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Final Chapter

By Flipstahhz


It was a beautiful Sunday morning. The sun's rays glimmered over Odaiba and it was a start to a 'fateful' day. Just as perfect as the day began, Hikari (now) Kamiya was rudely awakened by loud yells coming from our her room. She yawned, feeling rather annoyed of being woken up so early on a weekend morning. She climbed down the bunk bed, noticing that her brother – Tai – was 'actually' awake before her. She wrapped her bathrobe around her body and departed the bedroom to go into the lounge room of the small apartment.

" You guys already at it? You woke me up!" she grumbled with a laugh, shaking her heat at Tai and Yamato battling it out on the Xbox. " The two of you are either total junkies or complete morons to be up this early for just a game!"

" When you're a competitor…it doesn't matter!" Taichi declared, eyes still clinging to every single particle that made the television screen.

" I reckon you both are moron junkies," she sighed as she watched the two older boys fully focused in achieving 'number one.' It sort of reminded her of how competitive she had been with Takeru. She smiled again, but wider. Perhaps the Ishidan and Kamiyan blood were known for their streaks of determination in winning. She giggled to herself.

" I WON!" Yamato announced, roaring with blissful laughter and excitement. " Eat that! In your face, Tai!"

Tai scowled. " I would of won if Kari didn't distract me!"

" Rematch then?" Yamato suggested to his best friend.

" Hell yeah! You're on!"

Kari rolled her eyes and headed to the kitchen. Besides the fruit basket, on the kitchen bench, she observed a envelope and a note. The note said that her mother and father were out getting groceries. She then advanced the check out the envelope. It was a flush light pink and it enticed her when she read her name written on it in fancy writing. To; Hikari Takaishi Kamiya. She laughed. Whoever had sent it would be someone who knew the whole situation between TK and herself.

" EY! Who's this letter from!" she questioned the boys loudly.

" From TK!" Yamato mumbled.

Within seconds Yamato then let out a frustrated groan " Thanks for distracting me, Kari you twerp!"

" Shut up, Yama!"

As she walked back into the bedroom, curious to read the letter she heard Tai announce that he was the winner. She could already picture him doing a victory dance back in the lounge room.


" REMATCH!" Yamato shouted over Taichi's conceited raving.

Boys would be boys


Hi Kari, (haha, get it? If not…put the two words together….gee you're so slow)

How are you? Well, knowing you your probably getting into a fight right now. Just kidding. I thought I'd give this as a belated birthday present since we didn't even know it was our birthday days ago. We've been caught up lately, haven't we? So many things have happened since I met you. I thought the name-calling would never end! I remember hating you to bits. Now I'm getting used to so much you that it's scary. Haha. It's strange…how we found out we didn't belong to our families and switched around the process. All the drama that went on, you're probably the only one who I can relate to. Also, another sorry for reading your diary. Just wanted to also say…I moving away. You'd be surprised where to as well…thanks for always being there and being such a great friend. I love you and take care…

TK aka Takeru Kamiya Takaishi (Ishida!)

Ps. I hope you like the friendship ring. It cost me my whole weeks of allowance!

p.ss thanks for the birthday present. You know I like it!

She ran. After reading the letter…she ran like hell. TK was leaving Odaiba? He was leaving…forever? Why didn't the idiot tell her! If TK was leaving….that meant Ms. Takaishi – her former mother- was leaving to. She had bets that it would be to France to live with her grandparents. But why leave…now? She had just met him…

For all she knew, they might of left Odaiba already!

She scrambled down the streets with enormous speed, turned the corner, and then found herself knocking the door to her old house that she used to live in. No one answer. She was scared. She reached under the rug to get the spare keys, then abruptly unlocked the door. To her surprise she immediately took notice to the many cardboard boxes that were all packed.

So it was true…they were really leaving.

But where were they?

She collapsed onto the ground, taking huffs of air. Kari couldn't recall running that fast in her whole entire life. She was sure she even managed to cause Yamato and Taichi to turn around from the television. Probably having another rematch from me distracting them, she thought to herself with amusement.

The brunette headed girl let her hands dig into her jacket - bathrobe…! What! …She had forgotten she had been wearing her bathrobe on the whole time. She mentally slapped herself. She had been running the streets of Odaiba in her pajamas. How embarrassing…

She wandered into her old room, where TK had been residing in for the past weeks. She frowned as she noticed the rose essence had turned into a horrible BO stench. Half of the room had finished through the process of being packed. The other half of the room remained to be packed into boxes. She changed out of her pajamas and into one of TK's clean shirts that was laying in the piles of clothing on the floor of the messy room.

In the process the ring TK had given her fell out of her bathrobe. She picked it up and examined it, staring at with amusement. The ring was engraved ' Hikari Takaishi.' She grinned, slipping it onto one of her fingers. Perhaps she'd go back home and ask Yamato what really was going on. She exited the room and suddenly noticed something she hadn't seen before when she came in the Takaishi household.

On the carpet her eyes noticed a piece of paper lying on the floor. She snatched it up and began to read…

TK honey,

I'm over at the Kamiya's house for lunch. I met Ms. Kamiya at the supermarket. We're all having lunch at their house.

Meet you there! Lots of love


Maybe they planned to tell the news of them leaving Odaiba then. She checked the time to see already that it was 11am. Time had sped by so quickly, and she thought that she could run really fast. She stood up. Probably it was best if she made it back home. All the running for no reason. She regretted not asking Yamato or Tai what was going on that day. She was an idiot for not thinking, before charging into the whole incident.


The brunette headed boy crossed his fingers as he watched his blond friend aimed for the hoop. " Miss TK! I hope you miss!"

In timing, he threw the ball into the air and it entered the hoop making the swooshing sound that made Daisuke want to cry. " That's not fair! You probably won this round cause Kari gave you the new basketball for your birthday!"

" Just admit it, Dai. I'm talented," TK smirked cockily.

" Shut up. I didn't hear you boasting before when I kicked your lame ass in soccer!" it was Daisuke's turn to smirk and sneer at the blond headed boy. TK gave a sulky frown.

The two had been at the school grounds for hours, trying their best to beat each other in every game they came across.

" Is that all you ever do? Just play basketball. I admit that even I enjoy the sport but gee…can't you give it a rest for once? Winning the championship was enough."

They turned around to see who had spoken, it was…

" Kari!" TK exclaimed. " What brings you here? How did you know I was here?"

" Ms. …umm…our mother," she spoke. She still found it weird and strange addressing the Kamiya and Ishida adults. " She was at my house…said you'd be here."

" Oh…"

" Ha…I guess I pick it up that I gotta leave and let you lovebirds talk things out," Daisuke gave a wink and walked away from the pair.

" Dai! Come back…we haven't finished the game -"

" Forget it! Go talk with your girl," Daisuke gave a toothy grin as he continued to pace away into the distance.

" So…" she began, bouncing the basketball she had found on the ground.

" So…" he followed her queue.

Unexpectedly, Hikari threw the ball at him, and sneered when it him hard on the chest. " You can't catch."

" Is that the reason you threw the ball at me?" TK chuckled though he couldn't help but rub his chest where the ball had hit him. She had a strong throw. He stared at her, not understanding whether she was in a happy, sad or pissed off mood. He could never tell. But when he realized that her eyebrows were furrowed, he gulped. He was certain she was in a pissed off mood.

" What…what did I do this time?" he murmured.

" You're an idiot, you know TK!" she glared angrily at him, eyes narrowing.

" Huh?" he was still lost. He didn't understand what she was talking about.

" TK!" she groaned in irritation.

" WHAAAT?" TK frowned again. Girls were always like this…they tended to drag things. WHY couldn't they simply just get to the point! " Tell me alreadyyyy."

He stared at her, more closely this time. Her face seemed paler than usual and light creases on her forehead appeared. Was she worried? Why was she worried?

" Are you alright…Kari?"

" Why didn't you tell me…"

" Tell you what?"

" That you're leaving!" she exclaimed, hands lifting up to show her frustration. " You're stressing me out! You could have at least told me earlier!"

" Leaving? Me leaving? Where in the world did you get that from?" TK asked. Had Kari finally lost it?

" B-But," she stuttered. " It …you wrote in the letter that you were leaving. So I rushed to your house…and everything's all packed up!"

TK understood. He was currently sprawling on the floor. The brunette haired girl stared at him in aghast.

" Are…are you okay, TK?" she stopped concerning over him when she heard him start to laugh.

She was really confused now. She stared at him and watched tears flourish from his azure eyes that were tingling hysterically with laughter.

" Explain TK, before I punch your head in!" she threatened dangerously.

" You idiot!" he managed to curse through his snickers. " I'm moving…sure….I mentioned that –"

" Then?"

" Then what?"

" Then why are you laughing? Aren't you supposed to be sad that you're leaving Odaiba and all? Weren't you going France?"

TK laughed again, his face was turning a violent shade of pink. " Who said I was going France? We would have told everyone beforehand, Kari. I thought you weren't this thickheaded!"

" Then fill me in! Stop beating around the bush!" she glowered angrily.

It seemed that he was dragging it this time, but it couldn't be helped. The whole thing was hilarious.

" Fine," he said sternly, blinking away the tears of amusement. " I'm not leaving Odaiba."

" WHAT! And here I was getting all worried over you- "

" You? Getting all worried over me?" he jeered, watching her face turn pink and shy away.

" Then…why…you said you were moving…"

" Well…" he explained. " Our parents have been talking about everything that has happened lately. I thought you already knew about it and all. You know how it's already been more than a week we've stayed with…er our real parents?"


" Umm…our parents spoke it out and thought it and couldn't decided what was better. To live with the child that they had raised up, or to live with their real flesh and blood, aka me and you."

" And…"

" I'm getting there…you're so impatient," TK rolled his eyes. " Since they couldn't decide, they didn't know what to do. And when…when the owners of the apartment next door to you moved out…they put a sign up to tell the public that they were selling their apartment. So…it all took place from there. My mother decided to buy it…no France in there!"

" So you're telling me," she sighed, too much adrenaline had pumped through her veins that day. " That…you're not even leaving the country or going away. Instead…you're going to be living next to me! What a crazed idea!"

" Trust me, I know Tai and Matt had some say in this," TK shrugged. He then eyed her clothing and raised an eyebrow, he wanted to change the subject. " And why…are you wearing my favorite shirt, Ms. Hikari? Who gave you permission!"

" Err….ahh…it's a long story," she muttered, not staring into his eyes, looking at the ground as if she found the basketball more appealing than talking to TK himself.

" Well," TK laughed. He took her hand into his. She stared at it in disbelief, her heart thumping in her chest swiftly. " We've got a long way to walk, you can tell me now as we walk back."


Meanwhile...behind a tree, three figures spied on the pair.

" As I said," Daisuke muttered in a matter-of-fact tone. " Nothing's going to happe-"

" They're holding hands! Good move, TK! The boy gets it from me!" Yamato muffled proudly. " The one and only!"

" No…from me!" Tai objected. " I brought him up through my player ways."

" Shut up! They might hear you!" Daisuke whispered at the older pair, shaking his head at himself for getting into the situation with them. " Let's follow them!"


Hikari and Takeru walked hand in hand together. TK couldn't help but snigger when she explained what happened the morning and how she practically ran through Odaiba in her pajamas. As they walked passed the school gates Kari couldn't help but start laughing.

" What's funny now?" TK asked. He had laughed too much that day.

" Don't you remember when we had a fight here in front of everyone? Tai and Matt had to tear us apart…we were really at it!"

" How could I forget, Hikup?" he mocked.

" TJ," she fought back.

" Yeah…those were the days," he sighed. " That's where I really kicked your ass!"

" No you didn't…I kicked your ass more than you kicked mine!"

" Bull…I won!"

" No I won!" she pushed him to the ground, but he grabbed her arm causing them both to tumble onto the cement footpath. She was about to get up, but he clasped his arms around her waist.

" Don't move…"

" TK…" she whispered, losing herself in his icy blue eyes. It then struck her…that she really had fallen hard for him.

From the time she was a new student at school, his instant reaction in hating her. From their idiotic fights, roses, the school dance, their birthday party…celebrated together. She was a fool…she didn't know how bad she had fallen for him. Instead of loathing him, the strong hateful feelings were replaced with…love?

She could feel his breath on her neck. Uncomfortably, she got up and held out a hand to him. He accepted it, she pulled him up.

" I'm sorry," TK gave a half smile. " I shouldn't have done that…"

" No…TK?"

" Yeah?" he replied.

" Thanks…for the ring…" she smiled, and gave him a swift kiss on the cheek and ran off. " Catch me if you can…Mr.-Basketball-Head!"

He sneered, " You reckon you can outrun the pro-"

" YES!" she cut off with a shriek as she ran for her life.

He ran after her, in no time caught up. He let his arms fall around her. Her muttered suggestingly in her ear, " I know your weakness."

She gulped…what was TK playing at?

His fingers then began tickling her. She screamed. He tickled her more. Then they stopped. TK let his laughter drop and spoke in a low voice. " I have a feeling we're being spied on…"

" … it's like….they haven't even kissed yet…geeee! I mean…Kari did give TK a peck on the cheek…but that's nothing-"

" Keep quiet, Daisuke!"

" Watch this," TK winked. He crept behind a random car on the street since it was where the source of voices was coming from.

"TK!" The three boys yelled as they both stood up from their squatting position behind the car.

" Hahah! Oh … hi, TK… I didn't see you there!" Tai scratched his head with a weak grin. " He…heh"

" If I didn't see it clearly, our brothers and Dai were spying on us the whole time," she raised an eyebrow. " Seriously…I could have expected more from you guys…"

" So…are you two fine if Kari and I go out?" TK questioned Yamato and Taichi who were both smirking.

Kari interrupted TK. " Who said I would want to go out with you!"

" Eh –"

" Just kidding."

" You got me."

" Cause I rock!"

" No you don't!"

Yamato coughed. " Please…you guys can't be married already, can you? Already having arguments. Shame, shame, shame!"

It was Kari's turn to ask, " So it's okay …are you both fine with TK and I? Are you both cool with it?"

" Yeah…hell yeah!" Tai announced. " I mean…Yamato's going to my brother-in-law!"

" Sure…we're alright with it. Just remember no sex before marriage," Yamato sneered. " It's a mortal sin!"

" How embarrassing...I think I'd rather do another lap in town than hear this from my brothers," Kari murmured so only TK could hear. They laughed.

" Now that that's all done….let's get some food! I'm starving," Daisuke babbled as he took the basketball from the ground. " Last one there is retarded!"

Everyone was about to run, but TK held Kari back.

" Let's both be retarded, my spasticated monkey," he smirked. He leaned in, their bodies pushing together, lips about to meet plunging into a kiss. As they did, Kari's camera gave a flash causing them both to be stunned.

" Hehe…I shouldn't have my camera around my neck all the time."

" I don't care…" TK sneered. There would be more time for make out sessions later. For all he knew, Kari would be ' the girl next-door.' " I'll piggy back you there. Maybe we still got a chance to beat them."

" Doubt it."

" We gotta try first before you neglect the idea of us winning." He laughed. He lifted her into his arms and ran after them with Kari's screaming for her to be put down.


Well…THAT'S IT! A lot of laughing going on in this chapter. I know this chapter wasn't all that…sigh…there's stuff I would of added along this story…but I really needed to finish this off. When I have free time ( which I doubt lately), I'll go and revise the whole story fixing the occasional mistakes that I always tend to do. I know the Takari was weird in this chapter/story. I didn't really want to get into the romance romance because I know little kiddies are reading and most of this story was described simply. Thanks everyone for reading this story! You guys ROCK. Haha

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