Of Wizardry in Life

By: Tsukisamu Sayako

Disclaimer: Gundam Wing is not mine, Weiß Kreuz is not mine, Harry Potter is not mine… yada yada yada… standard disclaimer applies.

Warning: Rated PG-13 in chapter 1 for sexual implications.  Rated PG otherwise.

Pairings: Omi x Quatre (even when they don't know it) other pairings will be revealed in each chapter

Markings: "blah" ~ normal dialogue; 'blah' ~ thoughts; blah ~ flashbacks

Chapter 2 – The Leaky Cauldron

            Quatre opened his eyes to that morning has arrived in England.  He yawned and sits up in his bed, stretching as he did so.  On the bed next to him, the younger girl continued to sleep peacefully.  Quatre's eyes fell upon her and he smiled.  Then, as if sensing someone's eyes upon her, Omi opened her eyes and the two looked into each other.  Both of them blushed as Ahmed saw them up.

            "Ah, you're both awake.  We'll get to the Leaky Cauldron in an hour or so.  Khushrenada had specifically said that u were to be dropped off the day after you boarded.  So, you might as well go and take a shower.  I'll get a start on your hot cocoa," he said as he came up to them.

            "Thank you," Omi said to the conductor.

            "No problem," he smiled and walked up the stairs toward the second floor of the bus.  Quatre and Omi looked at him as he walked up.  Then, they turned their attention back to each other.

            "You want to take the shower first?" Quatre asked Omi.

            "Nah, it's okay.  I occupied the bathroom first last night.  You can go first."

            "Alright."  He then gathered up the set of wizarding robes that Ahmed had set up for him as well as the bag of hygienic items and went into the bathroom.

            While Quatre occupied the bathroom, Omi walked towards the front of the Knight Bus and watched as the bus continued its journey.

            "Where are we now?" she asked quietly.

            "Just on the outskirts of Godric's Hollow right now, Miss," the driver named Abdul said cheerfully.

            "Godric's Hollow?  Where is that?"

            "That's near the Muggle city of Edinburgh methinks." [1]

            "We're in Scotland?" she exclaimed incredulously.

            "The Knight Bus can travel a great distance within an hour, Miss Omi," Ahmed answered her as he made the hot cocoa.

            "How fast can it travel?"

            "About 10 miles per minute," the driver answered.  "That's 600 miles per hour," [2] he added, smiling at the young girl.

            "Wow," Omi gasped.

            Omi continued to watch the progression of the bus through various wizarding villages as Quatre took his shower.  Soon, Quatre exited the bathroom with dirty clothes in his arms.  As he did so, a pounding "BANG" erupted as the bus came to a "screeching" halt.  Quatre, who was not holding onto anything else during then, tumbled towards the front of the bus and collided with his friend, who went down with a yelp.

            Ahmed laughed as he helped the two up and helped Quatre pick up the dirty clothes.

            "Stay here, I'll be right back."  With that, he went upstairs.  After a few moments, he came back down carrying a lady's bag with the owner of the bag following him down.

            "There you go, Miss Spale," he said as he handed the bag to the passenger.  The witch named Miss Spale smiled and walked away.  Then, the bus went off again with a "BANG."  Fortunately for the two kids, they held onto handrails around the bus before the bus went off again.  Ahmed then turned towards them once again.

            "You won't need those again," he said, pointing at the rags that were Quatre's clothes.  "Khushrenada has requested that you two both get new clothes on his charge.  He said that it was the least he could do for you two.  He didn't say why though."  The last sentence answered the unasked question that both children had.

            "You can toss them there," he said, pointing at the trash bin in the far corner next to the bathroom. [3] "Omi, you had better go take your shower.  We'll serve you breakfast and a bit of lunch.  There's quite a bit of great scenery that you wouldn't want to miss.  We would be dropping you off at the Leaky Cauldron after lunch at the latest, considering the bus is still filled with people."

            Omi nodded and zoomed into the bathroom with the new robes that were on her bed.  Quatre smiled as she closed the bathroom door and moved towards the trash bin.  He checked that there were nothing left in the pockets and tore off a piece of his ragged shirt for memory purposes.  He then walked back to his bed and took one of the mugs of hot cocoa that was on the table between his and Omi's bed.  He held the mug and drank it slowly as he thought back on these last few days.

            He finally finished the mug and put it back onto the table just as Omi had finished her shower and came out of the bathroom wearing a wizarding robe, like the one that he was wearing.  She walked over to the trash bin and threw away her clothes; however, like Quatre, she kept a shred and went back into the bathroom, this time to clean the shred.

            Quatre watched the bathroom door and waited for Omi to exit.  Soon enough, she did so and walked over to her bed.  She picked up the other mug and drank slowly from it, but considerably faster than Quatre.  She soon finished and as soon as she had put the mug down, the bus came to a screeching halt with a "BANG" in what looked like to be Warwick Castle.  There, another passenger got off and the bus continued on its journey.

            Ahmed walked over to them and pulled out a tray of food from an overhead compartment.

            "Here, it's not much, but it should last for now," he said.

            "Thanks!" the two said simultaneously and ate the toast with jam.

            The day continued as such, with them stopping at various locations and returning on the journey.  Lunch came with small tuna fish sandwiches (After all, they did eat around 11 AM or so.) and after another half hour, they finally came to a screeching halt in front of the Leaky Cauldron.

            The two children looked out at the destination as Ahmed walked over to them.

            "Well, it's time for you two to get off," he said, as if he was going to miss them.  The two children turned towards him and smiled kindly.

            "Don't worry about us," Quatre said.  "We'll visit you every summer on the bus!"  He smiled cheerfully.

            "Yeah!" Omi added, "I'll bet this is how we'll get to Diagon Alley every year!"  She smiled just as cheerfully as Quatre.  Ahmed wiped away a tear and hugged the two children.

            "You two are very kind," he said, "I'm sure going to miss you."  He pulled away and led them off the bus as he carried Quatre's trunk off the bus.  He placed it on the curb and turned to the two.

            "Good luck at Hogwarts and make some mischief for me," he winked and the two children giggled.

            "I'm sure we will," Omi said.

            "I know you will.  I can see two troublemakers right in front of me."  The three laughed.

            "Oy Ahmed, we should go now!" Abdul shouted to Ahmed.

            "Alright, cool your engine.  There's no one on the bus right now!"  He then turned towards the two children.

            "Well, I guess this is 'good-bye'."

            "No, it's not good-bye.  It's just 'see you later'," Omi said, holding out her hand for a handshake.  Ahmed smiled and shook the girl's hand.

            "Right, see you later."  He then shook Quatre's hand.

            "See you next year, kids!" Abdul shouted from the bus.

            "Bye, Mr. Abdul!" Quatre shouted.  "See you later, Ahmed."

            Ahmed then boarded the bus and the bus door closed.  The two children stepped back from the curb and watched the bus depart with a "BANG" and a flash.

            The two children stood there next to the wooden trunk watching down the street as if waiting for a bus to disappear down the busy street.  They then turned around and looked at the shabby looking pub with the wooden sign: "The Leaky Cauldron."  They then looked at each other and walked into the pub, lugging Quatre's trunk behind them.

            The atmosphere within was cool and not at all frightening; there was a sense of homeliness within.  Soft chattering could be heard from all directions in the pub as the two entered.  It took a few seconds for their eyes to become adjusted to the darkness of the bar and the two children looked around with curiosity.  No one seemed to notice them yet as the two stood in front of the door leading outside.

            Then, the door behind them opened and the two jumped out of the way as a tall strong man entered the pub.  They goggled at the height of the man and he turned towards them, looking at them with a pair of kind eyes, as if he knew who they were already.

            "Ah Rashid, how's it going?" a voice came over the chattering.  The two children simultaneously turned towards the source of the voice as the tall man made his way there.

            "Nothing much, Father.  Though that's saying little, with the new school year coming up of course," the tall man said.  The two looked at them with confused faces.  After all, the man called "Rashid" just called a frailer man, despite his older years, "Father."  The tall man sported a large woolen cloak over a rather befitting Arabian outfit: a white light long sleeved shirt with a blue vest and a pair of black pants.  The two looked at each other and then at the other two again.

            "So, your usual again?"

            "Sure.  Just make it little though, I believe Khushrenada's charges have arrived."  He pointed at the two children, who grabbed each other's hands with nervousness.  The bartender smiled warmly.

            "Right then, I'll give your usual and two glasses of lemonade for those two, on the house!"  With that, he went to get the drinks.  The two children looked at the tall man, who beckoned them.

            The two walked hesitantly towards the man named "Rashid" and seemed unsure of themselves.  They could see that some people had turned their attention towards them when the name "Khushrenada" had been mentioned.

            Once they were in front of the tall man, he turned to some people sitting on the barstools.

            "Do you mind to let these two sit here?"  He said.  The chatting group turned and looked at them.  Then, as if they were special, they assented with admiration in their tone.  The two children once again were confused.

            "Come on then," the tall man said.  "Sit."  The two children followed his instructions and sat on the barstools.  They looked at the various bottles and instruments that were behind the bar.  Even though neither of them had ever been in Muggle bars, something told them that this bar was very singular and strange with its non-Muggle instruments around.

            "Here you go," the bartender said as he appeared out of nowhere in front of them with a loud crack, causing the two children to nearly fall out of their seats.  The bartender laughed as he handed them their drinks in pristine glasses.  He then handed the man named "Rashid" a large clay mug.  The two children drank from the glasses and then looked at the others, neither one of the children had the courage to speak.

            Finally, Omi decided that the silence was driving her mad (even though there were chattering everywhere else), she asked quietly, "Who are you?"

            The tall man laughed and put down his drink.  "Ah yes, I forgot my manners.  My name is Rashid Kurama, Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts.  Now, that might make me sound like I'm a dolt, in reality, I'm definitely not a dumb person.  I did graduate from Hogwarts after all.  Besides, I'm the Care of Magical Creatures Professor at Hogwarts." [4] He smiled.  The two children smiled back as well.

            "This is Father Maxwell, owner of this pub.  He was a priest but found out about his magical roots and decided to pursue magic instead of pursuing salvation.  He's quite an oddball."

            The bartender laughed.  "Yes, I'm quite the oddball," he agreed.  "Don't let that scare you away from here though."

            Quatre and Omi both laughed.

            "Of course not.  We would definitely be counting on you to get us rooms for the next some years," Quatre said rationally.

            "Yes, for the next seven years," the Father said quietly, yet the laughter has yet to escape from his eyes.  He cleared his throat.  "Well, drink up, you two.  Then I'll get you your keys."

            "We can share a room," Omi spoke up.  "We don't mind."  There was a tinge of fear in her eyes, for what reasons, no one, but her, knew.  Father Maxwell, seeing the fear in her eyes, smiled kindly and replied.

            "Yes, of course dear."  He then went and got a set of two keys for the same room.

Quatre entered the quarter with curiosity.  He had never been in an inn before.  The quarter was roomy and the walls were bare.  There were two beds with wooden frames in front of him, under the window at the far end of the room that overlooked into Diagon Alley.  To his left, there was a wooden desk with a wooden chair and to his right, a doorway leading into the bathroom.  The boy walked over to the window and looked down upon the bustling alley with interest.

            "Ah yes, Diagon Alley," a voice came from behind him.  Quatre turned to see that Father Maxwell and Omi had joined him at the window.  Quatre could see that the Father had just put down his trunk at the foot of one of the beds.

            "Is this the place that we are to do our shopping for school?" Omi asked.

            "Yes.  This is the place that most students going to Hogwarts go to do their shopping.  In some special cases, they can go to Hogsmeade to get their supplies if they live in Scotland or Phoenix Park if they live in Ireland.

            "There's Ollivander's," the Father pointed at a shop nearby with a wooden sign of a wand with the shop's name – Ollivander's – on it, "that's where you get your wands; then there's Madam Malkin's, where you get your robes; there's the apothecary, a rather nasty place if you ask me, with all those disgusting potion ingredients.  There's the Cauldron Shop, and there's Flourish and Blotts, the perfect place to get your parchments, quills, ink bottles, and books of course.  Then there's Eeylop's Owl Emporium – you can't go to school without an owl.  That's Quality Quidditch Supplies over there – you can get your brooms there.  But since you two are too young, you can't play Quidditch yet.  And finally, there's Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor – the perfect place to get Ice Cream and sweets.  You two should definitely go there tomorrow for lunch.  Of course, Father Maxwell wouldn't mind if you two come back here for lunch."  With that, the three of them laughed.

            After a while, the laughter subsided.

            "So, any questions?" Father asked.

            "Yes," Quatre said, "what is Quidditch?"

            "It's a brilliant game.  Rashid will explain it better than I will since he has watched quite a few games.  Speaking of Rashid, he won't come until tomorrow.  He had to do some shopping for Hogwarts down at Knockturn Alley, I'd probably say that it's something for the Grounds."

            "Knockturn Alley?  Where's that?" Omi asked.  Father Maxwell beckoned them and pointed down the alley.

            "You see that white building with the crooked columns?" he asked and the two children nodded.  "Well, if you turn left, you would enter the shopping center of the Dark Arts.  I better not see you two sneaking down there; it's practically the only place where the Dark Arts still permeate freely in the Magical realm – that and Azkaban of course."


            "The Wizarding Prison.  Any infamous wizards or witches are kept there.  It's a nasty place.  I've been there once or twice myself on preaching duties, since there are some wizards and witches who also believe in Christianity."  He paused and turned to the children.  "I trust that you do know 'what is Christianity', of course?"

            "Oh yes," answered Quatre.  "I remembered that we always had to say Grace before a meal and that I always had to go to Church in our small town.  I hated that."

            Father laughed.  "Well now, that's a true wizard there.  In any case, come down for supper any time.  I'll make sure that you two get something to eat before I get the chef to take you down to the Ice Cream Parlor for a bit of a treat.  It's on me."

            Omi and Quatre looked like they were in heaven.  "Oh wow.  Thank you so much!" Omi said happily.

            "You're welcome.  I'll see you both in a bit then.  Here are your keys – now, don't lose them!"  Father Maxwell then left the room and Quatre went over and closed the door.

            "So, what do you want to do now?" Omi asked.

            "Well, there's nothing much to do.  Should we write our replies to Professor… um-"

            "Professor Une." [5]

            "Yes, Professor Une."

            "I suppose…" Omi trailed off.  "But how are we supposed to send it to her?"

            Quatre pointed out the window down Diagon Alley.

            "I think I saw a place called the 'Owl Post' down there.  Maybe it's where we send out our owls."

            "I guess.  But how are we supposed to write the reply?  We have no paper or pen."

            As if answering her question, two bottles of ink, two feather quills, and a stack of parchment appeared on the desk.

           "That would work," Omi said.  With that, the two walked over to the table and sat down on the wooden chairs.  Then, they dipped the quills into the bottles and wrote a reply.  When they were done, they were both unsatisfied by the appearance of the reply with all their smears and blots from excess ink.  So then, they re-dipped their quills and withdrew excess ink from them.  They wrote a second draft and were finally satisfied.  They then folded the parchments up and put them into the pockets of their new wizarding robes.  They looked back at the table and it was cleared of all writing instruments.  The two looked at each other and laughed.

            "Well, I guess it's time to go down and get our supper," Quatre said, looking up at the strange hourglass that showed the time with the sand in the lower chamber of the hourglass.  The time was 6:30 PM, but daylight has yet to dim – all due to the northern location of London in the world.

            The pair exited the room, locked it behind them, and walked down the stairs towards the pub area of the inn.  When they entered, the room was considerably more crowded than when they first came in with wizards and witches, exhausted from the day's shopping in Diagon Alley, came in to have their supper.

            The two children looked around with curiosity at the strangely clothed adults.  One wizard wore a purple top hat with green robes; another wore a pink beret with black robes.  One witch wore a blue wizarding hat and yellow robes while another wore a pair of polka dot night gowns.  The two children, having now the habit of looking at each other whenever they see something strange, looked at each other and hoped that they wouldn't go out into the Muggle world looking like that.

            "Quatre, Omi!" a voice reached their ears.  The two 11-year-olds looked around and saw Father Maxwell waving at them from behind the counter.  He beckoned them and they walked towards him, looking at what the adults were eating at the same time – savory beef roast, refreshing salads, and more.

            "Well now," the Father said once they were in earshot, "There's a booth right over there."  He pointed towards the empty booth towards his right.  "It's reserved for you two.  The menu's already on the table.  Just say whatever you want and the food will appear in front of you.  Remember to save room for dessert!"  He winked and the two children giggled.  They then walked over to the booth and sat down in the benches facing each other.

            They looked at the menu and wondered how big some of these portions were.  They looked out of their booths and judging from the dishes that the adults were eating, they were too large for the two to order two full dishes.  They flipped to the back and saw kid's meal.  But the food on the kid's meal simply didn't appeal to them.

            "Do you want to get just one adult meal and share it?" Omi asked, laying down the menu on the table top.

            "That's what I was thinking to.  The kid's meals don't sound very yummy," [6] Quatre replied.  "Any idea of what we should order?"

            "Um, how about this: 'Braised Rack of Lamb with mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables'?"

            "Lamb?  Hmm.  I've never tried lamb before."

            "I haven't either, but I think it'll be okay.  Besides, its cost isn't that much.  3 Galleons, 8 Sickles, and 18 Knuts.  I think that would be good."

            "Yeah, and we can order another side dish while we're at it," Quatre said eagerly.  "I want to eat Yorkshire pudding.  I haven't had that in the longest time!"  Omi giggled.

            "Alright then," Omi said, putting the menu off to one side.  "I'd like to have one order of braised rack of lamb."  Instantly, a plate of food appeared in front of her.

            "One small order of Yorkshire pudding please."  Like the lamb, a bowl of Yorkshire pudding appeared. [7]

            "Two plates please," Omi said as she giggled.  Immediately, two empty plates along with two cloth napkins wrapped around eating utensils appeared on the table.  Along with the instruments, a larger spoon and another set of knife and fork appeared, most likely for the distribution of the food between the two children.

            "Dig in!" Quatre said as they tucked the cloth napkins into their robes.  Omi went to work on the rack of lamb as Quatre distributed the Yorkshire pudding.  Once the rack was cut into 6 pieces, with 3 pieces per person, Omi placed the pieces on their plates, distributed the mashed potatoes and the vegetables, and placed the small saucer of sauce (Redundant, I know.) in the middle of the table.

            Once the food was distributed, they started eating ravenously.  After all, they really didn't have any food this entire day, despite the sandwiches here and there in the morning.

            Soon, the food was finished and the plates disappeared just as they had appeared.  The two were relatively full but still had enough room for dessert.  They rested for a bit and chatted about the upcoming year at Hogwarts, both wondering what it was going to be like at the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  Once their conversation was done, a loud crack could be heard and the two watched as a woman appeared out of nowhere about 5 feet from where they sit, dressed in clean clothes.  They could see that she was a chef, who perhaps cooked up the fanciest dishes for those who have the money to afford specialties.  She walked over to them with a smile and a pair of glasses on her face.  She wore a pair of earrings with images of food on them.  The two children smiled back at her.

            "So, ready for ice cream and your first trip into Diagon Alley?" she asked cheerfully.  The two children both nodded.  "Follow me, then!"

            Quatre and Omi then both got off the benches and followed the woman towards the backroom.  There, she took out her wand.

            "Now look closely, I won't be here all the time to take you to Diagon Alley."  She then tapped a brick 3 times with her wand.  Instantly, the bricks rearranged themselves to reveal a doorway into the dusk-lit alley.  The trio then crossed the opening into the alley and walked towards the Ice Cream Parlor.  Stores selling all different kinds of items were slowly closing and the two children looked here and there at the wondrous items that were completely out of their lives before now.

            The trio followed the stone path of the alley to the left and stopped at a store on their left: Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor.  The three entered the store and the old man behind the Ice Cream counter greeted them.

            "Welcome to the Ice Cream Parlor.  Name a flavor, we'll have it!"  He smiled.

            The two children looked around at the tens of different flavors and wondered which ones they would pick.

            "We'll have three double scoop cones," the chef said.

            "Alright, what will you have?"

            "You guys don't mind going after me, do you?" she asked the two children running around, looking at the different flavors.  The two both shook their heads.  She then turned towards Florean.  "Well, I'll have cotton candy and toffee."

            Florean smiled.  "Ah, I see we have a sweet tooth here."  He laughed softly.  "Coming right up!"  Then, with skilled hands and an ice cream in his hand, he scooped up two scoops of ice cream: one cotton candy flavored, the other toffee flavored."  He then handed the ice cream cone to the chef.

            "How about you?" he asked Omi.  She thought for a while.

            "I'll have, um, Chocolate Strawberry and Blueberry," she replied.

            "Interesting choice.  No one's made a combo like that before," [8] he said as he scooped up the ice cream.  "I'm sure it will taste great."  He handed her the cone of ice cream.

            "And what about you, young man?"

            "I'll have Chocolate mint and Cookies 'n' Cream," Quatre decided at last.

            "Sticking with the traditional, eh?  No matter, those two are some of our best flavors!"  The ice cream man scooped up two scoops with efficiency and handed the cone to the young child, who started to enjoy the treat.

            "So, how much will that be?" the chef asked.

            "That'll be 1 Galleon, 11 Sickles, and 8 Knuts."

            "Alright," the chef replied as she took out enough coins.  "Here."  Then, they left the building.

            "Come back soon!"

           The trio then started walking back towards the Leaky Cauldron.  As they ate, Omi noticed a sign: the Owl Post.  She stopped.

            "Um, Miss?" she asked the chef.  The chef stopped and looked back at the girl.

            "Yes, dear?"

            "Can me and Quatre send our letters to Hogwarts?"

            "You can do it tomorrow with Rashid if you want.  He has your money after all," she said benignly.  "Besides, the Owl Post's closed for now.  You are only allowed to send your letters now if you have an owl that the Owl Post employs."

            "I see," Omi then walked alongside Quatre back to the Leaky Cauldron to finish their dessert and to take a shower and go to sleep for the next day's shopping.

The next morning, Omi woke to the sound of a bustling market place.  She opened her eyes and yawned as she stretched out her arms.  She rubbed her eyes and turned to see Quatre still sleeping.  She then got off from the bed and walked over to the window.  She looked down to see that Diagon Alley was already bustling with life with shoppers, street venders, and employees on break or advertising for their respective shops.  She then turned towards the hourglass in the room and noted that it was 9:13 AM.

            'Hmm, must be because of the upcoming school year that's causing all these daily bustling down at Diagon Alley,' she thought.  'I wonder what happens here when school starts.'  Before she thought up of a rhetorical answer for herself, a paper plane flew into the room from outside of the window.  It landed right on the desktop and she walked over to look at it. [9]

            She unfolded the paper airplane and read silently:

            "Hey Omi and Quatre,

            "It's Rashid.  I'm down in Diagon Alley right now.  We'll get to the shopping this afternoon, but I've got some stuff that Professor Khushrenada wants you to know.  So if you can come down around 10:30; that would be great.  I'll see you then!


            Omi looked up at the hourglass and noted that it was around 9:20.  She looked over to Quatre on his bed and giggled at the mess he made on the bed.

            She walked over to his bed and pondered how she should wake him up.  First, she poked him, only to get a swatting hand at her finger.  She giggled as he did so vainly and took a pillow from her bed.  Then, she whacked him on his face with the soft fluffy pillow.

            "Wah!?" Quatre woke with a start.  Omi laughed loudly and tried to hide the pillow in vain.  Quatre looked at her with disbelief.  Despite just getting out of bed, he took one of the pillows from his bed and the two started to have a pillow fight.

            Finally, after 20 minutes of laughing and fighting with feathers all around them, they stopped fighting and sat down on their respective beds, facing each other.

            "Phew, that was fun," Quatre grinned.

            "That was very interesting," Omi commented, "I've always wanted feathers to come out when I pillow fight.  This was the first time it's ever happened."  The two both laughed.

            "So, what are we going to do today?"

            "Well, I supposed we should get changed, we've got feathers all on our clothes!"

            "So we do," the boy laughed.  With that, the two went over to the closet and both took out their respective wizarding robes.  Then, they changed their attires and looked over at the clock: 10 AM.

            "We should go downstairs and get some breakfast before Rashid comes," Omi said.

            "When's Rashid coming?" Quatre asked.


            "What?  And you never told me?"

            "Well, you never asked!"  She said, sticking out her tongue in a childish manner.  Quatre looked at her with false anger.

            "Well," he stuck out his tongue, "to you too!"  The two then left the room laughing at their foolish antics. [10] They walked down the stairs and noted the considerable quietness that permeated the pub, unlike the bustling mood of last night.  There were only a few customers here and there and the two children could see that Father Maxwell was doing nothing.  They then walked over to the bar and sat down.

            "Hey, Father Maxwell," greeted Omi.  The Father put away what he was doing and looked up at the two.

            "Ah, good morning.  How did you sleep?" he asked as he pulled out two glasses for orange juice.

            "It was very nice and comfy in the room.  The weather was perfect for sleeping," Quatre commented.

            "I'm glad.  Here, have a drink.  I'll get Miss chef back there to whip up something special for you."  He handed them the glasses of juice and disapparated with a loud crack.  The two children jumped a bit, unfamiliar with the event of apparating and disapparating on will.  They drank from their glasses; and with another loud crack, the Father appeared in front of them with two medium plates of food.

            "I hope this isn't too much," he said as he placed the plates down before them.  The two looked at the plates of scrambled eggs, sausage links, a biscuit with gravy, and two pancakes topped with maple syrup.

            "It's perfect," Quatre said, smiling.  Omi nodded in agreement.  The Father laughed and handed them both forks, knives, and cloth napkins.

            "Eat up then, Rashid'll be here a bit later.  He's on the Knight Bus with another Professor from Hogwarts.  Methinks that they'll do some explaining to you two."  He then walked away, leaving the two to their breakfast.

            Quatre and Omi ate their breakfast happily but silently.  The only sounds heard in the pub were soft murmurs of chattering, metal clanging against clay, and the scraping of chairs against the floor.  The door neither creaked nor opened throughout their breakfast.

            Soon, the two were finished with their breakfast and for the first time since they were downstairs, the door leading out to the portal into Diagon Alley opened and two figures stepped into the room.  The first figure was Rashid with his tall stature and stern yet kind look about him; the second was a much slighter man wearing a top hat and a black robe with an emblem signifying his occupation at Hogwarts.  Despite him being shorter, the younger man was slim and still rather lanky with a healthy complexion.  From his actions and appearance, the two children can see that he is a rather superb athlete.  The two chatted congenially as they made their way towards the children.  They finished their conversation and sat on the stools next to the children.  Father Maxwell approached them cheerfully.

            "Hey Rashid, your usual?"

            "No thanks, two mugs of butterbeer for me and Professor Kudou here," he replied, gesturing towards the younger man, who took off his top hat to reveal his rather long messy blond hair.  Father Maxwell looked over to the man and smiled.

            "Ah yes, it's nice to meet you, Professor."

            "Call me Youji," he smiled as she pulled out a stick of cigarette from his robe.  "Don't try this at home, kids," he said pointing at the cigarette.  Then, he set it in between his lips and instantly, the cigarette was lit.  The Father frowned.

            "Hey hey hey, no smoking allowed in here.  Not in front of these kids."

            The professor pulled the cigarette out and laughed wholeheartedly.

            "It's not a real cigarette, Father."  He handed the stick to him and pointed at an inscription on the cigarette: "Autolit Breath Freshener Cigarette – Courtesy of Weasley Wheezes Co." [11]

            The Father laughed and handed the burning stick back to the professor.  "I see.  You an investor in that company as well huh?"

            "Of course.  It will remain the best of the joke industry."

            "Right, I'll go get you your butterbeers."  He then walked away, laughing.  Professor Kudou replaced the cigarette back to its former place between his lips and waited as Rashid conversed with the kids.

            "Quatre, Omi, I would like for you to meet Youji Kudou.  He will be your Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher this next year."

            "Hello," Quatre said to the man, who smiled.

            "It's a pleasure to meet you, Professor Kudou," Omi said politely.

            "It's nice to meet you two, too," he replied.

            At that moment, the Father appeared behind the bar in front of them and served up the butterbeers.

            "There you go," he said.  "Anything else?"

            "That's it for now.  We'll return for lunch later," Rashid said, taking his mug of butterbeer.

            "Cheers," said Professor Kudou, raising his mug.  Rashid raised his mug in acknowledgement and the two drank from their mugs.

            "Finish up your breakfasts now, you two," the professor said.  "We're going shopping as soon as we're ready."

            Omi and Quatre nodded before returning to their plates of food.  They ate with fervor and soon finished, just as the two adults finished their mugs of butterbeer.

            "All done!" Omi announced cheerfully, pushing her plate away.  Quatre soon finished and pushed his own plate away as well.  Rashid reached over the counter and placed his and both plates down so that they won't break in some accident and Youji did so with his mug of butterbeer accordingly.

            "So, where to first?" Quatre asked excitedly.

            "I've got some things to tell you about Quatre," Rashid said.  "Why don't we let Youji take Miss Omi to Diagon Alley first?  We'll meet up with each other at Ollivander's."  Youji nodded.  Omi seemed reluctant to go but didn't want to intrude on Quatre's private life, so she agreed.

            "So we'll see you both later.  Omi and I will go post those responses of yours to Hogwarts and maybe do a bit of shopping before you guys!" Youji said, winking.  Omi giggled and Quatre smiled.  "Come on, Omi.  Let's leave them to their manly talk."  The two then got off their respective stools. [12]

            "Oh hey, Youji," said Rashid, now searching his own pockets for something.  He soon found it and pulled it out of his left pant pocket.  "Don't forget this," he said, handing a small golden key to Youji.  "Ask for Glenfork.  He should know the number of her vault."  Youji nodded in understanding and pocketed the golden key.  He then steered Omi towards the backroom of the pub that the chef had previously taken them to get to Diagon Alley.

            After the two were gone from the room, Quatre turned back to Rashid.

            "What was that?" he asked.

            "Hmm?" Rashid asked.  "You mean the key?"

            Quatre nodded.

            "It's Omi's key into her bank vault at Gringotts."

            "Do I have a key like that too?"  Rashid nodded and pulled out another key, similar to the first one that he saw, but quite different when he looked at it closer.  Rashid then re-pocketed the key.

            "Better to keep it safe for now.  I'll give it to you after we get some money out of your vault."

            "So, what did you want to talk to me about?"

            "Professor Khushrenada has permitted me to explain a bit about your past."  Quatre looked at him confused.

            "My past?  My parents are both dead," he replied simply.

            "Yes, it's true that they are dead.  Nevertheless, you have to know why they are dead."

            Quatre looked at him attentively.

            "Now, I'm sure you already know about the history behind Lord Voldemort and Harry Potter."  Quatre shook his head.  Rashid was first confused then looked as if he was going to kick himself and laughed.

            "Of course not.  I forgot that you were away from the wizarding world for all these past years.  Pardon my mistake," he apologized.

            "No problem.  Who's Harry Potter?" Quatre asked.

            "Harry Potter was a wizard in history that was the one who successfully eradicated the world of Lord Voldemort.  Like you, he attended Hogwarts at this age.  But what singled him out from all the other great Hogwarts student was his lightning bolt scar, the one that he got when Lord Voldemort came to kill him when he was young."

            "Why did he want to kill Harry Potter?  He was just a baby."

            "It's because of the prophecy that Sibyll Trelawney made.  The prophecy went like this: 'The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches....  Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies...and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not...and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives....  The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies....'."

            "As the seventh month dies...that's July 31st," Quatre said simply.

            "That's correct.  Harry Potter was born on July 31st."

            "That's one month after I was born, and yet, I have the scar," Quatre muttered to himself.  Rashid smiled.

            "Yes, we know you have it, more reason for us to take you out of Ventnor when we could."  Quatre looked up at Rashid with confused eyes.

            "What do you mean?"

            "Can't you feel it, Quatre?  He's coming after you."

            "He?  I know he's coming, but who is he?"

            "He is the descendant of the Dark Lord aforementioned.  He is the one who has been wreaking havoc in the world these past few decades.  Practically all of the major disasters occurring in the London metropolitan area have been caused by him."

            "You mean to tell me that one person can cause all that?"

            "Oh no.  Not really just one person.  Rather, it was he and his group of followers who have been doing so.  Like I said, he is the descendant of the Dark Lord; he would follow what his ancestors have done, and that is to have a group of followers doing his every bidding against the Muggle realm and all those who oppose him in the Magic realm."

            "How do I fit into this picture?"

            "Your parents, Quatre, were two of the wizards and witches that He killed."  Quatre blanched.

            "My mum and dad died because of him?"  Rashid nodded gravely.

            "Yes, they did.  You survived the attack simply because the Order had arrived soon after he had killed your mum.  The deed was done, however, and the prophecy has been set in motion.  You have been given the scar as a symbol of the new power that came with you as a descendant of Harry Potter."

            "But I'm not really related to him am I," Quatre stated forlornly.

            "No, you aren't.  At least not in blood, but in spirit, you are."

            "How does that work?"

            "Magic is a complicated art.  Nothing turns out the way you think it will.  In this world, some people might pride on their blood heritage, but even so, that does not make them great.  For example, there are wizards and witches who are Muggle-born.  How they came to have the power to become a wizard or a witch is an unsolved mystery in itself.  All we know is that people who are Muggle-born are just as capable of working with magic as all other pure bloods – the name for those who are of Wizard descents – maybe even better at times.  So even if you think you aren't truly related to Harry Potter, you are, in some ways.  You have the green eyes, a trademark for all Harry Potter descendants, and the lightning bolt scar, more proof that you are him in spirit.  Understand?" [13]

            "Yeah, I guess so."  Quatre paused a bit.  "Will I go through what he went through at Hogwarts?"

            "Yes and no.  Your adventures might not be the same as his at school, but academics-wise, yes you will learn the same materials as he did; perhaps you might learn something different since there have been changes to the magical arts from his life." [14]

            Quatre nodded in comprehension.

"Well then, we better go and meet up with Youji and Omi.  They should have done some shopping by now."  Rashid grinned and Quatre smiled.  The two then left their seats to go to Diagon Alley.


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[1] So I don't really know where Godric's Hollow is… I just think that it's near Edinburgh :-P  And as for why I specifically picked Godric's Hollow rather than Ottery St. Catchpole (aka where the Burrow is), no reason actually.  But we'll see Ottery St. Catchpole more often in the future though.

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