"Staying for dinner, then?" Goku asked Piccolo.

Piccolo wiped the sweat off his forehead and nodded. The harsh summer sun was burning his green skin, making it darker than usual. A Namekian tan, if you will.

"Alright! I'll just put my sweaty clothes in the laundry." Goku was also gaining a nice tan, although it ended where his sleeves did.

"Good thinking." Piccolo commented. "You know what happened last time you dumped them on the table."

They both shuddered. Urgh, driving lessons.

Goku wandered off into the laundry room just as Gohan tripped down the stairs from his room. They boy had been forced into afternoon study, since ChiChi figured out that two warriors starting cold was far less dangerous than two warriors running hot.

"Hey Mr Piccolo, how's your training going?" Gohan asked, looking up at his mentor's face with big eyes. "Do you think you can beat those Androids the man from the future told us about?"

Piccolo looked down at the child and smiled. "I don't know, but we're giving ourselves the best chances."

The two smiled at each other. Ah, moments of pure friendship.

ChiChi poked her head around the corner, phone in hand. Her eyes demandingly surveyed the scene.

"Piccolo!" She snapped. "Do you know anything about cooking?"

"Uh-?" Piccolo began.

"Good! Get in here and take care of the rice. This is a very important phone call!" ChiChi disappeared around the corner again.

Still stunned, Piccolo walked into the kitchen, and began taking in all the pots, pans, dials, doors, spatulas, spoons, steam hoods and steam trays ChiChi had set up on top of her simple oven.

"... Yeh, I know, but he's the closest we have to a cook in the house at the moment... Could you imagine Goku cooking?" ChiChi was laughing gaily into the phone. Chatting to Bulma.

Piccolo turned back to the overflowing pots.

"So, have you organised the dress yet?... Really? I think you'd look stunning in white... Your blue hair would look lovely in a wedding veil..."

Piccolo head snapped up from the rice. Wedding? Bulma was getting married?

"Excuse me Bulma." ChiChi turned to Piccolo. "How dare you eavesdrop on my phonecall! How rude. Sometimes I wonder why I let you stick around at all!"

ChiChi picked up the phone off the wall and stormed into the pantry, closing the door.

Of course, this made no difference thanks to Piccolo's super-hearing, but the Namek decided that he'd get more than an earfull if he let the rice go soggy.

"Woah!" Goku exclaimed, walking into the kitchen. "ChiChi's turned into Piccolo!"

The Gravity-Room was broken. All the nearby Gyms were being rebuilt. And he was now banned from all parks within a ten mile radius.

Vegeta was bored. He had given up searching for a decent place to train, and decided that relaxing could be training, too. So, he now lay out across a sofa, channel surfing and munching on a snack he'd piled together from Bulma's fridge.

'Earth junk.'He lazily flipped through the channels, hoping to find something worth watching.

"...yeah, can you believe it? He broke down and proposed right there!...Oh, sure, I can wait a second... You're getting Piccolo to do the rice? ChiChi!..."

Vegeta snorted, the idea of the Namek cooking amusing him no end.

"Hm? No, I haven't done my dress yet, I'm still deciding on a style... Really? White, why didn't you tell me earlier?... Oh I know, and you're going to help me pick a good haircut!..."

Bulma left the room, leaving Vegeta to his television. It seemed the Saiyan had finally found something better to do than complaining.

"You know what, ChiChi? Vegeta's sitting on his lazy ass in front of the TV and I couldn't be happier! If channel surfing can keep him off my back long enough, I'll be able to organise my wedding!"

"Will you still have room for him after you and Yumcha tie the knot?" ChiChi asked.

"Of course. I'm more worried that he'll blow up my groom for hanging around too much!"

"What's the matter, Piccolo?" Goku asked.

The Saiyans had been sitting around the table while Piccolo served up some rice. Suddenly, the Namek had frozen to the spot.

"Goku... we have a problem..." Piccolo whispered hoarsly.