Magnetic Personalities

An X-Men: Evolution Fanfiction

By Jaelle and Orla

Epilogue: Disclaimer: All belongs to Marvel. etc, etc, etc. Damn it all.

The sun beat down on the back of the exposed neck of the man walking towards the Xavier Institute. He stopped outside the gates and regarded the mansion with a small smile. Nothing seemed to have changed, not even after five years.

There was a large explosion from the back area and a basketball took a chunk out of the wall nearby as it came hurtling past.

No, nothing had changed at all.

Shaking his head, he opened the gates and walked through, coolly disabling any of the alarms or internal security as he approached the front door. Just as he reached it the door opened and a young woman stared at him, her brown hair was cut short and she was dressed in casual clothes.


Erik smiled, "Hello, ah... do I know you?"

The woman pouted at him. "It's ME stupid! Kitty!"

"Kitty?" Erik blinked. "You've grown."

"No duh! It's been five years!" Kitty beamed. "So, you destroyed the thingie I guess?"

"Yes. And don't ask how."

"Okay. Well what are you standing around for? Come on in? You're not evil again, right?"

"No." Erik smiled and didn't offer any further information.

"So, uh, how was your trip?"


"Are we going to get anything more than words of one syllable out of you?"


"Rrgh!" Kitty put her hands on her hips and glared at him.

"ERIK! You're back!" The blue-furred form of Kurt bounced down the stairs and hugged him tightly. "Bout time! We thought you'd be gone for months, not YEARS!"

"It was a bit more difficult than I'd anticipated," Erik admitted. "How is, ah, are you?"

"I'm fine," Kurt smiled slyly, "And so is everybody else. Including you know who?"

"Father!" There was a blur and Pietro stood in front of Erik. He was taller, Erik noted, and more muscular, wearing a modified version of his original costume. "I don't believe... hey, you guys checked, right?"

Kurt looked startled and sprang back. "Uh, Kitty?"

"I forgot," Kitty admitted. "Hang on, let me grab the stuff."

"Checked? Stuff?" Erik was baffled. "What's going on?"

"Well, after the LAST Magneto that nearly destroyed the mansion, we've gotten into the habit of checking identities more thoroughly," Pietro said. "Do you have any ID."

"No. Strangely enough, I don't," Erik glared flatly at his son. "I see YOU'RE still as idiotic as ever."

"I think this must be the real one," Kurt whispered.

Kitty phased up through the floor and pointed a small boxy object at Erik. It made a whirring, beeping sound and she looked thoughtfully at it.

"Okay, he's for real!"

"Father!" Pietro said, opening his arms wide. "Welcome back."

Erik glared at him again before sighing and accepting a brief hug. "Please tell me you're not all going to do this?"

"I'll go and let everybody know!" Kitty said.

"Me too!" chimed Kurt.

"Bet I can make it before you do!" Pietro yelled and zipped away.

Erik stood in the suddenly empty foyer. "Uh..."

"Some things never change, do they, sugah?"

Erik slowly turned and let out a small sigh as he regarded the young woman standing in the passageway. She moved forward slowly and hesitantly, her eyes fixed on his face. She'd changed, he noticed. She was taller and her hair was longer now. She no longer wore quite as much makeup as she used to, restricting herself to dark eyeshadow and leaving off the dark lipstick and pale foundation.

"Rogue," he breathed, reaching out for her. "I've missed you..."

"It really is you," she said, taking his hand in her gloved one. "Ah, Ah can't believe it."

Erik gently tugged her glove off and linked their fingers together. "Believe."

They stared into each other's eyes for a long moment.

"Oh PLEASE. I know you haven't seen each other for a long time, but this is vomit-inducing!"

"Shut up Wanda," said Rogue.

"Hello Wanda," Erik sighed.

Wanda looked down at them from the stairs, before turning and leaving, a pleased smile hovering on her lips.

"Right, where were we?" Rogue asked.

"I think we were in the 'staring soulfully into each others eyes and causing everyone around us to be very ill' moment," Erik said, with an amused smile.

"Alright, so from there, what? Do we go for the awkward catch-up, or the lip-lock? Because personally, Ah'm voting for the latter."

Erik didn't even bother to reply as he tugged her close for a kiss. After a while they parted.

"Ah, ahem, I suppose at this point I should ask if you're seeing anyone else," he said, a bit embarrassed and hopeful.

"Well... Ah did go on a date with Gambit once..."


"But it didn't work out. And we just realised we were better off as friends."

"Wait a minute, Gambit's here?"

"Yeah! He's one of the instructors here," Rogue grinned. "We kind of co- opted your team. With the exception of Sabretooth. We didn't want him. And Logan threatened to turn him into shish-kebabs anyway."

"Instructor? GAMBIT?!"

"Mmmhmmm, as am Ah," Rogue smirked. "Ever since mutants came out of the closet, we've had a whole lot more students and most of the senior X-Men stayed on to teach."

"WHAT?!" Erik reeled. "What?"

"You like that word, don't you?" She giggled. "Mutants finally admitted their existence 'bout four years ago. There were just too many things going on to keep things under wraps. And you wouldn't believe some of the characters who've come out of the woodwork since then! There's this WEIRD psycho Mr Sinister who's COMPLETELY obsessed with Scott and Jean, and don't even get me started on the kids thing. Oh, that reminds me, Scott and Jean got married two years ago."

"Well, there's a big surprise," Erik snorted. "But what else happened when mutants came forward?"

"It was awkward for a while," Rogue admitted. "Lot of people hated us. There's an organisation called the 'Friends of Humanity' who think we're all freaks. And get this, they're led by this guy who not only happens to be the son of Sabretooth, but also Mystique!"

Erik tried to take all of this in. "But we're not hunted? Not persecuted? Numbered? Shipped into camps."

Rogue's face softened. "No. Oh, people have tried variations of those things. But after the rather gruesome destruction of society in Genosha, the one place that put all that stuff into effect, cooler heads prevailed. Things are still a bit tense, but we're not hunted. And the X-Men are there to keep the peace."

Erik couldn't quite believe that things were that simple, and said so. Rogue nodded, "Sure, there's going to be tough times ahead. But Ah thing Xavier's dream for a world for all is obtainable, and Ah'm happy being a part of that." She looked seriously at him. "Ah won't give up. Can you accept that?"

His eyes softened. "I'll do my best. And if I do, could you accept me?" He drew a small object out of his pocket and held it out.

The ring sparkled in the palm of his hand.

"It's beautiful," Rogue breathed. She shot him a glare, "You DID get this one honestly, didn't you?"

"I made it," Erik said primly. "From items I found that didn't belong to anyone," he stressed the final word.

Rogue blushed faintly, "Okay, okay, I was just askin'." She took the ring and started to put it on her middle finger of her left hand.

"Ah, no, it's for this finger," Erik gently removed it and slipped it halfway down her ring finger, before looking at her questioningly. "Well, will you?"

"Oh!" Rogue gasped, blushing even more furiously. "Ah, well... ummm..."

He waited nervously.

"Yes," she said finally, with a huge smile. Erik let out the breath he'd been holding and pushed the ring firmly on. Rogue admired it for a moment. "What kind of stone is that?"

"I have no idea," he said, shrugging. "I told you, I found it. Far away from here. It was unusual, and that reminded me of you."

"Awww... that's sweet." Rogue looked teasingly at him. "For a big, bad villain you can be a real teddy-bear sometimes."

"And if you tell anyone about it I will have to take drastic measures." He lent in to kiss her.

"Welcome home," she whispered, closing her eyes.

Yes, welcome home Erik. We have much to discuss.


Xavier withdrew from his mind, leaving behind a mental chuckle, and Erik sighed.

"Right, where were we?"

The End