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Aine swiftly brushed past the mobs of men on the street. She flew past the women,who when they soon found out who she was, would not like her. And she dashed past the children, who would soon spot her out and rat her to their parents. She especially hid from the young man in the corner. He was with unpleasant company - Bill the Butcher - so she dared not to bother them. But that was when she felt the tap on her shoulder. A young girl, no older than twenty five and no younger than eighteen, stood behind her with a grin.

Must be new roun here. Spyin' on the Butcher. Doan nobody do that much.

I wannint spyin' on nobody! Aine snapped back, But it seems that you was knowin' where I was lookin' and all!

The girl let out another one of her grins, satisfied, I's Edel O'Conner.

Yeah. Great. Aine started to walk away when she was grabbed by the arm

Edel said very unhappily, I told ya me name. And I doan know youse.

Aine sighed,

Edel smiled, Now I's fell a wee bit better. With that Edel stomped off into a room with some man. That was when Aine heard a chuckle behind her.

Must a met Delly. Another girl about the same age said leaning against the bar table, Doan worry. She gives everybody trouble.

The girl stepped forward, Jenny Everdeane.

For some reason Aine didn't mind telling her name to the girl, but she made sure not to say her last name.

Jenny seemed not to mind though, Come on, she grabbed Aine's hand and trailed her to the Butcher's table, Hey Bill. This is Aine. She's new to these parts.

A tall slender man with what seemed to be a glass eye looked up. He had a mustache covering is lip and his voice was horsey, Well hello Aine. he said and went back to his card game.

But not Amsterdam. He knew the face behind the mask. And it wasn't a new innocent girl who just arrived from Ireland. It was a pile of lies building up with every word. He knew this as a fact. For Aine was a link. And she would help him with everything she had. She had no choice. She was his sister.