much to my chagrin, I am unable to come and pick you up in Ventnor, none of my colleagues can do so as well.  However, to get to London, you must find Mr. Quatre Winner.  I have given him instructions on how to get to London and your expenses in traveling to London will be paid by me as well.  Once in London, you and Mr. Winner are to meet with Rashid Kurama, the Keeper of Keys and Grounds here at Hogwarts.  He will recognise both you and Mr. Winner.  I hope you will make it to London safely and all of us anticipate you and Mr. Winner's return to London.


            "Professor Khushrenada."

            Quatre folded the letter up and handed it back to the homeless girl.  She seemed unusually kind for a homeless person and seemed quick to trust someone.

            "I see," Quatre said finally.  "But the truth is: I don't really know how to summon the Knight Bus."

            "I'm sure it'll come to you when night comes.  I think the Knight Bus only operates at night.  At least that's what the name suggests, don't you think?"

            Quatre smiled at her and nodded his head in agreement.  Omi giggled.

            "Come on," she said, taking his hand into hers.  "Let's go get something to eat."  Then, he proceeded to drag him out towards the street.  Suddenly, their way was blocked by a man.

            "Found ya," he said smugly.  Omi gasped, let go of Quatre's hand and started to run back but the man reached out and grabbed her by the back of her shirt.

            "Lemme go!" she shouted.

            "You belong to me, you bitch."  The brute then slammed the child towards a wall and Omi cried out in pain.

           "Let her go!" Quatre shouted.  He had whipped out the wand but the man was busy invading the girl's privacy.  Then, a word flew into Quatre's head and he shouted.

            "Stupefy!"  Immediately, the man was blown away and he was instantly knocked out by the force of the blow.  Omi slumped down the wall in wretched sobs. [4]

            "Are you okay?" Quatre asked once he was by her side.  He had pocketed the wand and touched the girl tenderly.  Omi looked up at him with teary eyes and without warning, embraced him in a hug.  He was surprised but soon started to comfort the crying girl.  After 10 minutes or so, Omi finally stopped crying and she pulled away from him.

            "Who was that?" he asked softly.

            "He had killed my parents," Omi confessed in the same tone that Quatre used.  Quatre's eyes widened.  "He took me away from my family and abused me.  I escaped and ran to the police.  He was only locked up for a few months when they couldn't find enough evidence to convict him.  I had no relatives.  My parents were both the only children and my grandparents all died.  I was placed in the orphanage, but I ran away.  I didn't like the orphanage.  I had nowhere else to go, so I stayed in the forest."

            "I'm sorry."

            "No, don't be sorry.  The one who should be sorry is that bloody murderer," Omi said viciously.  Then, she helped herself up.  "Come on.  We should leave."

            "Wait," Quatre said.  He opened his trunk and pulled out the invisibility cloak.  He handed the cloak to Omi and closed the trunk.  Then, he picked up the trunk and said, "Put the cloak over us."  Omi did as she was told and wondered curiously what the cloak was going to do.

            "We're gonna look silly if we walk like this in public," she said timidly to her new friend.  Quatre smiled.

            "It's an invisibility cloak.  They're not gonna be able to see us," Quatre reassured her.

            "If you say so," she said, looking through the semi-transparent material that covered them both.  They walked out of the town slowly and it was only then that Quatre allowed Omi to pull the cloak off of them.  Omi then led him to where she always occupied and they stayed there until night.  Quatre was glad that there was someone to talk to.  It appeared that two outcasts, ostracized by society, had a lot in common.  They played in the wood and gathered up enough food to last them all day before nightfall.  Soon, night did fall and Omi made a fire in the fire pit that she had always used for the time that she had been living in the forest.  Quatre lied across from her, admiring the way the flames danced upon the woods and how the light from the flames danced upon her beautiful face.  Omi blushed when she realized that Quatre was staring at her and she coughed a bit to hide her embarrassment.  Quatre flushed much to his chagrin and laughed at his own foolishness.  They laughed and joked and confessed more about each other until it was past midnight.  Then, the two hyper children, who were both apprehensive yet enthusiastic about the trip, left the campsite, making sure that they had smoldered out the fire before heading back into town.

            They entered the town way past midnight and there was not a soul around.  They stood on the curb of the main thoroughfare and looked around to see that no one is there.

            "I still don't know how to get to the Knight Bus though," Quatre admitted once they stopped, but then suddenly, something came to his mind.

            Quatre took the wand and then stood raising the wand in her right hand.  A few seconds later, there was a deafening BANG and a bus came screeching down the thoroughfare, seemingly to have come out of nowhere.  Quatre and Omi both goggled at the bus and it came to a halt beside them.  The sliding doors opened to reveal a seemingly overzealous conductor.

            "Hello there," the conductor said cheerfully.  Quatre and Omi looked at each other then back at the conductor.  "Welcome to the Knight Bus, emergency transport for the stranded witch or wizard.  Just stick out your wand hand, step on board, and we can take you anywhere you want to go.  My name is Ahmed.  I'm your conductor for the night with Otto as your driver for the night.  Well, what are you waiting for?  Come on board!"  Quatre and Omi looked at each other and shrugged and Ahmed looked at the two with wondering eyes.

            "You did flag us down didn't you?" asked Ahmed scrutinizing the two children.

            "Well, yes, I guess," Quatre said.

            "Heh," said Ahmed.  "What's your name?"

            "I'm Quatre Winner and that's Omi Tsukiyono," introduced Quatre.

            "Ah right, Khushrenada told us about you guys.  Well, come on in and let me get that for you, Mr. Winner."

            "Please, just Quatre."

            "Right then."  He then scooted Quatre and Omi into the bus while carrying Quatre's suitcase.  Then, the door closed and with another BANG, the bus went off.

            "Right.  Here's your bed and there's yours," Ahmed said, pointing at the beds that Quatre and Omi would be using.  The Knight Bus was completely different from the buses that Muggles normally took; but then again, he never took a bus before.  "Khushrenada said that he's paid for your trip, meaning that you get a bed, a cup of hot cocoa when you get up tomorrow and a set of hygienic items."  Ahmed then went over to the bedside cabinet between Quatre and Omi's bed and pulled out two sets of robes.  "He also gave us these.  He thought that it would be better if you sleep in these and I'd suggest you take a shower tomorrow.  Speaking of which, where are you guys heading to anyways?"

            "Diagon Alley," Omi spoke up for the first time since they flagged the Knight Bus down.

           "Of course," Ahmed said, slapping his right hand on his forehead.  "How could I have forgotten that?  Anyways, change into the sleeping robes over there and we'll get there by tomorrow at noon."

            "Thank you," Quatre said.  Then, the two children went over to the bathroom and Omi went in first, changing into her sleeping robes in quite a short while. [5] Then, she stepped out just as Ahmed was helping a witch out of the bus into a village near Ventnor.  She headed towards her bed and noticed that there were no other person on the bus on their level other than the conductor and the driver.  She wondered if the people had all left before they came into the bus.

            "Mr. Ahmed, sir?" she said to the conductor as she walked up to the front.  She then noticed that the bus was practically driving itself and it was jumping all over the place with the obstacles in its ways simply jumping out of the way.

            "Yeah, miss."

            "How many people currently occupy the Knight Bus?"

            "Well, we've got quite the load tonight.  I think there's 24, 25 if you include the two of you and Mrs. Malone who just stepped off the bus.  Normally we get 10 or 11, but some nights are especially busy for us.  I think the most we've gotten was around 50 or so." [6]

            "Wow," Omi exclaimed.  Then, Quatre stepped out of the bathroom.

            "Well, you kids better go to sleep.  I'll wake you up around 10, how's that?"

            "Thanks," Quatre said.  Then, the two went to sleep on their beds—beds that weren't theirs but for the first time in a long while, both of them were able to sleep peacefully.


Yay, Chapter 1's done.  I have Chapter 2 done too… but I don't want to post it until after I finish Chapter 3 and so on.  This fic will probably take a while to finish… Considering the fact that the first chapter's so very long… @_@;;;  So please be patient!  ^_^;;;


P.S. I am not from England.  I'm an American, so please excuse the non-British English slang for some dialogue.  ^______^;;;



[1] In case you were wondering, the spell that Quatre used was one of the forbidden spells—the one with Avada Kedavra

[2] No, Quatre-kun is NOT sadistic…he was possessed by an entity during that moment…which entity, I'll let u figure it out on ur own…  hehe

[3] Yes… I made Omi a girl… (don't kill me please!!!!!!!!!) and Quatre is empathic as the TV series suggested

[4] Eh…Quatre only knows that spell cuz there's this little voice in his head that tells him about it.  More will be revealed later—hint: why does Quatre have a scar on his forehead?

[5] I dunno if the Knight Bus had bathrooms in it or not.  In this fic, the Knight Bus has bathrooms.

[6] I know that the Knight Bus probably have 24 beds or something if the bus held two floors…  I'm making it more ^^;;;; just because I like to meddle with magic.