Riding On A Roller Coaster

Chapter one: Convincible Conversations

A/N* yeah... pairing: Raven/Robin. that's all I'll say so far. And this

takes place on the TV series. yea...

Summary: Robin decides to take a break from the crime fighting biz for just one day. Can he finally open up Raven and find out what she actually wants?


Everybody on the Titan's Team knew that Starfire had a crush on Robin. But what they didn't know was that Raven did too. Yes, sometimes it seemed that Raven, the half human, half demon teenager cared for nothing but clearing her mind and mediating, but in her world it wasn't the same. She'd walk around, spying on him when he played video games with Cyborg or watch him watching the patrol system to see if everything was alright in the city. Sometimes she'd 'accidentally' bump into him when he walked out of the gym room.

"Oops, sorry!" Robin apologized. Raven glared at him for a second or two then relaxed as he rushed down the hall way. She floated without thinking around the halls as well until she reached her room. Sitting on the edge of her bed, meditating, she was interrupted by the scream of one of her teammates. Raven rushed through the halls to find Starfire and Robin smiling. It twisted her heart.

"What's wrong? Did someone break in?" Raven felt stupid because they both grinned at her, knowing from when she walked in that nothing happened. Starfire's eyes light the room green. "Well? I don't want to waste a minute doing nothing but standing on this spot."

"Me and Cyborg decided that we should take a break tomorrow and head to the amusement park!" Raven twitched her lips trying to hide her smile from what Robin just said. Maybe it could give her a chance to finally talk one on one with him. Starfire although, didn't see what was hidden under the surface of Raven's heart and thought up no sweat about it when ever the two conversed such sweet minutes or entertained each other on the couch while he was watching TV and she was reading a book.

"An amusement park, eh?" Beastboy asked as he waltzed in the room with Cyborg laughing at Starfire's happiness.

"Yup, and maybe dark girl here could lighten up a little while we're there. We did set this up to make Raven happy," Cyborg said, already setting up invisible shields from Raven's haughty mouth. Her face went crimson while her jaw dropped. Robin looked at her uncomfortable position and went over to her, placing a reassuring hand on her shoulders.

"C'mon Raven, it's not like you'll die at the place. Have fun for once in your life time," Robin tried to talk his way into her. Raven knew she was going to go once he put his hand on her shoulders.

"I knew she wouldn't come. Robin, this was your idea!" Cyborg pointed an accusing finger at Robin and Robin started to grind his teeth together. They were starting a friend's quarrel over her. She felt a little under the feeling of appreciation but it still pleased her to know that Robin cared for her well being.

"I only thought she should have a little more fun in her li-" Robin was cut short from Raven's hand on both their shoulders.

"Enough! I will go," Raven growled. Robin standing one centimeter above her smiled at her and said, "I knew you'd go." From the twist of seeing Starfire and Robin together, her soul finally grew wings and landed in Heaven.

Raven rushed back to her room clearing her mind from the excitement and joy until she fell to sleep.

The next day, Raven was gladly interrupted from her endless nightmare by the birds chirping and stood up. It was only 6 in the morning. She knew she was awakening before anyone else so she started to wander off into the bath room to take her morning shower and brush her teeth. As she got out of the steaming tub, she grabbed her towel and dried off her soft hair and brushed it more than several times to make her hair look nice and neat for once, not flat and dead. After that she put on the same apparel that she wore everyday as her super hero costume just in case something bad was to happen while she was out. Her mind lead herself out the door to the roof to cool off and clear her mind some more but found herself not to be left alone as she saw a black cape flying wildly in the wind. Her hood over her head kept her well maintained hair from being snatched into the wind. The only thing you could see under that was her bright glowing eyes. Raven eased near Robin to talk to him.

"Did you think about what rides you'd want to take today?" Robin joked. He was sitting so close to the edge that Raven wanted to plunge onto him before he even fell. But she kept her emotions in check.

"I won't be riding any rides today," Raven said quite secured with her statement, standing next to Robin's sitting form.

"Aw, why not?" Robin inquired teasingly. Raven thought that he would've liked it more if Starfire were up here switching questions with him.

"They are a waste of time and money. There was no point at even building theme parks and amusement parks around the world," Raven crossed her arms.

"Just one. If you don't like it, I won't force you to ride on the other ones with Cyborg and the rest. I promise," Robin said holding out his pinky. Raven was flustered and just held out her hand not to far from her side, thinking it was a handshake of reassurance. To her surprise, he stretched his arm out to meet her hand and swiped her pinky towards him, making her stumble almost onto him but she landed on her knees instead. They stayed in that position for more than a minute until Beastboy popped out of the vent as a mouse.

"Yo! When are we gonna go? Starfire's spazzing out down there!" He changed back into a mouse and crawled back down to the rec room area. Robin and Raven just followed him but not by that way. As they reached the doorway to go down stairs, Robin injected a meaningful sentence into her mind.

"I'll try to win you something while we're there," Robin then disappeared down to the rec room leaving her to hang onto their moments that just happened. She ventured down there to find Starfire and Robin laughing their heads off as Beastboy was chasing Cyborg in a cat form around the couch.

"This is pathetic," Raven shook her head as she passed by Robin and Starfire. But at that moment Beastboy ran into her and she fell onto Robin. They both landed with a thud on the ground. She sat with his legs around her. She got up and wiped the cat hair off of her cape. Starfire immediately rushed down and asked Robin if he were ok, but obviously, he was for he was still laughing at Beastboy's enhancement from a house cat to saber tooth.

"I hate cats! No one turns into a cat and chases me around!" Cyborg turned around and jumped onto Beastboy wrestling him. When he changed back to his near human form, he pounded his fists on the ground while Cyborg (still on him) was bending his legs upward to give his thighs a stretch.

"OK! OK! I GIVE UP ALREADY!" Beastboy shouted. Cyborg threw himself up and gave a lending hand to him and gave him a throw up too.

"Beastie, here, woke me up too early. My system needs a few more hours of recharging. That okay with you?" Cyborg asked. They all nodded as Beastboy changed into a dog and fell asleep on the armchair. As usual, Robin turned on the TV and played videogames with Starfire next to him watching in excitement. Raven who still had her hood on, picked up her book and sat at the opposing end of the couch away from the two others who were awake. She read a few too many horror books for her to last a lifetime. She liked reading, which made her stand out from others in their academic achievements.

Raven stole a passing glance from Robin and he grinned at her. His plane crashed with another plane; which meant that he lost the game which he was playing for 5 straight hours. It was 6:55 in the morning when Raven went out and then when Robin and Raven talked it was 7:15. Now it's 12:30. She was counting the events that happened that morning.

"We better go see if-" Robin was interrupted while he was turning off his video game.

"See if Cyborg's done recharging?" Raven jumped in. "I'll check."

"I'll come with you," Robin added. Starfire looked at him with another grin and continued her day by waking up Beastboy. He barked happily and changed back. Starfire, never noticing how interesting his changing was clapped her hands.

"Where I lived, people could not change into another form," she said as she fluffed his hair up.

"Not many people could change into animals here, Star," Beastboy whispered. Raven smirked which seemed to be forever since Robin last saw it. It made him smile.

"Did I just see you smile?" Robin said, grinning while they walked to Cyborg's room. She turned her head from a slight blush she encountered when he finally spoke to her.

"That wasn't a smile," she muffled under her cloak. She had forgotten to take it off, well, since they were still inside.

"Why don't you take your hood off?" Robin asked. She shrugged and placed her hands on the rim of her hood but kept it there. He pulled it down, revealing softer hair then usual. "Looks like you used a lot more shampoo and conditioner today."

"I knew it would be a long day, so I decided to put in more," she was about to bounce off happily but regained control, "What do you care?"

"I don't know. You look nicer then usual." Robin complimented. Raven's face turned scarlet from that and she disappeared into the doorway of Cyborg's room. "Why doesn't she wait until I put the code in?" He spoke to himself until he finally got the code in. He saw Raven standing near Cyborg's resting area. She inspected the energy level on the wall.

"His energy has completed recharging. What do we do?" Raven asked, poking fingers on the key board of his computer. It slowly started to shut down and Cyborg's snoring got louder.

"Looks like you know," Robin said, almost exiting the room.

"I don't know how to wake him up. People like him are hard to wake up," Raven said. Robin knew it was true. It was hard to wake up Cyborg from even up close. Imagine how loud you'd have to be on the outside of the door. It was no problem to Beastboy. He could easily have woken him up with his shape shifting gift. Robin walked over to Raven who was standing next to Cyborg.

"HEY! CYBORG!!! I BEAT YOUR HIGH SCORE!!" Robin screamed at the top of his lungs. Raven stood there, very still. Cyborg jolted.

"Nobody messes with my high score!" Cyborg angrily yelled. "NOBODY!!"

"Just messing with you," Robin said, lending a helping hand to Cyborg to get up. "Let's go, it's time to go to the theme park." Raven stared at him until he stared back.

"How'd you get in my room?" Cyborg just noticed her.

"Simple, I walked through the door," Raven shook her head.

"Ok, well, now that I know you're joking, I'm gonna go get ready!" Cyborg boomed and grinned. He walked to the bathroom and bathed himself.

"I haven't really talked to you since you came to us. You've been so distant," Robin tried to find out more about Raven.

"It's not like anybody wants to know more about me. I'm just another person, Robin," Raven said harshly. She told the truth. Robin thought differently though.

"I want to know what you like, and what you don't like. What's inside that gothic self you hide so well," Robin convinced her to talk more but didn't really succeed at it.

"You can talk with me later," Raven said.

"At the fair?" Robin asked.

"Sure, whatever," Raven said.