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Luv and Cookies


After spending several hours surfing the perfect waves, Drew and Eden were now sat on the beach looking out at the horizon.

"So what's going on with her and Haole boy?" Drew said breaking the silence.

"They're dating, and that's all it is", Eden told her.

"And is it getting serious?"

Eden looked sceptically at him, "Why, would it bother you if it was getting serious?" She wondered.

"No it wouldn't bother me!" Drew answered. He sighed, "Me and Anne-Marie were over a long time ago, I just want him to treat her right that's all", and He assured her.

"And he will treat her right Drew, I don't know what you got against him?" Eden said loudly.

Drew gently elbowed her, "Hey a couple months ago, you be just as against him as me. What changed?"

"I got to know him, he's alright and she's happy that's all that matters", Eden told him firmly.

"Are you happy?"

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me!" Drew laughed.

"I'm ok, look Drew I want to say thank you for everything you've done. I know I haven't been the nicest person in the world…" She began but He cut her off.

"Its fine, you're a friend and friends help each other when they need too not matter how bitchy they are!" Drew said loudly.

"Don't make me hit you!" Eden warned.

"Penny, Anne-Marie, Len?" Eden yelled as she entered the house later on that day with Drew following behind with take out bags.

"We got take out!" Drew called. As soon as the words take out left his mouth, a scraping of chairs and thunder of feet were heard and Penny, Lena, Anne-Marie even Sammi entered the kitchen.

"Mmmh take out!" Lena said grabbing a bag from Drew.

"Oh is it Mexican? Cause I'm feeling Mexican tonight!", Penny said to them both having a large grin on her face.

Drew said nothing and just handed her the bag, Penny squealed.

"Are you sure she's your sister?" Lena joked watching Penny get excited over the Mexican food.

"Sometimes I do wonder", Anne-Marie nodded.

"Where's JJ?" Eden wondered.

"He's gonna swing by later, had some stuff to do", Lena said her mouth full of tacos.

"Hey hand me the sauce!" Drew commanded to Eden. She reached into the cupboard and handed him the tomato ketchup.

"Thanks, Here try a bit of this", He said holding his taco towards Eden, who leaned in and gently took a bit out of it.

"Nice", She noted.

Anne-Marie, Lena and Penny all looked in on the playful scene that played out before them.

"That movie sucked!" Drew declared as the credits of Titanic rolled down the screen.

"It did not suck!" Anne-Marie defended.

Eden laughed, "Sorry but I'm siding with Drew, The movie definitely sucked".

"Didn't you feel heartbroken at the end, when she dropped the necklace into the river?" Penny asked.

Anne-Marie nodded, "Oh wasn't that the best bit, Leo looks pretty cute in the movie".

"Yes he does", Lena nodded in agreement.

JJ looked at Lena, "You prefer that Haole Boy over me!, Girl you Pupule!", He questioned sounding slightly hurt.

Lena giggled and kissed his cheek, and snuggled into his embrace.

"Cause not, you're my man", She told him.

"Can you two take that somewhere else, you're killing me with your cuteness already!" Drew asked.

JJ let out a laugh, "Aw Drew jealous, cause he isn't getting any lately".

"Oh is Mr Stud out of business?" Eden wondered.

"No I am not out of business, I am shall we say restocking and re-thinking business plans", Drew said loudly.

All four girls looked at each other and giggled, "He's no getting any!" They said in unison.

"Well what about Eden, She's not getting any lately either!" Drew said.

All eyes turned to Eden, "Don't change the subject Drew!" Eden told him.

"Anyway its different", Penny told him.


"Eden's a girl", Anne-Marie added simply.

"Oh why didn't I think of that?" Drew asked as Eden threw popcorn at his head.

When Eden walked into the living room two hours later, Lena and JJ were curled up on the couch and Drew was sprawled out on the other couch.

"Are you two going to go home?" She asked them both.

"Maybe, This movie looks good!" Drew commented.

Eden glanced at the TV. Tomb Raider. She glanced over to where Lena and JJ sat. She smiled, JJ was whispering something in Lena's ear and she was giggling like crazy.

"Looks like you're the only one watching", Eden told him.

Drew grabbed her arm and pulled her onto the couch, "Then sit and watch it with me". She landed softly onto the couch, and sighed.

"I suppose I can check it out", Eden said swinging her legs over and resting them on Drew.

Drew looked to his side where he saw Anne Marie sat on the counter top talking loudly, the phone to her ear.

"Is she still on the phone with him?" He wondered.

Eden nodded, "They have a two hour conversation every night, got about twenty more minutes until she hangs up. Why jealous?"

Drew glanced back at Eden, "Don't be stupid, I told you earlier. We were over a long time ago, I am just looking out for her".

"Well then just look out for her", Eden reminded.

Suddenly Lena let out a loud giggle, both Eden and Drew looked towards the cuddling couple.

"Do you guys need to get a room?" Drew laughed.

JJ glanced at Drew and Eden, "We could say the same about you", He smiled and grabbed Lena's hand and together they wandered off.

"I'm bored!" Drew announced.

Eden looked up from the surfing game she was battling on, and stared at him.

"Go home then", She replied.

"Can't", He said simply.

"And why not?" Eden said loudly.

"Its boring there, nothing to do".

She sighed, "Well there's nothing to do here".

"I'm bored!" He repeated.

"Drew!" Eden cried. Drew looked at her, a smile on his face.

"You're acting like a five year old", She told him.

"But I'M BORED!" He yelled.

Dropping the controller she spun round and glowered at him. "What do you want me to do about it?"

"I don't know", Drew shrugged.

"Your are impossible, Shut up. You're bugging the hell outta me!", Eden ordered.

Drew laughed, and sipped some of his beer. He moved from the floor to the couch and made himself comfy. Sighing Eden tossed her feet onto Drew's lap.

"Do I look like your personal couch?" He complained.

Eden didn't answer she just lifted her feet and then placed them on her lap again and again until Drew grabbed them to stop any movement.

"Favourite Movie?" He questioned.

Eden glanced at him, "Movie? I don't really watch a lot".

"But you have to have a favourite movie, I know you've seen movies. I've been there. We've seen two tonight", Drew pointed out.

She laughed, "Tomb Raider is not a movie, it's a chance for you and the guys to perve on Angelina Jolie".

"Work of art actually".

She laughed again, "Really so what happens in the movie then?"

"Well its um about this chick who is raiding tombs and stuff", Drew fumbled.

"Nice try".

"Come on tell me!"

"Alright Lilo and Stitch", Eden said loudly.

"Liar!" Drew claimed.

"It is!" Eden protested. "Penny got me hooked, I love that little blue creature".

"Liar now tell me your favourite movie".

"I just did!" Eden said crossly.

"Tell me Eden Maria".

She looked at him shocked, "How did you". Her voice then sounded angry, "Who told you!"

"Lena, What it's a very cute middle name. Makes you sound all flowery", Drew stated.

"Shut up, tell anyone and your dead", She warned.

"I won't but I might have to tell Kala this is just too funny to keep it to myself", Drew said smiling.

"Don't make me knock that smile from your face!".

An uncomfortable silence kicked in for the next few minutes.

"Peter Pan", came her voice. "Its Peter Pan".

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