Chapter Thirteen-

Kidnapping of Kohana

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"Operation is in progress, sir," whispered a black-clad man as he descended the rope of the ship that Black Ghost's men were in to the Dolphin.

"Good. We've sent out the signal that's blocking all their radar, especially 003's."

"Yes, sir."

"If you need backup, Johnson's right behind you. I expect the girl to be on board this ship within the hour."

"Yes, sir. Over and out." The man put his headset away from his mouth, and dropped to his feet on the Dolphin's cockpit roof. He went to the door, and took out a torchflame, putting the flame against the edges of the door until it loosened enough for him to pry it from the Dolphin's metal armor.

"Johnson," he called over his shoulder to his comrade, who waited at the foot of the rope ladder from the aircraft.


"Get in there. I'll cover you; find the girl, get her right out here, and I'll take care of the rest."

"But sir, he never said anything-"

"Damn it, Johnson, do you want to deal with these side-show freaks later on? They'll be pissed once they find out we've taken the girl back! Just follow orders!"

"Yes, Colonel Foreman." Jacob Foreman nodded at Johnson, who dropped into the Dolphin's cockpit and headed toward the cabins. The first room was Dr. Gilmore's, he knew from glancing inside. The second room he didn't even bother with, as he could clearly hear a man(G.B.)'s snores loudly echoing around a television set.

While he searched for Kohana, Jacob pulled out a time bomb from his bag. He programmed it into the Dolphin's cockpit, to go off an hour after they left. Of course, that would give the cyborgs approximately one second to disarm it, because it had a timed alarm before it went off, but not even 009 would know how to disarm the bomb; he'd have to have studied mechanics, and his strong point was in speed, not studies.

Kohana was putting up a nasty fight when Johnson brought her out into the cockpit; she kicked and screamed and cried for her Papa, but to no avail. The blocking signal was keeping that in check.

"Papa! Mommy!" Kohana cried over Johnson's shoulder, then looked up at him, and gave him a good kick in the stomach. He fell forward, groaning as he dropped her to the ground, and she ran toward Joe's room, "PAPA! PAPA!"

"Huh...? What...?" Joe asked in his room, waking up slowly and looking groggily around. His movements were sluggish. "Ko-Kohana?" He looked around his room, and didn't see the five-year-old that matched his dream's interruption. But he sure heard her, when she cried a somewhat stifled cry from what sounded like the cockpit.


"Kohana!?" Joe jumped out of bed, and sped toward the cockpit as fast as he could...which he found wasn't very fast at all! He looked over himself, and stopped. He was moving so if his power had been suppressed in some way... "Black Ghost," he murmured, frustrated. "He's planted some sort of device to slow down our powers!" He shook his head, and tried running toward the cockpit again.

"Pap-" Kohana tried one last time, but Johnson put a cloth over her mouth and nose, forcing her to inhale the sleep stimulant. Her eyes drooped slowly, and she grew limp in his arms.

"Give me the kid," Jacob ordered. Johnson immediately obeyed, and the two soldiers ascended into the sky before Joe could intercept. Once they were on board, Siuis shut down the device that was locking the Cyborgs' powers, and the mechanical bird that they were piloting dissapeared over the mountains; Kohana going with them.

Joe felt his Acceleration begin to kick in again, and sped to the cockpit at top speed, throwing open the door to see his worst nightmare. "Ko...hana..." he said lowly, bangs shading his eyes. A tear trickled down his cheek as he watched his 'daughter' being taken away from him, on that damnable ship. But that didn't last very long.

The sound of a ticking clock distracted his attention, and he looked at the bomb attached to the control board of the Dolphin with nothing more than fear in his eyes, the kind of fear that he'd not only lose Kohana, but Francoise...



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