Here are some 40k terms you need to know.

Baal: the home world of the Blood Angles Chapter It is a toxic hell hole Class: hive/death

Hive city: Ever seen Judge Dredd? Well take Mega City1 make it 50 miles tall and the size of New Jersey and add a few billion and you get it.

Death worlds: planets take are too deadly to have a wide population.

Blood Angles: A Space Marine chapter know for the "Black Rage" and "Red Thirst" planet: Baal primarch: Sanguinius

primarch: over 10000 years ago the Emperor made 20 super-humans but they were lost on human worlds so the Emperor founded the Space Marines and lunch the Great Crusade to find then.

Gene-seed: the stuff that is used to make a Space Marines

The Emperor: During the age of war between the humans a man came and united then all. He have no name and had god-like powers. That man still rules to this day.

Sanguinius: primarch of the blood angles and leader of the Bloods and planet Baal. The bloods were a trib that found the primarch and almost killed him. For he had two angelic wings on the back of him. He fought with such fury and never back down wend ever his trib was under attack but aliens raiders, mutants or what ever. When he first met the Emperor he knew what he was and blow down before him (unlike some ). He was with the emperor wend he assaulted the traitor Horus ship and the 1st to find him. Even when Earth was on the point of destruction the lord of the Blood Angles did not listen to the works of Horus and charge him will everything he had but will Horus' gifts of chaos he killed the noble angles right in front of the emperor.

the Black Rage: After Sanguinius was killed he's chapter and all there 2nd founding have visions of his final battle due to a fauld in there gene-seed that can make they rip their enemies apart with their bare hands and drink there blood. This help the chapters in hundreds of battles. However this can also make them go crazy and join the Death Company a group whom swore to die a bloody death in battle. Some think that there Sanguinius as he fight his way to Horus.

The Red Thirst: makes the Bloods Angles want to drink blood.

Horus: The most powerful of the primarches then he went traitor and took his (the Black Legion) and 8 other of the 20 legions. He was killed by the Emperor himself.

Here is some stuff go to Ok here the load down Z is 1000 light years form Baal. Its 41005 six years after the 13th Black Crusade of Chaos. The forces of order won The two Blackstone Fortresses have are now on in the Eldar hands. Abaddon's Flag ship has been destroy. Since this is in WH40k So there are some different in the charters and even Z.

Z pop: 4.5 billion AU:1.02 Class: Civil/Hive (note there are two hives on Z were about 73.12% of the population New Helic and Guylos)

Z was one of the first planet refounded by the Blood Angles. In 943.M41 after the 2nd war of Armageddon a fleeing warband of orks attack it and almost devastating the planet. If weren't for Dante's drop pod assault into the hearth of the "Waarrh" as he done to the orks on Armageddon Z would have been lost to the orks and the Imperial may have lost the 3rd war of Armageddon for it is also one of the largest producers of titans rivaling Mars. Ever since then the government split into two which has been warring since.

Commander Rudolf (since the old one was a pussy I change him into Kane for CnC) Since the Imperial is ruled by the God-Emperor, so Rudolf can not be called "Emperor"

Inquisitor Raven "Innocence Proves Nothing"
Cleansing Lv. planet As an Inquisitor Raven can do almost anything for hunting down traitors to killing planets no one is above his wrath.

Irvine Irvine is an ex Lt of the 28th Storm Trooper Co. And now an merk.

Sister Moonbay Make her a nun and give her a flamethrower 'nuf said.

Cor Karl Shubaltz of the 1st Guylos leader of the Guylos vase armies

Tech priest Thomas Shubaltz

Commander Dante: Lord of the Blood Angles he be in here

Lt Van of the 45th platoon

Farseer Ryss of Cratfworld Ulthwe She's Eldar (space elves) now so is Hiltz but he's an Aspect Warrior


Zeke, Shadow, Specular, Ambient are Eldar and/or Necron archotech

So there you go

I not the supreme ruler of Z yet

BAAL: chapter 1 Baal child awake

The Dark Eldar raiders ran in circus trying to put themselfs out. Lt. Van order his men to bring out the heavy weapons to tear them a new one. "Platoon we have them on the run let us show what the happens to those whom raid the wind colony For the Emperor". As the last fled Van rally the remaining of his force of 55 now 37. Van thank the God-Emperor for no one was taken alive. "Stg. What was the Aliens raiding?" Ask Van "Sir I don't know but it was something in the old ruins." The old ruins out the settlement was an old Blood Angle temple over 10000 years old for wend there primarch was still alive not even there lord Dante truly knows was is it that he put in there. Now it is in ruins due to an ork invasion over 50 years age which cause the civil war that is still on today. "Ok they lets find what the hell they wanted I need ten men the rest go back. I need some one who know how to used an Raider ACP". "Are you fucking stupid or did you got shot in the head? using alien tech is illegal" a soldier said "Yah so" "we can ge..." "These no one here its ok" "find I do it". Van and his squal mounded on the Raider Van had to push the fried body out of the way and started the tank. As it hover the solder held on for they never went on a anti-gav. before. In no time let cover the 20 miles and reach the temple. Van: "Ok go in twos men and watch out the only ones who know was in this place is Sanguinius and our beloved Emperor". Van had no idle want to expect but holding his bolter he went in.
----Hive Guylos----

"Commander we have reports on that some Hectic cities have been attack by Dark Eldar" "So Karl it will only weaken them" replied Rudolf. Karl "Yes but there were being hired" "who?" We found this on them" tossing an coin to Rudolf. It was an Imperial coin but it had an craved symbol on it with an eye in the middle of it."The High lords of Earth fear that he is still live" "but how the Blood Angles ship rammed the Planet Killer destroying it." Said Rudolf. "We have no chose sir there sending Inquisitors." "Damn it why not the Blood Angles." "There on a crusade" "Shit send in S.O.B (sisters of Battle) to defend against the 'curse of unbelief '" "yes sir"
----The Ruins----

It was getting dark so Van was about called for a transport wend he saw something. It was a small marketing that said 'Sigma'. "I found something" he said as he touch it the walls began to open "what the hell?" said the soldier Van was with. "Go back and tell the other I have a comm.- link" as the soldier levt him Van check his ammo netting he had only two clips. Then he saw the pods. Two of them one larger than the other. Van thought one of this could be Sanguinius clone son or something and went to the computer and open the larger of the two. As it crack stem pored into the room and then just wend he was expected to see a space marine a big silver lizard came out. "What the hell? Is that some sort of archotech?" then it came on and started to stared at him "um hi" said Van he thank Mars for making an translator "hello" said the Archotech "what's your name?" "297-308689" "that's long can I call you Zeke" "why not"replied Zeke. Then Van remember the other pod "hey if your in the big one then what the hell is in this?" pointing to the pod "How should I know" said Zeke "lets find out" as the stem fill the room again Van was hit by something and felled to the floor "Zeke did you hit me with your fat ass tail." "No" then as it clear Van and Zeke saw what was in the pod "What the...?" It was a young girl with long blonde hair and blood red eyes she was wearing a red, blank and yellow outfit (the same as in GF) but what was the weird thing was she had a pair of angelic wings on her back. The girl look at him and said "oh hello" "um hi, what's your name I'm lt. Van of the 45th platoon what's yours" "I really don't know were am I" she said "then how about Fiona, this is Zeke" "that sounds like a nice name" said Fiona " I think you might want to were this" give her a trench coat "what for oh my wings yah" then a voice on the comm came up "sir it Dark Eldar they came...." then it was silent Van: "hello, you guys better now be fucking with me? come on?" still no replied "ay crap here" holding his laspistol "you know how to used one?" asking Fiona "of corse" grabbing his Bolter "hey I was talking about the laspistol!" "I know" she replied with that stupid grin then all of a sudend Fiona fire a bust of bolts into the wall and a thump was hears then a pool of blood fold over to the door. Then an plasma grenade came into the "ah crap" said Van and a bright flash came out. As there visions came back there were unarm and shrouded by 7 incubi bodyguard and an dark eldar lord. Van saw Zeke laying on the ground he must have killed the two incubi on the floor with their necks ripped out. "We have the archotech have fun with thoughts two" said the lord "yes my lord" one of the other Incubi said "hey I bet 50 that the female lives longer" "your on" As one attended to impaled Fiona she then disarmed him and then ran his weapon though his cheat. "You bitch kill her slow!" said the lord and the six rush her but in a few minutes all the incubi were dead Van couldn't believe what he saw. Dark Eldar are know for there god-like speed even Space Marines can't march the drug-up aliens yet Fiona killed seven of the best they have. The lord they said "well you might be worth my time." The lord drew out her spilter pistol and extended her claws. Just then Fiona look like she had a massive headache and then the lord took this time to fire a few caps (bullets) into her and then thrusted her power claw into Fiona's left upper chest. Van tried to hit the lord in the back of the head but he kick in the face and when out.

When Van woke up he was in his bedroom with a pounding headache. He saw Zeke sleeping on the coach. "Hey zeke how long was I out from?" "About 7 hours" replied Zeke. Van went in the bathroom then a screen came out and Van was hit by a blow dryer. Fiona was in a towel looking really mad and her wings were fully out "Don't you nock?!" "Hey I didn't hear the shower" said Van as he try to stop his nose form bleeding "Look it takes me 30 minutes to dry these things so don't go in next time" "hey" said Van "what happened to your wounds" seeing that Fiona 's shoulder didn't even have a scratch. "What wounds" "you made you don't remember want happened?" "Not really, it was sort of a blurred " then the door bell rang Van answer it. It was one of his sergeant "Sir, the high command in Hive New Helic have gotten your report and want you to take the archotech to them ASAP" "What report?" said Van "the one you send them last night, sir" As he close the door he look Fiona "Did you wrote that report?" he said "hmm.. Yes" as she drank some coffee "Why 'cause now I have to fucking go across the hell hole filled with orks, traitors and mutants" "I was bored" "what! wend we should go then a travel Chimera we got in the base." And off they went.

Another village
All the house were on fire and the sound of gun fire rang out. A man carrying a hammer and a psy-bolter was smashing the mutants heads. They came wave after wave and with ever hit drop more and more of then until not were alive. The man had a jet black hair and a '7' tattoo under his right eye. A black lizard like thing was over some big mutant corps drench in blood. As it spit out the blood form its mouth the Inquisitor said "I deem this village now cleanse come, Shadow, our work is done here." As the Inquisitor began to leave one of his warriors came "Inquisitor Raven, I just got work that Guylos has lunch a crusade against Helic for having heretics in there mist". "It seems that my work is not yet done, come Shadow we had people to cleanse." And off they when.

Notes So not that a crusade has been lunch they will be more and more battles and death some titans will be used (there bigger than the death saurer hell some are bigger than the death star.

The reason why I made Fiona been the clone daughter of Sanguinius (he ready doesn't have any) is one she the only blond in the show (I hate you Bit sssssssooooo much) and two since all his space marines are all male and don't have wings it must be so because that it is in that X gene and is block by the "no wings" Y gene so a XX = wings and a XY= no wings.