Chapter Eleven

Vegeta yawned, moving to rub away the sleep from his eyes and promptly poking himself with the end of the toothbrush he'd forgotten he had.

Growling, he completed his dental hygiene routine, and a quick splash of water pulled his senses back into check. He examined his hair, pushed a lazy spike back into place, and trudged down the stairs.

Yumcha was leaning against the wall. His face was buried in his hands, his body was shaking, and Vegeta could hear his sobbing.

Despite a great urge to say something snide, Vegeta merely stood at the base of the staircase, staring in wonder at the grown man.

"Yumcha...?" Vegeta asked, slightly stunned.

Yumcha looked up, tears and hair plastered on his face. He wiped his eyes with his sleeve, and attempted a fake smile.

"You're a lucky guy, Vegeta." He said. "Take care of her."

Then, before Vegeta could ask any questions, he left.

Frowning, Vegeta stood at the base of the stairs wondering what Yumcha could have meant. Take care of her? Lucky guy?

Vegeta heard a soft whimpering sob from the lounge room. Deciding to investigate, he softly padded his way down the hall and pushed the door open.

Bulma lay out across the sofa, crying into her cushion.

"Yumcha..." She wailed quietly.

Vegeta walked up to her and put his hand on her arm.

"Bulma?" He asked, concern all over his face.

"Oh Vegeta!" She sighed, and flung her arms around him.

Slowly, Vegeta returned the embrace.

Yumcha slung his pack over his shoulder and exited the change rooms. Yes, he should have been training for the Androids, but with everything that had been happening and an empty bank account, he'd rejoined the Taitans.

He sighed and lowered his head. Why was fate against him? He'd lost his fiancée, gone broke, and now he was letting down his friends and possibly endangering lives by not training.

Suddenly, he collided with something and fell backwards. Sitting up, he saw that the something was really one of the young ladies in administration for the stadium. Quickly moving to his knees, he helped her pick up the papers she'd dropped.

"Sorry about that." He apologised quickly. "Wasn't watching where I was going."

"No, no. My fault." She insisted.

Yumcha helped her to her feet.

"Name's Yumcha." He introduced himself.

"Yeah, I know." She smiled, blushing slightly. "I'm Naomi."

"Nice to meet you Naomi." Yumcha picked up his bag.

"Hey, I get a break in five minutes, would you like to go get a coffee?" Naomi asked.

"Sure." Yumcha smiled. "I'll put my stuff in my car."

So that's how it all ends. A year and a half later, Trunks was born. After much heated discussion, Bulma and Vegeta decided to perform both Human and Saiyan marriage rituals.

Yumcha took his relationship with Naomi very seriously, and over time it became quite serious itself. Before he left to join the fight against the Androids, he proposed. They were married after the Cell games.

And the little black book? Well, nobody's quite sure. It has been mentioned in tales of the origin of Goten. The last that was seen of it, ChiChi was passing it on to #18 to 'spice things up'. Nine months later, Marron was born........

[the end]