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This story is err…really kiddish, but enjoyable ;D lol. (Well…I think it is. Lol). It can be dramatic at times, but majority is humour. The plot is simple. The descriptions are brief. And the grammar…lol….isn't that good. Hope you enjoy this story ;D

NOTE: Some words have no spaces in between them because the word processor stuffed it up. The better version is on www . flipstahhz . cjb . net . Check it out !




By Flipstahhz


(.. At Odaiba Hospital..)

Young three-year old Taichi looked up questionably to his father, " Dada mama gunna have a baby girl..ya?"

The pale middle aged man stared down at his son, " The nurses will tell us when the time comes Tai."

"BUH I WUN A SISTA SO DAT I DUN HAB TO SHARE MA TOYS OR CLODES!" Tai began a tantrum, his bottom lip pouting.

"Calm down Tai, just wait …" he exclaimed staring down at his wailing child shuffling his spiky brown hair making a smile appear on the young child's face.

And I thought one kid was enough! Now we're going to have two children!

Across from where the Kamiya's stood, another father and son sat quietly. Yamato was about the same age as Tai, his crystal blue eyes that gazed directly at the ground avoiding his striking blonde hair, which strands fell down onto his face. His father had almost the exact the same features as his son, but instead he had an incredible frown on his face while Yamato's face was rather expressionless. There was no friendly conversation, which was normal for the Ishida's, in comparison to the joyful Kamiya's.

Suddenly, a nurse rushed towards the two fathers and their sons.

"Mr. Kamiya and Mr. Ishida Sir, Your wives wish to see you," the nurse smiled brightly, " And off course your new child. Follow me."

Mr. Kamiya and Taichi hurried after the nurse, full of excitement, hand in hand. While Mr. Ishida had a neutral face on, with Yamato trailing behind him with a tiny smile appearing on his face his eyes were sparkling with curiosity and wonder.

Soon enough, they all arrived to a room that displayed two beds with exhausted women lying down on each ofthem,greeted warmly by an tired doctor.

"Hello, it's incredibly unbelievable that these two were born at the same time! As soon as I'd finished with delivering Mrs. Ishida's, I had to go to Mrs. Kamiya's baby because I'm the only doctor left that's working night shift!" informed the tired doctor holding the two babies in each of his arms babbling on.

Grinning, the doctor handed the babies to their mother…without knowing what a huge mistake the ignorant doctor had done…