Rowan: Hehehe!

Sakura: Not good. This is a new story, isn't it?

Rowan: Yeah. I got an inspiration from reading lotza Jou*Seto fluffy fics!

Jou: Oh joy, that means she's going to be writing about, doesn't it?

Siran: Don't worry, I'm sure it's safe. And you get Seto…

Jou: Good point…

Rowan: Now, Jou, if you would do the disclaimer…

Siran: Oo, can I do the disclaimer? Can I? Can I? Please?

Rowan: Uh, sure.

Siran: Yippee! -Rowan, her yami Sakura, and her beautiful fairy muse Siran Chepichinni do not own Yu-gi-oh! or any of the characters that make these two drool. We have very little money to pay if you sued us, but you have no reason to, so we don't have to worry. Now, on with the fic.!

Rowan: I like Sakura's better. She gets straight to the point.

Siran: I did your fucking disclaimer, isn't that enough?

Sakura: Hey! You cursed! Only I'm supposed ta do that!

Rowan: Oh, go get a life!

Rowan: right, now, just warning all that this story was formulated by a hungry, sleep deprived teenager who stayed up all night reading Jou*Seto fanfics, so there's bound to be lots of fluff and slight OOC as well. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy!

Life's Little Treasures

Jou's POV

Ever have one of those feelings? Like, you know something life defining is about to happen? You know that feeling, that anticipation of the unknown, waiting to find out what it is, and how it will affect your pathetic little life? I got that feeling once, like a lump in my throat. That was two years ago, on a sleepless, restless night, where the wind was howling up a storm and the bright orange autumn leaves were turning crisp and dry, preparing for the winter…

Normal POV

Jou tossed and turned in his bed, trying in vain to fall asleep. Finally, he admitted defeat, ripping the bedclothes off him and getting out of bed. He quickly got dressed, then slipped into his jacket and shoes and went outside for a walk.

The wind pulled at Jou, trying to direct his course, which Jou himself didn't even know. He walked in whichever way the wind wanted him to. It reminded Jou too much of his life. He was 18, outta high school, but he didn't have any plans for college. He just went day through day, letting everyone else in his live make decisions for him. His mom, trying to get him a job, Yuugi, trying to get him to go to college, and Shizuka, trying to help his nonexistent love life.

Jou sighed heavily. This wasn't the kind of life Jou wanted! No, he wanted one where he chose his college, where he chose his career, and where he didn't need help finding that one special someone. But who was that special someone anyway? Jou groaned in pain and held his head in his hands. His thoughts were just going round and round, over and over. Like a merry-go-round.

'Yes, life is a merry-go-round.' Jou thought happily, glad he could come to one conclusion about life. Not his life in particular, but still, life.

Somewhere down an alley, Jou thought he heard a noise that sounded uncommonly like a child crying. Intrigued, Jou approached the source of the noise and found himself looking across a basket at a pair of sparkly blue eyes.

"Gah!" Jounouchi jumped when he saw those eyes. "K-kaiba? What're you doing here?"

Seto Kaiba, CEO of KaibaCorp, Japan's most eligible bachelor, and richest, sexiest bastard ever, was standing over a small basket in an alleyway facing little nobody Jounouchi Katsuya. "I was going for a walk when I heard somebody crying," he snarled. "And what about you, mutt? Where's your leash and collar, eh?"

Jou glared at Kaiba. "I'll have you know, Kaiba-kun, that I do was just walking when I heard a cry. So, what is it?"

Kaiba looked down at the basket. "I don't know." He removed the blanket that covered the bundle and gasped.

"What? What is it?"

Kaiba looked down on the package. "It's a baby. But who would leave a child out here in the cold like this?"

Jou looked down at the baby. "Look, there's an envelope." The blonde scooped it up easily. " 'To the people who find this baby'" he read.

Kaiba looked over impatiently at the other teen. "Well? Aren't you going to open it?"

Jou undid the sealed flap and took out three sheets of paper.

"'Dear Mr. Kaiba-kun and Mr. Katsuya-kun,' How-"

"Keep reading!"

"'Yes, you read right. This letter is addressed to both of you, so both of you pay attention. Kaiba-kun, stop playing with the baby!'" Jou looked up in time to see Kaiba's hand pull away from the bundle in the basket. "'Yes, amazing, isn't it Katsuya-kun? Oh, and by the way, the baby's name is Kismet and she's ten months old. And I want you to take care of her. Both of you.'" Jou looked up with frightened eyes. 'Take care of a baby? With Kaiba?' "'Yes, both of you. No need to be so scared Katsuya-kun. I'm sure you'll manage fine. Sayonara! F&D'"

Kaiba-kun scoffed. "Well, whoever this F&D is, they've got another thing coming! I ain't taking care of any baby! Especially not with a dog like Katsuya-kun!"

Jou looked back down at the letter. "That's not all," he said. "It says, 'P.S. If you're thinking of dumping this baby on Katsuya-kun, then think again Kaiba! Because if you don't, I'll roast you to a crisp like that!'" There was a crash of thunder and a bolt of lightening snaked its way from the sky to the ground next to Kaiba. "'Next time that'll be you!'" Jou read on. "That's it! That's all she wrote!"

Kaiba sighed. "Well, let's take her to my place then," he said.

"Both of us?"

"You heard the letter, didn't you puppy? We've both got to take care of her."

Jou pouted. "But isn't it a lot of work?" he asked.

"I expect so, and since I'll be at the company a lot, you'll have to take care of her during the day."

"Hey! Do you think I don't have a life?" Jou bristled at Kaiba's brusqueness.

"Well, yeah. All your friends have gone off to college but you're stuck here. If you had a job, your mom wouldn't pester you to get one-"

"How'd you know about that?"

"She came to see if there was an opening for a job at KaibaCorp. I don't think she liked my reply of 'We don't hire canines' very much."

Jou glared sullenly at the CEO. "Bastard," he muttered.

"Well, who're you to say I've got no life, eh? All you've got is your company and Mokuba. That's your life, and it ain't much of one."

"Just shut up mutt and just bring Kismet home. It's freezing out here."

Kaiba bent down and lifted the basket up, then started marching back to his mansion, Jou behind him muttering "What does F&D stand for? And what kinda name is 'Kismet'?"


Rowan: Yeah, so no Seto*Jou fluff yet, but first I'm building a plot! Do you like so far?

Jou: What's the baby got to do with the story? And what does F&D stand for?

Rowan: I'm not telling! But reviewers are more than welcome to guess! (Hint: First find out what Kismet means, then I think you'll know.) Yeah, so review please!