A/N: This is the first chapter of the second series in Eden's Rainbow. The second series is entitled Footloose.

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Eden Jordan pondered over what she eat for breakfast this morning, Her eyes traveled from the pasta to fried chicken.

Her mouth watering, it wasn't really a chice of what she prefered it was what she could afford.

Finally decided on the caesear salad, She took it up to the counter and gave the cashier a friendly smile who just meanwhile glared in her direction.

"Ten Ninety five", The cashier said in a deadpan voice. Eden looked at her open mouthed, "Ten ninety five for a freaking salad?, you gotta be kidding me?", She asked.

"Ten Ninety five", The cashier repeated.

Eden searched around in her pockets, it was then she began to feel embaressed. She only had five bucks on her, and the freaking salad was six dollars more.

"Look I've only got five bucks on me, do think I could take the salad and pay the rest later on?", Eden bargined with the woman who simply rolled her eyes as if she heard the excuse


"No Ten ninety five!", The cashier said loudly. The line of people behind Eden were begining to get restless, 'What is this woman a parrot?', Eden thought angrily.

"But I know Leilani, I'm sure if you told her she'd...", Eden began but the cashier cut her off.

"Pay up or Get out!", The cashier stated. Eden was just about to give up and retreat, when a twenty was slapped on the counter.

"That cover it?", a voice asked. Eden turned round to see, Mr Stud himself Drew Taloa with one of his famous shit-ass grins on that face of his. Eden grabbed her salad and walked out of the


"A single thank you would have been nice you know", Drew said chasing after her.

Eden spun round and looked him up and down, "Thank you!", She snarled walking off leaving him stunned.


Eden poured herself a glass of milk and wandered back into the living room, Lena was sat watching a old scooby doo re-run .

"Where's Anne-Marie?", came Lena's voice.

"Out with Matt", Eded answered not even looking up from the cartoon.


"Out have no idea where, Though she probably with the guys. Drinking somewhere", Eden told her. Lena leaned over and attempted to steal some of Eden's salad who slapped her hand back.

"Hey did you not manage to find your own breakfast this morning?", Eden asked her.

Lena giggled, "Nope so I'm stealin' your'res, C'mon Eddie don't be so mean", She pouted.

"If your gonna pout about it, Here have it!", Eden said handing her salad. "Anyway I'm getting sick of this rabbit food shit, I'm need to go see somebody try not to burn the place down", She said throwing both the

girls back into memories of when Lena decided to play with matches and accidently burned a hole in the carpet floor.

"That happened one time, One time Eden", Lena called as Eden grabbed her board and went outside.

"Hey Hey wait!", Lena called out.

Eden turned back on her heels, "What now?".

"He wouldn't be a secret boyfriend would he?", Lena enquired.

"Lena babe if I told you he wouldn't be a secret would he?", Eden said wandering out.


Eden made her way down to the exclusive Sandy Bay, it was a popular spot that only the locals knew about. Sighing a great relief,

, it was empty, so she could let off some steam in silence. Paddling out she relaxed on her board for a bit then started to surf some waves.

She added little tricks to every wave she surfed, a little 360 now and then.

She didn't notice that Drew had driven up and was stood on the beach watching her with awe and excitement. She wiped out on one her tricky moves, and

landed in the water hard. Coming up for air she noticed his face, Angrily hitting the water with her hand she paddled back to shore and climbed out the water.

Grabbing her board she made it out of the water and stuck her board in the sand she gave him one of her famous glares.

"Anne-Marie is out on a date with Matt", She told him as she washed her board off.

"I ain't lookin' for Anne-Marie", He told her as she tied her long hair back.

"Well then what do you want?", Eden questioned.

"Your not bad out there", Drew said indicting to the crashing waves.

"I know I'm not",She replied.

"That was a compliment you know Eden", Drew said loudly.

"That must have been hard for you", Eden said taking her board and wandering off, Drew followed.

"You should try surfing Pipe", Drew suggested.

"You wanna try stalking someone who's interested", She said to him.

"You'd be lucky if I stalked you", Drew told her.

Eden walked over to him and poked a finger on his chest, "No Drew you'd be lucky if I stalked you", She said laughing as she walked off.


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