A Light in the Dark

I DO NOT OWN CYBORG 009!! And if I did you wouldn't even care about me writing this so there!

All right, full summary:

Joe's having nightmares *do Cyborgs have those?* about a little girl crying for him. So when the gang decides to go to Tokyo, everyone gets a surprise from the little girl...

Okay, okay, here we go...


It was difficult to say what he'd done to get back here. He couldn't remember using Acceleration, and the rest of his fellow cyborgs were nowhere to be found. So, going with the flow, he decided to follow his feet, and soon noticed that this was Tokyo he was in. When he stopped, he was in front of the cathedral that he'd been brought up in as well, and a troubled look came over his face as he remembered what had happened here. To the Father.

The burnt wood, the gate, the crying, the cross, the scarred tree that had lived...wait, crying? That was new. He looked around blindly until his eyes met the source of the sound. A little girl, all curled up on the swing near the back. Cautiously, he walked up to her, and kneeled beside of her. "Are you okay?" he asked, causing her to look up in alarm. "Oh, don't be frightened, I won't hurt you..."

"Who...are you?" she asked, looking over him with only one visible ice blue eye. The other was hidden under a lock of bangs that were brushed to the side, like his was, but her hair was jet black. She looked about four or five, but he wasn't quite sure.

With a comforting smile, he held out his hand, "My name is Joe. Joe Shimamura." She took his hand, and studied it.

"I'm Kohana," she said, letting his hand go. She then looked over her shoulder, and her lip trembled some more. "But they don't want me alive." This alarmed him. His eyes widened as he, too, looked over her shoulder, but saw nothing.

"Who? Who doesn't want you alive?" he asked, eyes glinting in something that could be described as fear.

"Them. They took me away when he died, and they don't want me alive anymore..."

"Black Ghost?" he asked, putting a hand on her shoulder. She nodded, and looked again away from him.

"They're here," she said simply, then hugged him. "Now I'll die."

"Not if I have anything to say about it," he growled, then picked her up. Knowing that he couldn't use Acceleration Mode because she was a human, he ran out of the church's grounds, glancing once over his shoulder in a sort of goodbye to it. Kohana buried her face in his chest, frightened.

"Now you're gonna die too! Why'd you do that?" she cried. He glanced down at her, and sighed.

'Never really had a way with women, he thought. Especially miniature ones.' Then he told her, "I won't die that easily. Trust me." Apparently, she did, for she went completely rigid in his arms...too rigid. He couldn't even feel the rise of her chest as she breathed. Wait- she wasn't breathing! He stopped, and looked down at her. A small bullet hole went right through his chest, one that he hadn't yet felt, and into her throat. She was dead. With widened eyes, he laid her on the ground to check and see if it was true. No pulse...no breathing. Just an empty shell. That's when the pain from his wound hit him...plus ten other newly recieved bullets. He turned to look at his foe, but there was none there. The pain was too much, and down he fell...down into darkness...

There ya go, that's the prologue...um...yeah. Flamers most welcome...and stuff. Oh, right, and before you flame...make sure to at least take a walk and calm yourself, so I don't have to read something too bad. Eheheh^^;;